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Apr 11

QuiBidder of the Week – Janise C.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of April 11, 2016 - Janise C.

Congrats to our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Janise C.! As you can see below, Janise has been consistently scoring some great deals through auctions on QuiBids. Keep reading to see the great savings she’s been able to achieve. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below! 

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Janise used 2 real bids and 8 voucher bids to win this Keurig for $0.21! #QuiBidsWin

“Deluxe Mix Coffee, Hot Cocoa, & Tea 30 pack is a big thumbs up from my daughter & she wants more! This pk. contains top brands like – Green Mountain, Cake Boss, & Guy Fieri just to name a few. The aroma from these k-cups brewing smells soooo good that you can taste them through just the smell of them. A few of her favorites so far are… Banana split cocoa, French vanilla cappuccino, & Chai tea, she says there awesome tasting!! So for the 2rb/8vbs I placed it was well worth the smile she had on her face after trying these. You just can not bet the savings I got of $43.58 when this auction ended at $0.21. She highly recommends this pack!! Now for the #QuiBidsWin You can’t have 30 k-cups with no where to put them so helped me with that too, in the pic below notice the Above Edge Design K-Cup Storage Drawer Holder that holds 35 k-cups & fits right under her brewer. The smooth black finish with a pretty swirl design on the sides & divider bars inside makes it so easy to keep everything in one place nice and neat. 33 vbs I used to win this with the auction ending at $0.84, savings $44.15 & both these were shipped for free thanks to QuiBids offering #FreeShipping anywhere in the US. A big Thank You QuiBids from my daughter & I.”

Janise used 4 real bids and 58 voucher bids to win this pet bed for only $3.19! #QuiBidsWin

“Nap Ultra Soft Plush Top, Suede Gusset Deluxe Orthopedic XXL Mattress…I’m sharing this win because Cashew is liking her new bed I won on for 4 real bids & 58 vouchers bids, she already has a nice bed I won last yr. but I needed to move that one to the side of my bed as she can’t jump in bed anymore so I needed another one for the family room by the fireplace which is her favorite spot to sleep. I put both her beds in this pic so you could see the sizes, her red one is a Lg. and the new one is a XXL measuring 35 x 44 x 4.5 it’s huge, but she seems to enjoy the extra room she has. It has the removable cover for easy cleaning which is a plus. This auction ended at $3.19 and I got a savings of $57.41 & another happy family member! Thanks again QuiBids” – Janise C.

Janise used 24 voucher bids to win this gift card for only $0.99! #QuiBidsWin

“Last yr. I had won over $150. in Cabela’s GC’s on QuiBids mostly the $10.00 ones and gave them all out as x-mas gifts to the guys. Here is the first one for 2016 I have won to start my pile over… a $25.00 Cabela’s GC won with placing 24 vb’s & the ending price being $0.99. They also make a great B-Day gift too and or if there not a Cabela’s fan offers a great selection of others to choose from. Just a thought… if your going to buy a GC anyways why not try for a savings as I did & do your shopping at My savings for this gift card was $24.01. Thanks QuiBids for my savings & the selection of gift cards you carry!!” – Janise C.

Janise used 2 voucher bids to win this outdoor seat for $0.05! #QuiBidsWin

“Summer here I come… I’m ready, I have my Crosley Griffith 2-Piece Metal Outdoors Conversation Seat Set – Love seat & Chair. Oh how I’ve wanted to get some chairs for my only shade tree in my backyard and Thanks to, I now own a set. Every time I wanted to sit in the shade & just relax I had to drag a chair from my deck to the middle of my backyard where the shade tree is located, not an easy task when you have to use a cane to walk with so I guess you know how thrilled I was when I won this set & for only 2 VB and the auction ended at .05, oh ya #happydance time for me! $188.95 savings still makes me smile. As you can see I have put the chair together (by myself) so assembling it was easy, the love seat will have to wait till summer lol to big to drag upstairs. There is 3 colors to choose from White, Green or Red. I picked White because I plan on making cushions for the seats & white goes with any color I choose. There made of sturdy steel with a Non-Toxic powder coated finish, also they are UV resistant. Thanks so much QuiBids you made me one happy customer again & Thanks for the #FreeShipping anywhere in the US that’s very much appreciated too.” – Janise C.

