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Sep 26

QuiBidder of the Week – Janise C.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of September 26, 2016, Janise C.

Congrats to our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Janise! She has been sharing tons of great wins and reviews on our Facebook page, so we bet you’ve seen her before. If not, then keep reading to see some of her amazing wins. Be sure to congratulate her in the comment below! 

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Janise used 35 voucher bids and 68 real bids to win this sea turtle wall art for only $3.59! #QuiBidsWin

“Well you all know me by now & my pool area it’s my pride & joy & here is one more very cool item I found on It’s the Southern Enterprise Sea Turtles Wall Art, this is made of metal and it’s overall size is 12.5″ W x 1″ D x 33.5″ H. I have a 40 x 80 if not larger wooden fence around my pool that QuiBids has been helping me over the yrs. to decorate at a great savings. I had a few vb’s that I started this auction with (35) & thought maybe I would get lucky & win with them, but after placing 25 & it was still going strong I had to make the decision on whether I was going to buy more bids from my QBar or keep going with the 10 vb’s that I had left & hope it would end soon lol I kept pulling up my Qbids & thinking should I or shouldn’t I, I got down to 3 bids left and said YES I should haha I wanted this wall art pretty bad so in the end it was 35 vb’s/68 rb’s with an ending price of $3.59 & a savings of $3.60 & lets not forget QuiBids Ships Everything for FREE in the US! Thanks again QuiBids it was fun & exciting shopping (bidding) on your site & I’m grateful for any savings I get so Thank You!” – Janise

Janise used 38 voucher bids to win this knife set for $1.80! #QuiBidsWin

“My daughter (Alisha) & I Thank you QuiBids as she was in need of a new knife set & asked me to try to get her a set from you know where & this Quikut HomeBasic 14 – pc. Cutlery Set is what I won for her using 38 vb’s & the end price being $1.80, giving me a savings of $38.19. My daughter is happy with it and I’m happy with my savings. Thanks again QuiBids” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this tumbler set for $0.02 using only 1 voucher bid! #OneBidWin #QuiBidsWin

“I must say I’m very impressed with these Zak Designs Dot Dot 19 oz. Tumblers in a set of 6 I had won at There very thick acrylic & that I really like. I had won the smaller set the (14 oz.) about 3 wks ago & after I received them I liked them so much I went after the larger (19 oz.) set. Now I’m ready for some Mocha Iced Coffee & some sun! 1 voucher bid is all I used to win this auction & it ended at just $0.02, giving me a savings of $37.97 & shipped for free thanks to QuiBids offering #FreeShipping anywhere in the US. Thank You QuiBids I love both my sets of new glasses!” – Janise

Janise won this beautiful magazine table for $2.40 using 4 real bids and 58 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I have to give a shout out to Shanon & Connie for showing us all their beautiful magazine tables, after seeing them it gave me a good idea as I wanted a sm. stand to put in my shoe room to set keys, cups, gloves or whatever I my have in my hands that need to be set down as soon as I enter my home & the rack on the bottom will not be used for magazines, but is perfect for setting my potatoes & onions on to keep off the dirty shoe room floor. I have picked up a sm. wooden decorative box (bought with my Walmart GC I won) to set them in. This Southern Enterprise Decorative Metal Magazine Table has a value of $63.99 on my favorite shopping site…4 rb’s / 58 vb’s is what I used to win this auction when it ended at $2.40, & what a great savings I got of $60.30 = 94% Saved! Here’s a little about this stand : Size 16 W x 9 D x 24 H, some assembly is required, but it’s very easy, it has a tempered glass top & shelf, very pretty scroll work on it & it’s has a black shinny painted finish. Love it QuiBids! Thanks again you always have what I’m shopping for.” Janise

