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Aug 22

QuiBidder of the Week – Connie E.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of August 22, 2016 - Connie E.

Congrats to our new QuiBidder of the Week, Connie! Connie is a veteran bidder and long time participant in our Facebook community. She is always doing great things with her wins, like donating them to charity, or helping to stock up her sons college dorm room. Read on to learn more about her wins and experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below! 

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Connie donated a bunch of items to her local animal shelter, including this crate she won for $0.13 using only 2 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“ANIMAL LOVE: I have been following the Almost Home No-Killl Animal Shelter on Facebook for a couple of years now. They are about 45 minutes to an hour away from my home, but they are the closest no-kill shelter. They kept posting last fall begging to borrow large animal crates to take large dogs to adoption events but promising that they would return them. So, I went on QuiBids and won them this Petmaker Large 2 Door Foldable Dog Crate Cage (36″ x 23″) about 2 months ago. It retails for $76.99 and I lucked into it for $0.13 and only had to use 2 bids. Wow! I did the happy dance for days. They won’t have to beg as much anymore. Anyway, things kept coming up (weather, sickness) so it took a while but I finally got to deliver it yesterday. I also donated some towels and sheets and pet food and pet bowls. Shelters are always in need of things like those. They were really happy when I showed up with all of it out of the blue. One of the nice workers there suggested a photo with her favorite little guy in it with us. Wish I could adopt another pet but we have two adopted cats already and my hubby says, “No more!’ LOL
In promoting one of my favorite causes, animal welfare, I would like to challenge other bidders. If you have an auction you have won, and you don’t know what to get with it, but it has pet items available, why not pick something up for your local shelter. QuiBids can even ship it directly to them–which I will do next time. They could still use another crate. Thanks, QuiBids, for another spectacular opportunity for wish fulfillment.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie won her friend these oven mitts for $0.26 using only 12 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“HAPPINESS IS: I’m still having a great time trying to win items for my girlfriend who will have her own place again soon. I surprised her with three more gifts the other day. She was so surprised when I had another stack of items for her. I love her grin. It puts such joy in my heart. It truly is better to give than to receive. Here she is with the Silicone Floral Kitchen Cooking Mitt set that I won using 12 vb and paying just 26 cents. That’s a savings of $23.70 or 99%. I knew she would need some kitchen mitts. I got mine (which are nearly identical) about a year and a half (or more) ago and I swear by them. They are so great for gripping hot items, especially items that are heavy like cast iron items where you need a really good grip. Everyone should have pair of these. This is the second or third pair I have gotten to give as a gift. Every kitchen should have them. Thanks again, QuiBids for the opportunity to win great items for such low prices.” – Connie E.

Connie won this fanny pack for $0.54 using only 25 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“TOURIST: Nothing says “American Tourist” like a Waist Bag or Fanny Pack. LOL! But that’s because they are so handy and leave you hand’s and shoulder free when you are traveling. Also, they are more secure. We are going to Quebec this summer and will be doing a lot of walking so I wanted a new waist bag since my old one is completely worn out. I really liked this one because it has four pockets. If you look at the photo of the pack itself, you can see a zipped pocket at the very top, a second one down about an inch, and then a third down another inch. Then, there is the open, slip-in pocket on the side. I felt like this LeDonne Leather Four Compartment Waist Bag was just the ticket for what I needed. I got very lucky and won this $79.00 bag using 25 voucher bids and paying just $0.54. That’s a savings of 99%. You cannot beat that. And, I got a much nicer bag than I could have afforded otherwise. Thanks, QuiBids!” – QuiBidder Connie


Connie used 2 voucher bids to win this apron set for only $1.59! #QuiBidsWin

“COOKING SOMETHING UP: After the last time I was burned in my kitchen because my pot holders had gotten too thin, I threw the ones I was using straight into the trash bin. I decided I needed new ones ASAP so it was QuiBids to the rescue. I found this Chef Collection by PCT 9 pc Apron Set. It came in several patterns but I choose the Cherry pattern. I think it’s really cute. The set includes four pot holders, two oven mitts, two tea towels, and an apron. Now I’m all set for the foreseeable future. I won this set using 2 vb and paying just $1.59. Thanks, QuiBids!” – Connie

Connie used 20 voucher bids and 11 real bids to win this rug for $6.88 and saved 81%! #QuiBidswin

