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Aug 20

QuiBidder of the Week – Cindy L.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

Congrats to this week’s featured QuiBidder, Cindy L.!  Cindy started winning on QuiBids right off the bat, but she soon became discouraged and took a break from our site.  During this time, she started researching and developed a sound bidding strategy, which ended up being the right thing to do.  On Cindy’s return to QuiBids, she began winning lots of great products at 90% or higher savings!  Be sure to read Cindy’s full QuiBids story below.

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 “I returned to school late in life to pursue graduate studies. When I did, I quit my job, sold my house and nearly everything I owned, and moved across the country. After living with the bare essentials for many years, I had to work gradually on restocking my kitchen equipment when I purchased my new home. When I say gradually, I mean no more than one, maybe two, items per year. Then I discovered QuiBids. Like many new bidders, my early wins were small, a few $25 gift cards here and there. I became discouraged and left Q in search of better—e.g., “easier”—Penny Auctions. During that journey I learned a few things about bidding strategies and, more importantly, that none of the other sites could hold a candle to Q. Upon my return to Q, I discovered that my time on other sites was well spent. In about a month’s time, I managed to win a Cuisinart 6.5 quart slow cooker, 9 cup food processor, 14” GreenGourmet electric skillet, blender, electric Fondue set, Espresso Machine, and countertop CleanWater Filtration System. I also won the Kalorik spice grinder carousel, a Keurig, and various smaller items. Best of all, most of my wins have been at 90% or higher savings! Thanks to Q, I once again have a fully equipped kitchen so that I can entertain my loved ones with ease.” – Cindy L., QuiBidder of the Week


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