Janise used 7 voucher bids to win this car phone mount (+20 bids) for only $0.85! #QuiBidsWin

“This is Carrie my youngest daughter holding her new Universal Car Vent Mount she asked me to try to win for her as she was getting pretty fed up with her iPhone always sliding out of the little slot she has in her car & landing under her feet while driving. She did her research and this mount had good reviews so this is what she wanted. I won this auction for just 7 vb & it ended at 0.85, my savings was $21.99 not bad considering this auction also came with 20 extra bids! Mom happy daughter happy what more can I ask for!! Thanks again QuiBids! I’m waiting on her to give me a review on how well it holds her phone & than I’ll come back and give a review.” – Janise

Janise used 63 voucher bids to win this K-cup sampler for only $1.58! #QuiBidsWin

“Seems like lately what my kids want they get & that’s ok with me as long as their wants come from Just a few weeks ago I had won my daughter (Carrie) the Deluxe Crazy Cups (k-cups) for her single server coffee pot in the verity pk. of coffee, tea, & cocoa soon after she had tried a few she wanted more so with bids in bank and 2 slots open off to the auctions I went & won 2 of the Deluxe Crazy Cups Premium Hot Chocolate Single Serve K-Cups in the 30 sampler pk. one for both of my daughter’s Carrie & Alisha. First one was won with 63 vb’s, auction ended at $1.58 & got a savings of $43.41. Second one was a little easier with only using 12 vb’s and auction ending at $0.29 with a savings of $44.70! If you have not tried this verity pack yet it’s a must there the best tasting cocoa ever & if you get them from QuiBids and you live in the US it’s Shipped Free right to your door just as mine was. Thanks so much QuiBids there’s just nothing better than putting them smiles on my kids faces with things they want & that makes me happy!!” – Janise C.

Janise loves winning Omaha Steaks packs on QuiBids!

“I’ve wanted to try both the Omaha Steaks Ham & Turkey, but it was so busy around the holidays on these auctions I waited till after the rush and used my 5 Promo Code Bids & 3 vb’s and picked up both of these wins at a awesome savings! First I have the OS Sweet & Savory Combo which contains a 2 lbs. Smoked Boneless Ham, 2 lbs. Oven Roasted Turkey Breast (which I’m having today for dinner) & 4 Apple Tarts (which you can see in the pic I couldn’t wait & already had one) YUMMY!! These Apple Tarts are the best! Next is the OS Boneless Smoked Ham – 2 lbs. Heres the stats for them both…Sweet & Savory Pack won with 5 #FreeBids (promo code bids), end price $0.27, savings $81.72 = 99% saved WooHoo! Next is the OS Smoked Ham won with 3 vbs, end price $0.21, savings $57.78 = 99% saved WooHoo again! Winning with the promo code bids on the Ham & Turkey pk. was like QuiBids was handing out free samples lol & FreeShipping! I’m excited to try them both. I have to Thank QuiBids for their weekly promo code bids & for my awesome savings I got on these 2 auctions!” – Janise C.

Janise used 78 voucher bids to win this glass fish decoration for $3.31! #QuiBidsWin

“IMAX one of my favorite brands. If anyone likes Pier 1 or Gordman’s or any store that carries unique pieces you got to check out the IMAX pieces that QuiBids have at their auction site ( you surely won’t be disappointed in the wide verity of items they have & better yet get yourself some bids and try for a savings as I did on this IMAX Pisces Glass Fish which stands 5.75 H x 4 in. W x 13.58 L and is crafted completely by hand in a pale blue finish. 78 VB I placed to win this beauty, auction ended at $3.31 soooo my savings was $69.68 which = 95% Saved!! Love it love it, love it! Thanks again QuiBids lol I’m loving this fish it’s a real unique piece that will fit right in with ALL my other IMAX items that I have won on your site for my pool area. Nothing like the present to start thinking about summer planning & decorating our yards!!” – Janise C.

