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Jun 10

QuiBidder of the Week – Christie D.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

Real QuiBids Customer showing off auction winnings.

It’s time to introduce to you the brand new QuiBidder of the Week, Christie D.!  Continue reading to learn how Christie has helped to continuously grow her QuiBids shopping haul with more and more wins by practicing patience and knowing the right time to bid.

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How long have you been bidding on QuiBids?

“I’ve been bidding on QuiBids for about 6 months now. When I first got on I bid and won a $50 Walmart Gift card for $0.03, since then I’ve been hooked.”

Tell us about a recent QuiBids win.

“I just received my Kodak EasyShare Camera that I won last Saturday. I used 12 bids and saved $88.66!”

Have you ever given your QuiBids win as a gift to someone else?

“Yes. I won a set of steak knives and gave them to my mother for Christmas. I also won Applebees and Walmart gift cards. I gave these away as birthday gifts.”

Do you use Buy Now?

“Yes I use Buy Now because I had money I had already invested in the item.”

What’s the most bids you’ve ever won from a QuiBids Gameplay?

“I won 101 bids from Deal Wheel.”

What advice would you like to give to a new QuiBidder just starting out?

“Have patience and wait people out.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I would recommend QuiBids to anyone who wants to have fun while shopping. I love it!”

Christie will receive a $50 gift card for letting us share her story on the blog today. Feel free to congratulate her in the comments below. Do you want to tell us your QuiBids story and become the next QuiBidder of the Week and win a $50 gift card of your choice? Then go here to submit your story and supplemental photo. Happy bidding!


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