Janise used 27 voucher bids to win this art for $1.26 using 27 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“And here is my new Kurt Shaffer ‘Japanese Maple Spring Abstract ll’ Canvas Art that I won on to go with my Southern Magazine Table I posted earlier today. This beautiful canvas piece is 22″ x 32″ & remember the canvas wraps around the edges, it has a light wooden frame & IMO canvas art is the only way to go they are truly beautiful. This Canvas piece has a value of $99.99 on I placed 27 VB’s and than it ended with my favorite word SOLD on it at $1.26 & the winner was me, than the best part seeing the awesome savings I got which was $98.73 or 99% saved. So here is what my shoe room looks like with the help from QuiBids! One last note…The Safavieh Scroll Leaf Sconce you see in the pic, last yr. I used QuiBids Buy-it-Now option at $44.99 to get this item for one of my bedrooms I was redoing & never got done, but I think with the leaf design & the pic being a tree it fits in nicely right here. All items were shipped for Free too. I’m loving my new shoe room look!! I can’t Thank QuiBids enough for making this all possible.” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won these curtain panels for $0.18 using 6 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Sally Couture Curtains Panels with Grommets – 2 pk. I was looking for shade, not for my house, but for my 10 x 10 yard canopy, these canopy are great, but when the sun starts going down there’s nothing on the sides to block the sun from still getting to me, so this is were these curtains will come in handy I can make my own shade with these, they are made of 100% Polyester there light weight like a sheer curtain & each panel measures 58 x 84 remember you get 2 panels. There is many (12) colors to choose from too. I only had to place 6 vb’s to win & this auction ended at $0.13 making my savings a nice $21.86 = 99% saved, not bad for some shade. Thanks QuiBids!!” – Janise C.

Janise used 10 voucher bids to win this Omaha Steaks package for only $1.18! #QuiBidsWin

“Thank you QuiBids once again for my #QuiBidsWin, Every summer I head up-north for my summer vacation & every year you have helped me save on all my grilling meat & this year you have done it again!! Here is the Omaha Steaks 8oz. Boneless Strips – Pack of 8 that I won with just using 10 vb’s that will be going with me this year, this auction ended at $1.18 giving me a fantastic savings of $148.81. Thanks so much QuiBids!!” – Janise

Janise won this bacon wrapped filet Omaha Steaks package for $0.62 using only 13 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Well this #QuiBidsWin was suppose to be put up for my up-north vacation too, but lol instead I’ll be telling you about my win than give ya a #ProductReview on it. These are the Omaha Steaks 5-oz. Bacon Wrapped Filet – Pack of 6. I needed more meat for my vacation that is coming up & even though I could eat the Boneless Strips every day I don’t think everyone else would so I checked under the OS auctions & this is what I won using 13 vb’s, got myself another super savings of $102.37 when this auction ended at $0.62 = 99% saved!! A quick review….Tender, tender, tender, I actually measured how thick these were & they are 1 1/2 inches thick, I so thought they were going to be tough when I seen how thick they were, but NO they were tender & juicy I was just amazed. My grill had broke the day they came & I was so disappointed I was going to have to broil them I just knew they were not going to be tender or juicy, boy was I wrong! I followed the cooking chart that OS puts in with their meat pk. & they turned out perfect! So now with savings so much on this pk. I can afford to bid on another pk & lol hopefully keep them for my trip this time. Highly recommend this pk. & highly recommend trying to get a savings as I did at & just think QuiBids ships it for FREE right to your house!! Thanks again for my savings QuiBids.” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this beach towel for $0.12 using 4 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Seaside Beach Towel – Bay View…I can not remember who shared this towel a while back, but I Thank them for sharing their win here. I have been in much need of beach towels for all of mine have all disappeared over the yrs. This towel is huge I have it folded in half in this pic & you can see it’s a really nice size for covering up after a swim it’s size is 35 x 70 & soft being made of 100% Egyptian Cotton. I’ve been looking at towels at the stores & the value price of $24.99 is just about right so I went ahead and found an auction that had this towel in it and after placing 4 vb’s this auction ended & what an end price it was too just $0.12 I’m happy to say I now have 1 towel for the summer swim & even saved 99% on it at Love my savings of $24.87 & the free shipping you offer. Thanks so Much Q, now I just need to get about 6 more!!” – Janise