Janise used 14 voucher bids to win this reading lamp for only $0.49! #QuiBidsWin

“As I browsed the QuiBids store I came across this Lavish Home LED Sunlight Floor Lamp with Dimmer Switch – 5 ft tall… It has a value price of $66.99 so I thought ok sounds good I’ve needed a floor lamp to replace the lamp I’m using now that sits right in the middle of my table so I can see at night to do whatever! 5 ft. is a perfect size with it having a adjustable neck I can pull it down as close as need be for all my work & it has a Touch Power with 4 Brightness & it’s a Natural Light with it being a 17 Watt. Perfect lamp for me not to big or not to small. 14 vb’s is all it took to win this lamp at So happy with my savings of $66.50 it was well worth a #HappyDance!! To top it all off it only took 2 days from check-out for it to be delivered free right to my door. Now this has got to be the best of the best way to shop ever! Thanks so much QuiBids your awesome!!” – Janise c.

Janise won this slow cooker for $1.33 using only 41 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“Bella 13722 6 – Quart Programmable Slow Cooker, This win was not a need, but a want. Summer is coming and the BBQ’s party will be starting and 1 slow cooker just is not enough. I received my item again in just 2 days wow QuiBids #FreeShipping has been super fast. I had a doct. apt. yesterday so I opened my new cooker put a roast, potatoes, & carrots in it set the easy programmable timer for 4 1/2 hrs and dinner was served. $79.99 is the value of this at after placing 41 of my vb’s it was mine with a awesome savings of $78.66 after the auction ended at $1.33. Thank You so much QuiBids you have one happy customer for ever!” – Janise C.

Janise' pets love the dog beds she won on QuiBids! #QuiBIdsWin

“LOL this is to cute & just had to share this pic tonight…remember the Nap Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress I won like a month ago, well now I’m really glad it is an XXL because these 2 lazies are really enjoying it haha!!” – Janise C.

Janise won this 40pc toolkit for $0.27 using only 11 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“40 Pc. Premium Tap Die Set UNC UNF, So happy with all my savings on this years on my early x-mas shopping & here is one more to add. All guys need or want a Tap & Die Set. 11 vb’s is all it took to win this nice set which comes in this hard plastic case to keep all 40 pieces in place & to name just a few it comes with : 10 UNC dies & tape, 6 UNC dies & tape, 1 Tap wrench, 1 Die handle, 1 T-Type Tap Wrench to many to list, but they are Drop forged, heat treated carbon steel. This auction ended at a very low price of only $0.27 which makes my savings $89.72 + the savings I’m getting with QuiBids Free Shipping anywhere in the US!! So awesome Thanks QuiBids!!” – Janise C.

Janise won this Estee Lauder anti-aging cream for $0.46 using only 14 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I’ve always been an Olay kinda gal, but after I heard about this brand the Estee Lauder from another Qbuddy I thought I would give it a try and when you can go to and do your shopping from your chair & get Free Shipping & possibly get a savings why not? why not get the best deal you can for your money. I only placed 14 vb’s & won this Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Cream 15 ml. which is not cheap ($44.99 value price) for $0.46, now that’s a $44.53 savings & even got it in the comfort of my own home & that I like!! As I opened the package and set it on the table the next thing I knew my youngest had it opened and was applying it to her face & out of her mouth came “Oh this is nice really nice please mom get me some” LOL gotta love my kids, but this bottle is mine haha, next one will be hers, so once again QuiBids you did it again with carrying a great product & I’m super happy with my savings!! Thanks again QuiBids.” – Janise C.

Janise won this nonstick fry pan for $0.28 using only 10 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Nonstick Bristro Fry Pan 9.5 in. Wow has so many fry pans to choose from, but as my granddaughter was despite for a new fry pan that didn’t make her eggs stick to the bottom I picked the first auction available with a nonstick fry pan in it & as you can see it was a slow auction & I won it with just 10 vb & the auction ending price only being $0.28 making my savings very nice of $59.71!! Thanks again QuiBids you always have what I need!” – Janise C.