“AREA RUGS ARE AWESOME: My sweet niece is modeling the Lavish Home Multi-Color Contemporary Circles Area Rug (4’x6′) that I won for one of my sons. He’s a junior in college and recently moved from the dorm into an older house. He and his roommate are going to clean up and re-do the hardwood floors but they desperately needed rugs. I won this one and a larger one for him. We were moving in stuff the day this picture was taken. I won this rug using 20 vb and 11 rb and paid just $6.88. That’s a savings of $56.51 or 81%. I’m always super happy to save on something I’m going to buy anyway. QuiBids is a great way to furnish for your college bound or college age kids.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie won these sunglasses for $0.74 using only 10 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“READY FOR SUMMER: I would have posted this win sooner but I received the wrong sunglasses the first time and had to wait a lot longer. I was not able to get the ones I originally selected but this pair as a substitute is great so I’m happy. These are the Oakley Women’s Mirrored Forehand Black Square Sunglasses ($148). They came in polished black with emerald-iridium lenses. The provide both UVA and UVB protection…and I love how they look and how much coverage they provide. I got an amazing win on these…I used 10 VB and paid just $0.74…that’s right 74 cents. You cannot beat that price. Thanks Q, for the opportunity to get some great sunglasses at a low, low price.” – Connie E.

Connie used 14 voucher bids to win this mattress pad for her son's dorm for $0.53! #QuiBidsWin

“MOVING ON UP: I won this Deluxe Microfiber Mattress Pad – Queen size for my son in college. He recently moved into a house and will finally be out of those tiny twin beds in the dorms. He is 6’3″ tall so I know he will like that. LOL I won this item for $0.53 and used 14 voucher bids. The retail price was $49.99 so I saved $48.46. An excellent price by anyone’s standards. Thanks, QuiBids for the opportunity to shop for things we need and save money while having a good time..” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie used the gift cards she won on QuiBids to help with her son's college expenses.

“PREPPING FOR COLLEGE: While my son, Samuel, sits for his International Baccalaureate (IB) exams/papers, I’m busy trying to win Walmart Gift Cards. Samuel will be headed off to college this fall and I learned from when his brother went to college, there are a million things that you forget that must be purchased when you get there. Since he will be 1200 miles away from home, I won’t be able to just drop things off later So, I’m getting stocked up now so he’ll be able to run pick up anything we have neglected.
Both of these gift cards came with 20 vb so that was great. I spent $1.75 for one (using 13 real bids and 9 vb) and $3.85 for the other (using 19 real and 7 vb). Every penny I save is a big help.” – Connie

Connie won this stoneware bowl for $1.54 using only 10 voucher bids and 13 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“NOW I’M COOKING: I won this Anolon Vesta Stoneware Oval Au Gratin 2 Quart Bowl in Paprika Red. I’ve started a collection of the Anolon Vesta pattern cookware in the Paprika Red color and I’m happy to say that I’m finding new pieces in this pattern regularly on QuiBids. I believe I have 4 or 5 of the pieces now…some wins, some bins but all worth it. I have a few more pieces I still want to try to win. Anolon is such a great brand. These are stoneware and they are great for baking and serving. Best of all they are dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe. I got this one ($41.99) using 10 vb and 13 real bids and paid an ending price of $1.54. I saved $32.65 or 78%. I love good deals like this.” – Connie

Connie won this $50 gas gift card (+30 bids) for $6.40 using 11 real bids and 4 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“ON THE ROAD AGAIN: My son and I have to go to college orientation the first week in June in down in Louisiana. It’s a long drive (1200 miles) and we’re going to need a lot of gas. I won this $50 Shell Gift Card + 30 bids using 11 real bids and 4 voucher bids. I paid an ending price of $6.40. This was a savings of $55.00 or 81%. That’s a lot of free miles. P.S. If you look closely at my jacket, you’ll notice I’m advertising his university.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie used 8 voucher bids to win this Cake Box mixing set for only $0.39! #QuiBidsWin

“CAKE BOSS: I won this set as a gift for someone special. It is the Cake Boss Mix and Measure Set. It comes with a 3 piece mixing bowl set, measuring spoons, and measuring cups. It is as cute as it can be. I won just the mixing bowls last year to give as a Christmas gift and I liked them so much, I went for another, bigger set for another gift. The Value Price is 51.99 and I used 8 voucher bids to win the set for $0.39, saving 99%. I love gift buying on QuiBids. Such a deal.” – Connie

Connie used 9 voucher bids to wint his Rachael Ray stoneware set for only $0.34! #QuiBidsWin