Janise won this wall sculpture for $3.54 using 85 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Yes I did, I won me another Wall Sculpture & this Southern Enterprise Gemstone Forest is hanging in my bedroom & looks great (imo) with the colors I have in my room. When the sun hits the gem stones in the afternoon I have to say it’s very pretty. It’s constructed of Metal & has a Bronze finish with the leaves being the gem stones. I placed 85 vb’s on this auction & it came to an end at $3.54 so savings me $76.45, but because I was picked a few weeks ago for QoW QuiBids gave me 90 free bids & with QuiBids #freeShipping this made for one awesome win that I really wanted…not needed, but wanted & I’m so Happy Dancing over this!! Thank You So Much QuiBids for everything!” – Janise

Janise won this wire rack for $0.52! #QuiBidsWin

“Sunbeam 3 -Tier Wire Rack…11 vb’s is what I used to win this wire rack at These come in Black or Gray & no tools required to put it together, it’s size is 21″ x 13.8″ x 32″. This auction ended at $0.52, my savings was $42.47! I also used the BIN feature that QuiBids offers to get another one at a value price of $42.99. Both these items were shipped for free it don’t matter whether you win it or Buy-it-Now it always ships for free anywhere in the US. Thanks QuiBids your site makes shopping so much easier & fun!” – Janise C.

Janise won this Omaha Steaks package for $0.22 using only 7 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I did it!!! I got me another 6-Pack of Omaha Steaks 5-oz. Bacon-Wrapped Filets, as you may recall the last pk. I won was suppose to be put up for my vacation trip, but they looked so darn good I ate them LoL, They were so tasty & tender, but I wanted to be sure to get me another pk. & this time put them away haha. Value price for this OS pk. at is $102.99. I got an amazing deal on this pk. with placing just 7 VB’s & than the auction ended at $0.22, savings I got is a whooping $102.77 = 99% Saved. Thank you QuiBids I really appreciate you carrying OS products & shipping them free. This saves me so much money it’s awesome!” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this Melissa and Doug piano for $0.12 using only 6 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Melissa & Doug Learn To Play Piano, $69.99 Value Price on , I used 6 voucher bids to win, the auction ended at $0.12 getting myself a savings of $63.87 = 99% Saved. Thanks QuiBids!!” – Janise

Janise won this Omaha Steaks beef brisket combo for $0.93 using 31 voucher bids and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“1 more of my favorites from & Omaha Steaks this is the 32 oz. 1-step Rapid Roast Classic Beef Brisket. QuiBids I have to say you sure do save me a lot of $$ on my grocery bill. I won this OS pk. for 31 vb’s, auction ended at $0.93, $76.06 savings = 99% Saved! These brisket are so full of flavor & so easy to fix I just love it you actually put this whole brisket (wrapper & all) right in a slow cooker or oven & let it go. Thank You for my savings & for offering #FreeShipping. You sure make shopping easy & fun!” – Janise

Janise won this Cuisinart blender for $6.74 using 116 voucher bids and saved over $100! #QuiBidsWin