Janise used 13 voucher bids to win this Omaha Steaks sirloin pack for only $1.84! #QuiBidsWin

“A few more goodies for me & some for my kids, First is the Omaha Steaks (Private Reserve) Angus Burgers, I got a savings of $74.15 on this auction when it ended at $1.84 & with me placing just 13 vb’s. Next is the Omaha Steaks 8 oz (Private Reserve) Top Sirloin pack of 4. I have never won this pk before so I’m excited to try the Top Sirloin as Karen Carnahan recommended them to me saying they are tender the Private Reserve packs (IMO) are way better in flavor, but I was not sure about the tenderness of Top Sirloin cause these are about 1 to 11/2 inches thick a nice chunk of meat! So for the 10 vb’s I placed I’m happy to give them a try. This auction ended at $0.23 so that gave me a super savings of $89.76 or 99% Saved. Love trying new things so cheap Thanks QuiBids!!” – Janise

Janise won this gift card (+20 bids) for $0.33 using only 17 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

” $25.00 Walmart Gift Card + 20 Bids I won with 17 VB’s & this auction ended at only $0.33 & I got a super savings of $36.67!! Thanks so much QuiBids!!” – Janise C.

Janise used 21 voucher bids to win this cat bed for only $0.43! #QuiBidsWin

“This is my grandkiddy (Sundea) who was in need of a bed not just an ordinary pet bed, but a hiding bed from our dog (Cashew)! I came across this Petmaker Feline Cat Comfort Cavern Pet Bed in Pink while looking in the QuiBids store. I liked it a lot and was just what I was looking for so I headed to the auction pg that was coming up next and a way I went bid after bid after bid haha 21 vb’s later Sundea had her new bed coming to our house for free thanks to QuiBids offering #FreeShipping anywhere in the US. Not only did I save on the shipping I got a great savings on my item of $27.56 after that auction ended at $0.43! Thanks once again your always here when I’m in need of anything for family, friends, pets, & even me wink emoticon Thanks so much!!” – Janise C.

Janise won this lavish rug for $0.42 using only 13 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Lavish Home Ornate Vine Indoor/Outdoors Area Rug Size 5 x 7’7″. This rug is going right on my back deck this summer it matches great with one of my patio chair sets. 13 VB is all I used & the auction ended at $0.42 so I got a WHOPPING savings of $72.57 = 99% saved & shipped to me for FREE!! So very happy with the savings I got & my rug!! Thanks #QuiBids!” – Janise

Janise used 49 voucher bids to win this Egyptian cotton towel set for only $2.69! #QuiBidsWin

“Spa Collection Egyptian Cotton Towel Set – 6 pieces in this very lovely Ice Blue color. A total of 49 vb’s is what I used to win this beautiful set at The auction ended at $2.69, my savings $33.30. Matches my bathroom very nicely Thanks QuiBids!!” – Janise

Janise loves the glass tree sculpture she got on QuiBids!

“Southern Enterprises Brenchan Metal/Glass Tree Wall Sculpture, oh how I wanted this piece so badly, I even bid on an auction before this one and used 100 + bids & didn’t win, but I didn’t give up there, I just moved on to the next auction that was coming up and switched to my rb’s to ensure it was coming home to me. 127 rb’s I placed when the auction ended at $10.59, savings $28.20! It is one awesome piece, but heavy & a perfect size for where I wanted to hang it. Overall size…44.75″ W x 3″ D x 25″ H. The metal branches, finished in Black are decorated with glass stones which are about 1in. in size! I Love It!!! Thank You QuiBids your the best & so is the Free Shipping you offer your US customers!” – Janise

Janise won these 2 gift cards on QuiBids and saved big! #QuiBidsWins

“1st. a $25.00 Walmart Gift Card + 20 Bids that had a value of $37.00, but after placing 41 rb/ 9 vb and the auction ending at $4.88 I still got a savings of $7.75 = to 20% saved, next is another $25.00 Walmart Gift Card + 20 Bids also valued at $37.00 12 vb’s is all it took to win this one when the auction ended at $1.97 making it a $35.03 savings or 95% saved. Thanks so much QuiBids for my savings and these 2 GC’s are going right in my gas tank for the month!!” – Janise C.