“I fell in love with this Rachael Ray Stoneware Bubble and Brown Square Baker Set (4). I wanted to retire some other small dishes I no longer liked and I thought these were so cute and I loved the bright colors. So, 9 vb and 34 cents later, the set was mine. These hold 10 oz each (slightly more than a cup) which is a great size. I think these will get a lot of use. Since the Value price was $31.99, I saved 99%. Thanks, QuiBids.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie won this 3pc quilt set for $0.65 using only 19 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“OUTFITTING AN APARTMENT: My son will be going to college in the fall and will need everything so I’ve been working on it. I win auctions and he picks an item(s) he needs from the auction. On this action it was time to pick a bedding set. To my shock and amazement, he picked the very set I would have picked: the Lauren Taylor Addelyn 3pc Coverlet Set in size Full/Queen. As you can see, it is a lovely set with a tree limb pattern on it. It will is very nice and light colored and will do well in the south. I won the set using 19 vb and paying just 65 cents. It retailed for $62.99 so I got a 99% savings. Please notice my not so subtle t-shirt reminder for my son. I’ll be wearing the same t-shirt when I take him down and drop him off in August. LOL” – Connie E.

Connie won this Sir-Mops-a-Lot spin mop for $0.07 using only 2 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“CLEANING UP: I won this Sir-Mops-a-Lot® Spin Mop – Revolutionary Rolling Spin Mop and Stainless Steel Bucket System with 360 Easy Wring Swivel Technology for Wood floors and Tile Floors using, incredibly, just 2 voucher bids and paying just 7 cents. That’s cleaning up in my book. It’s a savings of $59.92 or 99%. Cannot get much better than that. I needed this because my last spin mop bucket sprang a leak. I love the spin mop technology so I wanted another one. Come win or bin, I was getting this mop. So happy it was a win.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie won this beautiful wall clock for $9.75 using only 25 voucher bids and saved 92%! #QuiBidsWin

“TIME FOR DECORATING: I have always wanted something to hang in the huge wall space above the opening from our great room into the dining area. We’ve lived here for 14 years and I never found the right thing. Items with potential either turned out to be too small or too large or they didn’t add that pop of color I wanted. While actually shopping for something else, I ran across this awesome clock and I had an “Aha!!!” moment. I checked the size specifications and it was perfect. The clock is large and colorful (but not overwhelming) and it will actually bring out the colors already present in the room (check out those pillows on the chair — a perfect match). Anyway, I watched MANY auctions until I spotted a few I thought I might be able to win. The first auction I watched and threw some bids on was a no-go. The second, also a no-go. Then, Third time, BINGO! Super happy that this came. First picture shows the wall where the clock will go. Second is obviously me with the clock. Third will have to be posted later after hubby gets the ladder and helps me hang it. He’s been so busy that may be a couple of days. With two kids in college in the fall, I needed savings. I won this clock (Value price 115.99) using 25 vb and paying $9.75. That’s a savings of 92%. Thanks, QuiBids for the opportunity to get this for a fraction of the cost.” – Connie E.

Connie used 2 voucher bids to win this luggage set for only $0.18! #QuiBidsWin #EpicWin

“HAVE LUGGAGE, WILL TRAVEL: I needed several graduation gifts and I love to give luggage, especially to students who will soon be traveling. I managed to snag this U.S. Traveler Rio 2-Piece Carry-On Set using just 2 voucher bids and paying the low, low price of only 18 cents, a savings of 99% off the original price of $81.99. Now this is how you save money on gifts. I picked green for this set. I won another set for another grad and got the mustard color. I’m not sure which color I like best. They are both very nice. Thanks, QuiBids for making my shopping fast, easy, and fun…and don’t forget thrifty.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie won this Anolon cake pan set for $3.54 and used only 23 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“APARTMENT LIVING: My son is going to need pans to bake in and containers to store in but space is going to be at a premium in his small college apartment. So, this Anolon Cake Pan Set ($44.99) is just the ticket. He can bake in it and store in it as well. I used 5 promo bids and 17 real bids to win this pan for $3.54. I saved $31.25 or 69%. Since my son bakes quite a bit, this should be very handy for him.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie used 3 voucher bids to win this sherpa throw blanket for only $0.18! #QuiBidsWin

“WARM AND COZY: I won this Pacific Coast Textiles Faux Fur Reverse Sherpa Throw (Indigo – 50 X 60 Inch) because my boys love these blankets as much as I do. Shout out to Shanon Clear Griffin who got me started with these. We use them a lot and my sons both wanted blankets for college. This one is not from Lavish Home which I am familiar with (and highly recommend), but is from a company called Pacific Coast. It’s super soft and luxurious and I hope it works out as well as the others I have gotten. It’s very, very pretty. I won it using just 3 bids and paying just 18 cents. That’s a savings of $31.18 or 99%. Thanks a bunch, QuiBids!” – Connie

