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Jun 11

QuiBidder of the Week – James H.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

Congratulations James H., who is the newest QuiBidder of the Week! James calls himself an avid golfer, and like many other golf fans, he is very impressed at the quality of equipment available on QuiBids.

Are you an avid golfer, like James? You might appreciate some of our new golf products on QuiBids. James also used gift cards to help with Christmas shopping for his 9 grandsons this past holiday season.  What to learn more about this week’s featured QuiBidder? You can ready his QuiBids story below:

“Since I am fortunate enough to be an avid golfer and retired, I noticed right away that QuiBids offers excellent golf equipment and gift cards as well. Before I discovered QuiBids, I would frequently buy inferior equipment, only to find that one gets what they pay for. Without question, the golf equipment on QuiBids is the best in the world. I have won several sets of irons, thus enabling me to assist my playing pals with great prices on their clubs, which they currently use. The gift cards helped me a great deal through the Christmas season. Since I have 9 grand children and 3 sons, the gift cards have been invaluable. In summary, I find QuiBids both challenging and interesting. My advice: Pay attention to all the information on the QuiBids web site. The information is all there.” – James H. QuiBidder of the Week

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Would you like to tell your QuiBids story and potentially be the next QuiBidder of the Week? Then submit your story along with a photo of yourself via the QuiBidder of the Week application on QuiBids’ Facebook Page. Here are some of the past winners:

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