Janise won this Wine Rotunda for $0.42 using only 16 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Southern Enterprise Celtic Wine Rotunda – Gunmetal Gray, what a job this was to put together, but so worth it in the end just look at how great this stand keeps all your bottles of wine, glasses, corkscrew & whatever else you have all nice and neatly displayed.This was a late B-Day gift for my daughter who just turned 21 & likes her wine, I had had a label made saying “Happy 21st Birthday Carrie” & had it put on her first legal bottle of wine (which is in the pic below) for her, she does not want to open the bottle, but wanted to display it…this stand was perfect for that when I came across it shopping at It holds 8 bottles of wine, it’s made of durable metal & has a wooden board in the center for use as a little table for pouring or displaying & also has slots under one shelf for hanging your wine glasses. This stand is 13” W x 13′ D x 69.5″ H so not to little or to large. 16 vb’s is what I used to win this stand & the auction ending price being $0.42 making it a sweet birthday present savings of $88.57!! Thank you so much QuiBids!” – Janise

Janise won this autumn tree decor for $0.82 using just 11 voucher bids and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“Here’s another cool item I found on it’s the Southern Enterprise Autumn Tree – Wall Art…Beautiful art I must say for 11 vb’s. The size of this one is 36.75″W x 39″H x 3.5″D & it’s crafted of metal & hand painted, much lighter than the other one I got, but just as cool looking I think. This auction ended at $0.82 giving me a sweet savings of $99.17 = 99% saved! Your awesome QuiBids Thanks again & Thanks so much for offering Free Shipping to your US customers cause this came in a huge box and I don’t even think it would fit in a car so it was great to have it delivered right to my door!!” – Janise C.

Janise used 28 voucher bids to win this gift card (+20 bids) for only $2.01! #QuiBidsWin

“Summer is coming and that means projects outside will be starting soon around here so I decided to bid on this Home Depot Gift Card & 20 Bids & maybe just maybe get some savings. You guessed it I did woo hoo!! I got a $24.99 savings on this Home Depot GC & 20 bids at after I had placed 28 vb’s and the auction ended at $2.01. Thanks QuiBids that kind of savings made me one happy lady!” – Janise C.

Janise used 6 voucher bids to win this gift card (+20 bids) for only $0.19! #QuiBidswin

“YaY one more #QuiBidsWin…$25.00 Walmart Gift Card with an additional 20 Bids attached, Great savings on this GC being $36.81 after I had placed just 6 vbs & the auction ending at $0.19. You can use these on line, in store, at Sam’s Club, or for gifts and they never ever expire!! Love & Walmart a win win combo. Thanks QuiBids for having Walmart Gift Cards as one of your items we get to bid on!!” – Janise C.

Janise loves winning gift cards on QuiBids! #QuiBidsWins

“Oh what a happy girl I am, I’m holding 2 more Walmart Gift Cards that I won on, both are worth $25.00 & both came with 20 extra bids. So for the first #QuiBidsWin I used a total of 30 vbs & this auction ended at $0.92 giving me a savings of $36.08! my second #QuiBidsWin was won with placing 21 vbs ending price being $0.42 & a savings of $36.58! I love shopping and getting a savings. Thanks so much QuiBids!” – Janise C.

