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Nov 28

QuiBidder of the Week – Hallow W.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of November 28, 2016 - Hallow W.

This week’s QuiBidder of the Week is none other than Hallow W.! Hallow has been a frequent visitor of the QuiBids Facebook page for quite some time now. And in that time, he has shared some truly great wins with us. Keep reading to learn more about his recent experiences with QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate him in the comments below! 

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Hallow won this 16p dinnerware set for $0.82 using only 10 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Since I move to a new place,I need some dinnerware to use and the best place to shop is won this 16pc Cuisinart Rialle collection for $0.82 using 10vb leading me to a savings of 99.17%.It is composed of 4 dinnerplates, 4 salad plates, 4 bowls, and 4 mugs. These are both dishwasher and microwave safe.Thanks QuiBids! #QuibidsWin” – QuiBidder Hallow

Hallow won this rice cooker for $2.69 using 130 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“A must need stuff during move in is a rice cooker.This is a Cuisinart 4cup rice cooker and steamer which I got for $2.69 for 130VB. Even it’s a rough battle,I took the risk to go all the way having a savings of $70.60(96%).This is so cute mini rice cooker which is easy to use and automatically switches to warm when cooking is done.Thanks QuiBids!” – Hallow W.

Hallow used 16 voucher bids to win this 14pc cutler set for only $0.36! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this 14pc Presidential Blue Ginsu cutlery set for $0.36 using 16VB. These are stain and rust resistant knives.Cooking session is made easy with the use of this kitchen tool.Thanks QuiBids for the 99% savings!” – QuiBidder Hallow

Hallow used 15 voucher bids to win these tennis shoes for only $0.48! #QuiBidsWin

“Looking for soft and comfortable shoes?I highly recommended this Asics Men’s Gel-Defiant Synthetic Cross Trainer Shoes which is retail for $60.99.I got this pair for $0.48 using 15VB. I enjoy wearing this at work because of it’s extreme comfort it brings.Unfortunately,it’s only available in 10.5 size.Thanks QuiBids!” – Hallow W.

Hallow won these dress shoes for $0.28 using only 12 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“One of my fave thing to shop on QuiBids aside from watches are shoes.I’m hooked to Kenneth Cole brand shoes.This high quality leather brown footwear which I got for $0.28 using 12VB, Huge savings of $131.71(99%).I loved wearing this during Sunday going to church.Thanks again QuiBids!” – Hallow W.

Hallow won his workout ensemble all on QuiBids! #QuiBidsWins #QuiBidsHaul

“Complete gym outfit courtesy of QuiBids from top to bottom.1.Top: Quick Dry compression shirt + GP,retail price of $21.99,won using 73VB,ending price $1.63. 2. Compression Long pants+GP value at $27.99,got it for $0.39 using 16VB.3. The breed watch which I won a year ago.4. Low ankle socks +GP retail for $19.99,sold at $0.55 with 25VB. 5.Asics shoes,which I posted a while ago for more details of the win.Thanks QuiBids!” – Hallow W.

Hallow won $450 worth of gift cards for 11 real bids and 140 voucher bids and paid under $30! #QuiBidsWins

“$450 worth of Gift cards (6 $50 Walmart GC,2 $25 Walmart GC, 1 $25Sonic GC,1 $25 Subway GC, and 1 $25 Pizza hut GC), paid $29.8 which includes the processing fee.I used 11RB and 140VB. Wohoooo! Thanks QuiBids!” – Hallow W.

Hallow won this decorative table for $0.24 using only 11 voucher bids! #EpicWin #QuiBidsWin

“I’m looking for a table where I can put some display or photo frame and this Monarch table was a perfect choice.I snagged for $0.24 using 11VB and got $109.75 worth savings.This is just awesome savings and free shipping as well.Thanks Q!” – QuiBidder Hallow

Hallow used 67 voucher bids to win this decorative table for $1.53 and saved over $137! #QuiBidsWin

” won this contemporary look design Monarch table as part of my adornment in my living room.This is so easy to setup and looks very stylish. I used 67VB and 2RB, ending price of $1.53. Another awesome $137.26 savings! Thanks Q!” – QuiBidder Hallow

Hallow used 4 voucher bids to win this 10pc cookware set for only $0.07! #QuiBidsWin

“A must need stuff in the kitchen as I move in to a new place. 10pc stainless cookware set which I got for $0.07 using 4VB. Surprisingly, this set is small. I forgot to read the details of measurement but other than that, looks pretty good and still works according to its purpose. I saved over $100 and the free shipping I got were really amazing.Thanks again QuiBids!” – QuiBidder Hallow

Hallow used 17 voucher bids to win this fryer for only $0.38! #QuiBidsWin

“This 3.2 quart stainless deep fryer was on my Watchlist for over a year now,but never had a chance to bid on them because a lot of bidders wants this too.Finally had the courage to snagged at 0.38 using 17VB, and it comes with gameplay and had a great bid return. I’m excited to try this product,at times I’m craving for a perfectly fried foods.Thanks Q!” – Hallow

Hallow won this watch for $0.59 using 11 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“My best watch ever and I’m loving it ❤️. This Fossil watch really captures me.It is simple yet it has striking character.11 real bids was placed and 0.59 was the ending price.What more can I ask for over $100 savings in my pocket?Great deal,big savings and free shipping,only on QuiBids. Thanks Q!” – Hallow

Hallow used 7 voucher bids to win these dress shoes for only $0.15! #QuiBidsWin

“Shoefie (Shoe selfie) again with this pair of Kenneth Cole leather shoes.I’m lucky to have my shoe size available on Quibids which makes my feet happy.Fifteen cents was my out of pocket,7 VB was placed and boom! Over $88 of savings. QuiBids rocks!” – QuiBidder Hallow

Hallow used 4 voucher bids to win this lobster tail dinner for only $0.18! #QuiBidsWin #EpicWin

“I had a sumptuous dinner tonight which I won on QuiBids. I baked lobster tail for dinner and was definitely a mouthwatering meal.I purchased for only 0.18 using 4VB. I saved 99% and over a hundred dollars.Thanks Q!” – Hallow W.

Hallow used 3 real bids to win these memory pillows for only $0.07! #QuiBidsWin

“I need a new set of pillows to use and in order for me to save more dollars,I shop thru My screen marks sold at $0.07 using 3RB for this Hotel Luxe memory fiber pillows.This is a 100% cotton pillow that really relaxes my head as I go to sleep.I saved $92.12 and that’s a big factor when you’re tight on your budget.Thanks QuiBids!” – Hallow W.

Hallow used 89 real bids and 112 voucher bids to win this multimedia streaming device for only $5! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this Jalera MSD-6500 Multi media streaming device for $5 using 89RB and 112VB. This device allows access to google play store and android market which gives you 700,000 programs.It is also capable of showing 4K resolution, 3D and 1080P. I saved 55% in this $129.99 retail value item.Thanks QuiBids!” – QuiBidder Hallow

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