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Feb 20

QuiBidder of the Week – Greg W.

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests, Testimonials

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Greg W. from the United States.  Greg admits that he was skeptical about QuiBids after first signing up.  However, after he spent some time learning our auction model, he was able to win over $350 worth of stuff for less than $12!  Would you like to win more like Greg?  Be sure to read through the QuiBids 101 section and the FAQs on our site for helpful tips and information that will give you better chances at success while bidding on QuiBids.  Be sure to check out Greg’s full QuiBids’ Story below:

Greg W - QuiBidder of the Week on QuiBids

“I have been on QuiBids for about almost a year. When I first signed up I thought it was a joke and there is no way you can get great products for so cheap. So I didn’t use QuiBids much at first. Then this holiday season I thought I’d give it a try, and I started winning. I started out with gift cards and spent about 4 dollars for over a hundred dollars worth of gift cards. This is GREAT I said. Then I moved on to some jewelry and won some great gifts for the holidays. My most recent wins have included; a Tom Tom GPS, Invicta Watch, and Oakley sunglasses. I would have NEVER bought these items for myself at a retail store because together they cost over $350! With QuiBids I spent less than $12 for all of these great items!!!! The customer support team is great as well, they help with any issues that may arise and if an Item happens to be out of stock they have other items for you to choose from that may be even better than the item you initially won!!! QuiBids is my new go to place for electronics and gift cards!!! Thanks for a GREAT time QuiBids!”  – Greg W., QuiBidder of the Week

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QuiBidder of the Week Guidelines:

Name (first name and last name initial), location (city, state/providence and country) of person/people in photo being submitted for QuiBidder of the Week must be provided with photo/video post. Person(s) in photo must be 18+ years old to be eligible. Inclusion of any QuiBids products won is preferred, and any depiction of the product should be clear. People, animals and pets as well animated characters intended to represent entrant and/or others may be used. If individuals other than the entrant appear in photo, consumer must have the permission to use the photo by the individual.  By entering your submission, you give QuiBids the right to use your likeness and testimonial for all future purposes including but not limited to marketing and public relations efforts. QuiBidder of the Week will be selected randomly. Adherence to these guidelines will be confirmed prior to the selected photo being featured as the profile picture on the QuiBids Facebook page.  If selected as QuiBidder of the Week, please allow 7-14 days to receive your prize.

Would you like to be the next QuiBidder of the Week?  Be sure to submit your entry via the QuiBidder of the Week application on QuiBids’ Facebook Page, or by clicking the link above.  Congrats again to Greg W.!  You can check out some of our past winners below:
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  1. John Piermatti says:

    That was so smart, watching some auctions before you started!! I ended up winning a 25.00 gift card for like $2.03 using just my promotional bids and maybe the smallest package.  Congrats man you did it the right way.