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Mar 05

QuiBidder of the Week – Celeste K.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Celeste K.  Celeste and her fiance discovered QuiBids last year in 2011.  Like many other people after first visiting QuiBids, Celeste and her fiance had a hard time believing the superb deals that people were getting on the site.  As recommended in QuiBids 101, Celeste got a better feel for the QuiBids auction model by participating in smaller auctions such as gift cards.  After she began getting the hang of it, she started going for the bigger items.  She eventually began winning fantastic items on QuiBids such as an LG Vacuum Cleaner, indoor grill, MacBook Pro, and more!

After a short time, Celeste and her fiance developed an interesting strategy.  They were planning on getting married later that year, so they started bidding on only American Airlines and Marriott gift cards.  Eventually, they were able to use their winnings on QuiBids to help book their dream Honeymoon vacation.  Be sure to read Celeste’s romantic QuiBids story below.

March QuiBidder of the Week, Celeste k.
“We fist came across Quibids in early 2011 and like a lot of people, believed it was too good to be true. We were quickly proven wrong! We started off with a few low dollar gift certificates and quickly moved up to some incredible items including an LG Vacuum Cleaner, an indoor grill, a MacBook Pro and more! Quibids later played an integral part in a life changing event in December of 2011. We spent a lot of time watching and waiting on higher dollar gift certificates over the course of the year and eventually began to bid. We aimed at the American Airlines and Marriott cards and began to calculate a vacation in our heads. By August, we had accumulated enough gift cards to book our dream trip to Hawaii including airfare and hotel – we even had enough left over Marriott cards to cover quite a few meals at the hotel while we were there! We became engaged soon after and decided to make our Hawaii trip our WEDDING AND HONEYMOON! Thank you Quibids, for being a part of the most important and memorable vacation of our lives!”

– Celeste K., QuiBidder of the Week 3-5-2012


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QuiBidder of the Week Guidelines:

Name (first name and last name initial), location (city, state/providence and country) of person/people in photo being submitted for QuiBidder of the Week must be provided with photo/video post. Person(s) in photo must be 18+ years old to be eligible. Inclusion of any QuiBids products won is preferred, and any depiction of the product should be clear. People, animals and pets as well animated characters intended to represent entrant and/or others may be used. If individuals other than the entrant appear in photo, consumer must have the permission to use the photo by the individual. By entering your submission, you give QuiBids the right to use your likeness and testimonial for all future purposes including but not limited to marketing and public relations efforts. QuiBidder of the Week will be selected randomly. Adherence to these guidelines will be confirmed prior to the selected photo being featured as the profile picture on the QuiBids Facebook page. If selected as QuiBidder of the Week, please allow 7-14 days to receive your prize.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next QuiBidder of the Week?  You can submit your QuiBids story, along with a photo of yourself, via the QuiBidder of the Week application on QuiBids’ Facebook Page.  Check out some of the past winners below:

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Congrats Celeste K. for being the newest QoW, but more importantly congrats to you and your new husband on your marriage!