Janise won this Pig of the Month package for $4.00 using 124 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Straight For The Grill…Oh how happy I was to see Pig of The Month pks. being offered again at I have missed having my ribs & I guess so was a lot of others cause this pack took me 124 vbs to wins, but I hung in there till the end and it finally ended at $4.00 & I still got a savings of $95.99 = 96% saved woo ooh & yum yum!! This is a little different pk. than the 3 ribs pk. that I normally go for… This pk. includes : 2 – racks of Ribs, 1 – pound of Pulled Pork (the pulled pork is awesome by the way), 1 – pound Pulled Chicken (now the pulled chicken I did not care for very little flavor and was kinda like mush), but you also get a 1 – 12 oz bottle of extra BBQ sauce that you could probably add to it & get more flavor, but I rather keep the sauce for the the yummy ribs!! POM is delivered by FedEx & takes a little longer to get, but it is still shipped or free thanks to QuiBids offering #FreeShipping to all their us customers. Thanks so much QuiBids for bringing back POM packs & for my savings!!” – Janise C.

Janise used 14 voucher bids to win this Omaha Steaks package for only $0.32! #QuiBidsWin

“Here is my favorite Pig of the Month Pack that offers, this is the Ribs, Ribs, Ribs Sampler Pack that I won…these ribs are Gluten free, all natural & have no preservatives or corn syrup & each rib is 1.75 – 2 lbs per rack. You get 3 different kinds of ribs : Memphis (tangy & tender), Texas (smokey & sweet) Key West (citrus w/peppery kick). 14 vbs is all I used to win this pk. & the auction ended at $0.32 with a awesome savings I got of $89.67!! Thanks again QuiBids! My personal favorite is the Key West yum, yum, yum I had it for dinner last night and it’s just the best & so easy to fix just heat & eat my kind of cooking.” – Janise

Janise won this Ninja blender for $0.22 using just 9 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I can not tell ya how many times I have walked past these Ninja QB1004 Master Professional Blender in the stores for the simple reason they just cost so much. I have seen them on QuiBids and have added a few to my watch list to get an idea on how much they go for at auction I have even went as far as put a few bids in on some of them, but had no luck. I have the Ninja deep fryer I won a few yrs. back that I totally love so I knew this brand was good and I wanted a new blender & not just any blender I wanted the Ninja Blender, so I tried once again… the bid angels were on my side & won this blender that I have wanted for some time now with 9 voucher bids & the auction ended at just $0.22, $73.77 savings!! Happy customer I am & Happy Dance time for me. When this item got delivered to me for free thanks to QuiBids Free Shipping I had it out of the box & checking it all over within minutes, definitely liking that all the containers come with their own storage lid. Its great that QuiBids offers some of the top name brands at their site #QuiBidscom or I may never have owned one of these. Thanks so much QuiBids!” – Janise

Janise won this seahorse ceramic planter for $0.11 using only 4 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“IMAX Seahorse Ceramic Planter…some here may remember last summer I had won one of these seahorse right here on, but before I could get another it was getting to cold outside to try to go for another so I waited till now & here it is IMAX Seahorse #2 Woo ooh! I plan to put these 2 seahorse planter at the entrance to my pool & have them just bursting with flowers. They stand up to the weather great being made of ceramic & a nice size too measuring 18 inch. tall x 12.25 wide x 6″. I sure got a fantastic savings of $99.88 after I had placed just 4 vbs & the auction ending at $0.11. I am so excited that spring has finally got here so I can get out all my #QuiBidsWins that I won for my pool area over the winter. Thank you thank you QuiBids your site is awesome!” – Janise

Janise used 16 real bids to win this multi-function backpack for just $0.31! #QuiBidsWin

“As I was shopping on I came across this Toppers Carry-Beaner Backpack and thought this would make a perfect gift for the guys in my family that fish & hunt. This set is so cool it has a : 24 oz. thermos & its top were you pour has a push down button kinda like a water bottle so there is not a big hole that your trying to pour from it should save on the spills (I have included a pic of it) you also get 2 cups & the nice thing about them their handles are made of poly-resin. All the guys here have to have cream or sugar in their coffee so here’s another cool thing about it it comes with 2 small containers 1 for sugar & 1 for cream & 2 spoons & 2 napkins and almost everything is all made of stainless steel, everything fits nice and neat and secure in their own spots by Velcro straps & netting pockets. As for the backpack it has a sm. zippered pocket in the front & a insulated zipper pouch in the back, also has a handle on the top or you can use the adjustable shoulder straps to carry it. I’m telling ya this is cool & I won it for just 16 real bids & the auction ended at $0.31 & my savings $59.08 I am very happy with this item, lol so much so I won another too. Thank You So Much QuiBids!!” – Janise

