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Feb 13

QuiBidder of the Week Details

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests

Post your QuiBids story on our Facebook page along with a picture of you with your wins and you could win a 2X Gameplay and 100 Top QuiBidders Points

UPDATE (2017-02-03): The QuiBidder of the Week contest is no longer active. Thank you to all who have participated over the past few years. 

Update: (2015-01-21): QuiBidder of the Week winners will now earn 90 free bids! More info here

Update (2014-09-24): We’ve put together some tips to make sure you have a great QuiBidder of the Week entry.

If you’ve been following the QuiBids Blog over the past year or so, then you know that every Monday we feature a different customer to be QuiBidder of the Week (also called QoW for short). This promotion is a way for us to showcase customer successes by sharing the experiences of successful bidders.

Starting the week of February 10, 2014, we’ll begin implementing updates to the QuiBidder of the Week promotion, like new ways you can enter and improved rewards for being featured. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about what’s new and what will stay the same.

Go to the QuiBids Facebook Page

Let’s cut to the chase — What’s new?

Short version: There’s a new way to enter and new rewards that you can win.

Slightly longer version: Now we will select the winner out of all qualifying posts on our Facebook page. If your post is chosen to be featured as QoW, you’ll receive 90 free bids! Click here to learn more about the Top QuiBidders promotion (which is different than QoW).

How do I enter?

To enter, first gather up the product you won on QuiBids and snap a photo (or record a video) of you with your item(s). In the description be sure to tell us everything you can about your experiences winning the item, like when you won it, how many bids you invested, the ending price, how winning the auction made you feel, etc.

Instead of submitting your entry via a Facebook application, now you can “enter” one of the two following ways:

Post on our Facebook wall

Post the photo/video on our Facebook wall. Be sure to include as much information as you can in the description of your post. Try to remember to use the hashtag #QoW so we know you intend for your post to be included as a QuiBidder of the Week entry.

Send us a Facebook Message

If you don’t want your submission publicly on our timeline, then try sending it via a private Facebook message by clicking on the “Message” button at the top of our page.

What makes a good #QoW post?

1. Photo/Video of you with your wins

We like nice and shiny photos of our customers happy faces alongside the products they won. When submitting these photos, please remember the following to improve your chances of winning:

  • Include your smiling face in the photo/video.

  • Make sure the picture isn’t blurry and your face is clearly visible.

  • Make sure there is good lighting and your photo is not too dark, nor too bright.

  • Make sure the product(s) are completely visible visible.

2. A good description

In the description of your photo/video, tell us about your experiences winning the product. Use complete sentences and give as much information as you can. If you need some inspiration when coming up with things to write, try providing tips or advice for newbies, leaving a detailed review of the product pictured, or you can tell us your favorite thing about QuiBids and why it’s your favorite. Here are some other things that will improve your chances of being QuiBidder of the Week.

  • Make sure you use around 250 words in the description.

  • If multiple items are pictured, tell us a little about your experiences winning each one.

  • Remember to include #QoW in your entry.

What does the QuiBidder of the Week get?

Each QuiBidder of the Week will receive a 2X Gameplay in addition to 100 Bonus Top QuiBidders Points.

How do I make an outstanding QuiBidder of the Week submission?

We know you want to dazzle us with your QuiBids experience and knowledge, so we’ll give you a few guidelines for how to write good posts that are likely to be selected as QoW.

1. Be yourself!

If you’re a new customer who’s learning the ropes, say so! We aren’t going to favor customers with more experience necessarily — this contest is about you and how you shop on QuiBids, and how well you can communicate it to us! So be yourself, don’t pretend to be somebody you aren’t.

2. Think outside the box.

We read through a bunch of these types of posts/submissions each week, and they tend to be similar to each other. Send in something funny or clever that we can share with our customers instead of the usual ho-hum testimonial. Maybe something in a short narrative style, for instance?

“It was a few winters back and I was cold and alone, keeping warm only by the heated battle ensuing over a Kalorik 500W Aqua Line Blender and the Sunbeam Heated King Blanket I’d purchased via Buy Now the spring before.  I knew I couldn’t let the blender slip into enemy hands, even though SoccerMom645 and elliot99 shelled volley after volley of Voucher Bids, and the deafening roar of a half-dozen Bid-O-Matics buzzed into my brain through my ear drums.  I checked my QBar and knew one thing was for certain: I couldn’t hang on much longer.”

3. Tell us a story!

We want to hear about how QuiBids has helped you, and what effect our service has had on your life and/or the life of your family. It’s great that you got a discount on a product, but we want to know what that discount enabled you to do, so tell us a full-on story.

4. Include a photo with you (and your win) in it!

We cannot accept a submission without a photo that has your smiling face in it. So before you do anything else, make sure you include a photo (or video) of you with your win(s).

5. Don’t be afraid to spice things up a bit.

Try linking off to some other cool evidence of your QuiBids mastery — maybe a YouTube video or a photo gallery of your wins on Flickr? Be creative!

Are you ready to enter? Click HERE to go to our Facebook and post your #QoW photo/description. Remember to follow the guidelines above, and be sure to check out our Pinterest board below to see past QuiBidders of the Week.

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