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Mar 21

QuiBidder of the Week – David G.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of March 21, 2016 - David G.

Congratulations to the new QuiBidder of the Week, David G.! Keep reading to learn more about David’s recent bidding experiences on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate him in the comments below! 

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David won $165 worth of gift cards for $16.87 and used 196 voucher bids total! #QuiBidsWins

“Seasons Greetings Quibidders ☃☃☃☃
November was a “Gift -card Tastic” month for me! I decided to fill up my 12 open slots with Walmart giftcard wins to make my shopping that much merrier . Pictured below are 9 of the 10 cards I won totaling $165.00. I used 196 voucher bids & spent only $16.87 out of pocket!!! Thanks Q for this Holiday gift” – David

David won this deep fryer for $0.06 using only 3 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin #EpicWin

“Happy New Year Everyone!!! Ended 2015 with my new Chef Buddy Electric Deep Fryer 3.6L (msrp $80.99) This unit was super easy to setup & clean! The poppers & mozzarella sticks came out restaurant quality!!! I used only 3 voucher bids & paid only $.06 smile emoticon Definitely one of my best wins this year!!! I saved a HUGE 99% plus shipping was fast & free! Thanks Big Q for a year full of fun & wins! Happy New Year to the entire staff!!! CHEERS!!!” – David

David won this laser radar detector using 10 real bids and 6 voucher bids and saved 92%! #QuiBidsWin

“One Fast win smile emoticon Whistler CR65 laser/Radar detector
This unit is compact & hopefully will prevent further tickets in 2016 lol! I’m slowing down just in case!!!
Value Price: $79.99
Bids Used: 10real 6voucher
% : 92%
Shipping: FREE
THANKS QuiBids for this awesome product!!” – David G.

David used 52 voucher bids to win this Android tablet at 98% savings! #QuiBidsWin

“To tablet or not to tablet that is the question:) Never used an android product but I’m super excited to dive into this new Tech! This 7″ ZeePad is super light & fast on the local WiFi connection!
ZeePad: $62.99
Bids used : 52 voucher
Savings $61.76
% saved : 98%
Shipping: FREE” – David G.

David saved $7.62 on this $15 gift card and used 11 real bids and 15 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“$15 Walmart gift card
Bids used: 11 real. 15 voucher
Savings: $7.62
% Saved : 51%
Shipping: FREE
Time to restock on deodorant, toothpaste & body wash! Should be able to get all three for what I saved!!! BAM Txs Q smile emoticon” – David

David won this iPhone charging cable with 3 real bids and 27 voucher bids and saved 78%! #QuiBidsWin

“If losing Apple IPhone cords was a job I’d be president of that company. Luckily QuiBids always has some up for auction! THANKYOU Big Q smile emoticon
Value price : $15.99
Bids used : 3 real 27 voucher
Savings: $12.54
% saved: 78%
Shipping: FREE” – David

David used 4 voucher bids to win this CB radio speaker for only $0.08! #QuiBidsWin

“Basking in the glow of another great #QuiBids win! Time to start getting the present/Christmas/THANKYOU stockpile restocked!
Midland External CB speaker
Value price: $31.99
Paid: $.08
Bids used: 4 voucher
Savings: $31.91
% Saved: 99%
Thanks Big Q” – David G.

David used 39 real bids and 5 voucher bids to win this laptop back at 58% savings! #QuiBidsWin

“Restocking the treasure chest smile emoticon Nothing better then when you need a gift for any occasion & instead of going to the mall or signing in on Amazon you just go to your #QuiBids treasure chest. Open, select, Close Done!
STM 13″ Linear small laptop bag
Value price: $64.99
Paid: $27.39
Bids used: 39real 5 voucher
Savings: $37.68
%Saved: 58%
Thanks Big Q ” – David G.

David won this spice grinder kit for $3.77 using only 22 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“KitchenSide spice grinder accessory kit
Value price: $29.99
Paid: $3.77
Bids Used: 22 voucher
Savings: $26.22
% Saved: 87%
Shipping: FREE
Txs Big Q ” – David G.

David used 56 voucher bids to win this wireless mouse for $2.20! #QuiBidsWin

“Meet my new pet mouse wink emoticon I named her Manhattan wireless performance mouse!
Value Price: $15.99
Paid: $2.20
Bids used: 56 voucher
% Saved: 86%
Savings: $13.79
Thanks Big Q! This new device rocks!!!” – David G.

David won this $10 gift card (+ 15 voucher bids) for $2.04 using 23 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“$10 Walmart Gift Card+ 15bids
Value Price: $19
Paid: $2.04
Bids Used: 23 voucher
Savings: $16.96
% Saves: 89%
Shipping: FREE
THANKS Big Q smile emoticon” – David G.

David used 82 voucher bids to win this hard drive case (+1X Gameplay) for $4.19! #QuiBidsWin

“Case Logic portable Hard Drive case + Gameplay
Value price: $16.99
Paid: $4.19
Bids used: 82 voucher
Savings: $12.80
% Saved: 75%
Shipping: FREE” – David G.

David won this Xbox One Dual Charging dock for $0.17 using only 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Auction Over! GAME ON!! I won this Dreamfear DGXB2 Xbox One dual charging dock(VP:$34.99) for only 5 voucher bids! Paid an astonishing $.17 cents & also received FREE shipping!! My total savings came to $34.82 or a whopping 99%! Thanks Big Q smile emoticon” – David G.

David used 29 voucher bids to win this charging cable for only $0.59! #QuiBidsWin

“Urge Basics lighting cable in Ravens purple + gameplay! Always need charging cables!
Value price: $15.99
Paid: $.59
Bids Used: 29 voucher
% Saved : 99%
Shipping: FREE
THANKYOU Big Q for the amazing daily deals!” – David G.

David used 8 voucher bids to win this iPhone charging cable for $2.04! #QuiBidsWin

“Cue the song “Oops I did it again ” lol! Lost another lightning cable ( the cars’ this time:( Off to to get another smile emoticon
Audio 6ft MFI cable
Value price: $21.99
Paid: $2.04
Bids used: 8 voucher
Saved: $19.95
% Saved: 91%
Shipping: FREE
Thanks Big Q ” – David G.

David used 13 voucher bids to win this Swiss Gear backpack for only $0.36! #QuiBidsWin

“Wenger Ibex 17″ Backpack
Value Price :$89.99
Paid: $.36 YAY smile emoticon
Bids used: 13 voucher
Savings: $89.63
% Saved: 99% ” – David G.

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