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Nov 19

QuiBidder of the Week – Dayna B.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

We’d like to give a huge congratulations to the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Dayna B. from Canada! Continue reading to learn more about Dayna’s experiences with QuiBids.

Tell us about your best QuiBids Win.

“New to QuiBids, I did some research first and when I was ready to bid on my first item I chose something smaller. It was a $25.00 gift certificate from Toys R Us. This was the perfect auction for me as I have two young boys and the holidays are right around the corner. So, I placed my first bid. I was watching the timer, and “3…2…1… Congratulations, you’ve won!” The rush I felt when I won my auction was indescribable! My very first auction, first bid placed, and I won it for $0.01!”

Have you ever given your QuiBids win as a gift for someone else?

“I’ve bought a few Toys R Us gift cards and I plan on using these for my two boys for Christmas. I plan on using QuiBids as my go-to place to shop this holiday season. So fun, easy, and convenient! You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!”

Do you use Buy Now?

“I think Buy Now is a very good option especially if the auction doesn’t go the way you’d planned. This was you don’t lose out on any money!”

What’s the most Voucher Bids you’ve ever won from a QuiBids Gameplay?

“I won 57 Voucher Bids on Groundhog Hunting!”

What advice would you like to give to a new QuiBidder just starting out?

“I’m new and still learning, but personally I think they best thing you can do is start out slow, do your research, watch auctions without bidding, and read QuiBids 101!”

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