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Sep 04

QuiBidder of the Week – Diana B.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

We’re back from a brief Labor Day break, but we’ve returned just in time to present the newest QuiBidder of the Week, Diana B.! Be sure to read Diana’s QuiBids story below.

QuiBids Featured QuiBidder of the Week - Diana B.

“Since I became an RN in 2009, I have always wanted a Pulse Oximeter. As a single mom of three young boys, it wasn’t on the top of my list of things to buy – a good one will cost between $60 and $100. Married now, and a mother of 4 boys, it still has not been in the budget to buy one. You can not imagine my surprise and happiness when I won my second auction for only one bid! I am so thrilled with the product and I received it within three days!! My second win: Deluxe Finger Pulse Oximeter for 1 bid, cost=$0.01 + S & H; TOTAL COST $7.00 (Saved $46.99).”

I registered with QuiBids on May 12, 2012. I refused to buy the first bid package and decided to win my bids from the Twitter Contests or Facebook Sweepstakes. Out of the middle of nowhere, I received a message from Twitter on July 13 that said I had won that day’s contest for 50 Free Bids! I was STUNNED!! I was HAPPY!! I had already decided (since I was a not a newbie), that if I didn’t win, I wasn’t going to buy a package. So on July 14, 2012 I placed my first bid, WON my first auction and became a believer! QuiBids is real! 

  • My first win: 25 Voucher Bids for 1 bid, cost=$0.01 + NO S & H; TOTAL COST $0.00 (Saved $15.00)
  • My second win: Deluxe Finger Pulse Oximeter for 1 bid, cost=$0.01 + S & H; TOTAL COST $7.00 (Saved $46.99)
  • My third win: 16″ Striker Pro Dart Board + 1X Gameplay for 1 bid, cost=$0.01 + S & H; TOTAL COST $7.00 (Saved $28.99)

I saved $90.98 on my first three auctions, plus I WON more bids with my Gameplay. I had only used three bids up until this point. I have continued to win: Voucher Bids (kept me going) and won a $15 Wal-Mart Gift Card. I finally bought my first bid pack about 2 weeks later. I have won more FREE BIDS since and have yet to purchase another bid pack. The competition is high, but if you’re smart and know when to bid and when not to bid, you can come ahead very easily. I am a very satisfied bidder!” – Diana B., QuiBidder of the Week