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Mar 26

QuiBidder of the Week – David Di Franco, Jr.

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Say hello to the newest QuiBidder of the Week, David Di Franco, Jr.!  Like many others before him, David showed some skepticism after first seeing the deals that people were getting on QuiBids.  He decided to try out himself, and would base an opinion from his own experiences and not those of others.  After getting more experience and perfecting his QuiBids strategy on smaller auctions, David soon turned to the bigger prizes.  He eventually scored some great QuiBids Wins, like his TWO (2) Xbox 360 Bundles and his Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset!  Below is David Di Franco’s QuiBids story.

QoW March 26, 2012.

“Like most new users, I was skeptical of QuiBids in the beginning. However, when I started winning my first prizes, I instantly became hooked. What started out as a few gift cards and Gameplay wins, quickly turned into some bigger prizes. In a matter of one week, I managed to win two Xbox 360 bundles (Holiday and Modern Warfare 3) using the tips I’ve taught myself. I have learned to bid with confidence and strategy in mind. While I cannot quite catch on to a pattern for specific days, I do have a good idea of what to look out for — in terms of what items go for how much. I also recently won a Turtle Beach Ear Force XP500 gaming headset, which is my hardest auction yet. I ended up spending $105 in bids, but the headset retails for $250. Needless to say, I am still very happy with the outcome! My quick success has since motivated me to promote QuiBids on YouTube and in the form of an eBook I wrote myself. All this information can be found for free, here: I cannot express this enough: If you take the time to learn the site, QuiBids can be pretty awesome. It has easily turned into one of my everyday sites that I like to check regularly. If everyone does happen to read this, I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have. I am always happy to help! Thank you for reading, and good luck! David Di Franco”  David Di Franco, Jr., QuiBidder of the Week

If the name David Di Franco Jr. sounds familiar to you, maybe it’s because he’s all over the web!  He currently operates a very informative tech blog,  You might have also seen his Tweets in one of our Twitter Round-Up blog posts.  Occasionally, we’ll come across some of David’s YouTube videos about QuiBids, like his How to Win on QuiBids video, or this Unboxing video of his Xbox 360 Modern Warfare Bundle QuiBids Win.

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