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Sep 17

QuiBidder of the Week – Catherine A.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

Did you know that you can become QuiBidder of the Week more than once? Since every day of bidding brings a fun and fresh shopping experience, your QuiBids story doesn’t have to end! This is why we’d like to congratulate Catherine A., who’s just been named QuiBidder of the Week for the third time! Be sure to read her story below and learn how she used her QuiBids wins to host a fun party.

“This year, the backyard celebration looked more like a QuiBids showcase than a birthday celebration for my cousin! The two deep fryers I won served up crispy, perfect zucchini fries and rice balls, which were displayed in my Nambe Swoop Bowl with the Nambe Serving Pieces. Fresh chilled juices were turned out on the spot with my new juicer and poured into my WMF Water Carafe. On the picnic table, the Nambe Serving Tray offered cheese, crackers and bruschetta. My music teacher friend lead us through several sing-a-longs on my Yamaha Keyboard, and we topped off the day with fresh made ice-cream from my Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker! Yummm! The main courses were grilled on the barbeque bought with all the Home Depot cards, which also financed the picnic table and chairs! The entire event was recorded by two friends, one using a Toshiba Camcorder, and the other taking stills with my Canon Camera — also compliments of QuiBids! Everywhere I looked, I saw QuiBids! There were salt and pepper shakers, Tervis Tumblers, a Kalorik Blender turning out Margaritas and the Cuisinart Coffeemaker keeping the brown gold coming. I could go on, but you get the idea! It just seemed that whenever someone asked where I had gotten something, the answer was always, “QuiBids.” Thanks, QuiBids, for catering my party! A great time was had by all!” Catherine A. – QuiBidder of the Week