Janise won this shaver for $0.13 using only 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Conair HC318 RV Ultra Cut Haircut Kit is one of my #QuiBidsWin with using 5 vbs and paying $0.13 when the auction ended & with QuiBids #FreeShipping and my $44.86 savings on this set this made it one awesome deal. Thanks again QuiBids my daughter used my other set all the time to cut the guy’s hair that I had won here 2 yrs. ago & just last week they finally started making funny noises so it was time for a new set & I knew just where I was going to get them too!! Thanks again” – Janise C.

Janise used 11 voucher bids to win this floral pierced stool for just $0.40! #QuiBidsWin

My new Fox Floral Pierced Stool – Silver is here. First off I would like to Thank for offering #FreeShipping to their US customers because this came in one huge box and if I had to pay for the shipping it would of been very costly to me so a BIG Thank you for the savings I got on shipping. This iron stool features a silver mattle metallic finish & measures at 18.1 tall x 15 wide x 1.5 deep. I have put this arrangement on top to give you an idea of what I wanted to use this stool for. Yes this is going in my pool area with a lg. flower pot on it. I had placed 11 VB’s to win this auction & the end price was $0.40 so overall I got a huge savings of $112.10 and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks QuiBids!!

Janise loves the tumbler set she won on QuiBids!

“Zak Designs Dot Dot 14-oz. Doubled Old Fashioned Tumblers Set of 6. Here’s a Thank you to Roxane Saap for showing (posting) her set she won for her mom awhile ago. I loved these glasses than and love them even more now that I have my own set. I tried to win this set (which does come in many different colors) with using 50 of my vb’s, but that didn’t happen so as I said “I loved these” so I switched over to my rb’s right while I was still bidding by just going down to my QBar & clicking My Bids & clicking on real bids & making sure it said (updated) so I could use the #BuyitNow option if need be & buy them. I placed 49 rb’s before it came to an end at $2.36 & I had won. Saving on QuiBids #FreeShipping & my savings of $0.23 I’m still very happy to have this set & had a blast shopping (bidding) at #QuiBidscom! Thanks QuiBids” – Janise

Janise used 27 voucher bids to win this coffee maker for only $0.68! #QuiBidsWin

“Here’s my new Cuisinart DCC-1100 12-Cup Coffeemaker straight from & Shipped for free. I had won one of these coffeemakers awhile ago & had it put up cause mine is running on borrowed time, my daughter’s coffeemaker broke before mine so I gave that one to her, now knowing I had none for backup I headed back to, you might want to take note…these coffeemakers do come in Black or White, but not all the auctions there in have the choice of color, so be sure it does before bidding if your looking to get one pacific color. 27 VB’s is what I used to win, auction ended at $0.68 my savings $93.31!! Thanks QuiBids for carry name brand products & Cuisinart is definitely a name you can trust!” – Janise

Janise won this rod and reel for $0.10 using only 5 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Oh boy I finally got myself a South Bend Worm Gear Fishing Rod & Spincast Reel. I have so much trouble trying to use them open face reels that I just had to have a normal old fishing pole for me. I have seen many others here post pics of this pole & reviews and they all sounded good to me. Summer is so close that I wanted to get a pole & have it ready. I have my own pond to fish in just no pole so I went to found the pole & the auction I wanted to bid on, to me it makes a big difference in winning an auction on what the main page of the auction is showing, so I picked the auction I wanted & I placed 5 real bids and bam! it was all over at $0.10 & I got an awesome savings of $36.89! Now if it would just get warm enough I could go sit on the bank & relax and enjoy my new pole.I’m so ready for that and it’s all Thanks to QuiBids and their awesome site. Thanks QuiBids!!” – Janise

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