Connie won this Wolfgang Puck 14pc mixing bowl set for $0.63 using only 20 voucher bids and 4 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“CLASSIC: This Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 14-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set is a classic set. Every kitchen needs a set like this. I had already won a set like this for my self and I love, love, love it so it was natural when I had the chance to get another one for a gift for a family member, I would do so. I was so excited when I won this auction using 20 vb, 4 real bid and paying just $0.63. That is a savings of $66.92 or 96%. I usually start Christmas shopping early in the year and this is one big check off of my list. Thanks, QuiBids!” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie won this comfy eucalyptus pillow set for $0.60 using 16 voucher bids and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“LIST IS DONE: Unless we think of something we have forgotten, I am done with my college shopping for my son who will be a freshman this fall. (Whoohooo!) The last thing on my list was new pillows. He could have taken his but they are so worn out that I wanted to send him off right. I won this REST Blended Memory Foam Eucalyptus Pillow Queen Size Set (2-Pack) using 16 vb and paying just $0.60. That’s a savings of $49.39 or 99%. That’s savings to make you sleep soundly! These pillows are hypoallergenic (great because he has bad allergies), bed bug resistant (hope we never need that feature), have thermo-regulating fabric to keep you comfortable, are eco-friendly, and are machine washable and dryer safe. And they are made in the USA, which I always appreciate. Warning, these come packed in a SMALL package so be careful when you open it that you don’t damage the pillows. They will take about 24-48 hours to expand to full size. I called them the incredible, growing pillows. Thanks, QuiBids for pillow entertainment and a great deal.” – Connie E.

Connie won this cushion desk with pen/cup holder for $0.19 using only 4 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“COLLEGE PREP: I got this Cushion Desk with Pen/Cup Holder (Gray) for my son last month. It was one of the last wins I scored for him. I used a whopping 4 vb and paid just 19 cents for this, thus saving $24.80 or 99%. I expect it will come in very handy in college. He seems to like it. I’m impressed with how light weight yet sturdy it is. It was one of those “That would be useful!” items I spotted while shopping.” – Connie

Connie won this laptop backpack for $0.50 using 22 voucher bids and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“JUST FOR ME: While this new Swissgear Mercury Deluxe 16-inch Laptop Backpack looks like something I might get for my son for college, this one is actually for me. I have a back pack I got a while back for carrying my laptop with me when I travel, but it is quite heavy. This Swissgear one is light-weight and I like it a lot better. It also receives excellent ratings from other owners. (If my son needs a new one he can have my old one! LOL) I got very lucky and won this backpack using 22 vb and paying just 50 cents. That’s a savings of $55.49 or 99%. I’ll take that any day. Love the green color, too.” – QuiBidder Connie

Connie won this 110-piece first aid kit for $0.21 using only 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“SAFETY FIRST: Well, I thought I had finished my QuiBids shopping for my college-bound son but he told me the other day that he thought a first aid kit would be a good addition to his college supplies. So, five minutes and five voucher bids later, I had this Lifeline 110-Piece Wilderness First Aid Kit for just $0.21. That’s a 99% savings. It’s a very nice set, but it’s one thing I hope he never has to use. But if he ever needs it, now he’s prepared.” – Connie E.

Connie won this bathroom accessory set for $0.16 using 7 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“HAPPINESS IS DECORATING: I spotted this awesome Home Basics Basket Weave Bronze 4 Piece Bathroom Accessory Set and thought, “That’s what I want for our bathroom.” It has a toothbrush holder, a soap or lotion dispenser, a soap dish for bar soap and a cup. Now I just need two more sets for the other bathrooms. I snagged this set using just 7 voucher bids and paying just $0.16. The Value Price is $49.99 and so I saved 99%. Where can you get a deal like that other than QuiBids?” – Connie E.

Connie won this neon Olivia Miller tote for $0.35 and used only 10 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“NEON FUN: I had a run of good luck right after I got back from my trip. This Olivia Miller Laser Cut Tote Bag with Metallic Gold Glitter Underlay was one of my winnings. It reminded me of a couple of my girlfriends that I hang out with when I’m down south so I just had to have it. I got it in Pink…and it’s an awesome neon pink. I paid just $0.35 and used 10 voucher bids in the win. I saved 99% off the value price of $39. Thanks, QuiBids for another great priced item.” – QuiBidder Connie

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