“My patience were really tested on this auction, 116 vb’s with an ending price of $6.74, but well worth the battle. Next Fri. is my X-Mother-in-Laws B-Day, we are still good friends & as she was telling me about her Cuisinart blender breaking & how bad she wanted another, but haven’t been able to find what she wanted, well I knew carried Cuisinart items so as I browsed the Q-Store I came across this Cuisinart Power Blender Duet/Bender/Food Processor & thought “here we go this is what I want to get for her”. It was a long auction, but so worth the savings I got of $108.25!! I love doing my shopping on ! It was shipped fast & free, how awesome is that? Thanks so much QuiBids your just the best!” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this Murano glass bracelet (+1X Gameplay) for $1.01 using 19 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“A very pretty #QuiBidsWin right here! This is the Murano Glass & Swarovski Elements Bracelet – Green Yellow & Teal Glass Teal Blue Crystal + a 1x gameplay (it has been yrs since I have bid on an auction w/a gp attached), but I really wanted this bracelet so I went ahead & threw some bids out and after 19 of my vb it ended with the end price being $1.01 wow was I surprise!! Than to see my savings I got of $28.98 well lets just say I got my #HappyDance going on! The approximate diameter is 2 inch & is genuine Murano Glass which makes it heavy & the two little silver balls you see on the ends…. you just pull them two apart to open it & let me tell you it took a good pull to get them apart. I have no worries on this falling off or coming apart while I’m wearing it. Thanks again QuiBids.” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this Omaha Steaks burger pack for $8.86 using 58 real bids and 68 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“32 – 5 oz. Omaha Steaks Gourmet Burgers delivered right to my door for FREE Thanks to QuiBids #FreeShipping anywhere in the US! I chose to do my shopping at auction site and try for a savings and have some fun while I shopped. As you all know now I’m leaving next week for a mini vacation up-north & have been getting my grilling meat all from QuiBids, well you got to have hamburgs at a cook out & here they are all 32 of them that I won using 58 rbs/68 vbs, end price was $8.86 making my savings $76.33 = 64% saved and I couldn’t be happier with that kind of savings! Thanks again QuiBids!” – Janise C.

Janise shows off the gift cards she won on QuiBids. #QuiBidsBids

“And here’s all my Walmart Gift Cards I’ve won on that I will be using for my gas. for my mini vacation. Here’s the run down on my wins…..#1. $25.00 + 20 bids, 17 vb, end price $0.68, savings $36.32. #2. $25.00 + 20 bids, 17 vb, end price $0.39, savings $36.61. #3. $25.00 + 20 bids, 8 rb/ 63 vb, end price $2.65, savings $29.55. #4. $25.00 + 20 bids, 40 rb/ 26 vb, end price $1.98, savings $11.02. #5. $25.00 + 20 bids, 51 rb/ 4vb, end price $1.77, savings $4.63. Thank you again QuiBids it’s always fun & exciting shopping on your!!” – Janise

Janise won this 4pc patio set for $1.87 using 30 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin #EpicWin

“One #QuiBidsWin I’d like to share is my new Safavief Ozark 4 – Pc. Patio Set. 30vb’s is all I used to win this beautiful new set that I will be enjoying for many summers to come Thanks to When this auction ended at $1.87 I was in aww I couldn’t believe it, I was so darn excited I still have may Happy Dance going on. My savings was $458.12 = 99% Saved! I’m very thankful for QuiBids offering their US customers #FreeShipping cause this box was huge & very heavy. As I’ve always said “QuiBids your the best”. Thank You so very much!!” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this 15pc cookware set for $0.19 using only 22 voucher bids. #QuiBidsWin

“I’m getting a jump start on my X-Mas shopping this yr. at Its the perfect place for me to shop & save with them offering #FreeShipping anywhere in the US, we all need a little help saving $$ when it comes to the holidays gift giving season.This win was a big savings for me of $154.08 on this Farberware Classic 15-Piece Cookware Set – Stainless Steel when this auction ended at $0.19 & I had placed just 22 vb’s. Thank you so much QuiBids let the holiday savings began!” – Janise C.

Janise won these v-neck 3-pack men's shirts for $0.37 using only 18 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Here I have my new PJ’s, these Dinamit V-neck pk. of 3 Men’s T-Shirts in Lg. are so soft being made of 100 % Cotton they make the perfect summer pj’s. (IMO) & would make a nice gift for Dad’s too with Father’s Day right around the corner, but this set is for me! 18 vb’s is what I placed to win this auction & it ended at $0.37 sure can’t go wrong with the savings I got at of $19.62! Thanks QuiBids for the nice selections of clothing you offer as I sure do love these!” – Janise

Janise won this Sea Life Canister set of 3 for $3.10 using 114 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I just love every single IMAX item QuiBids carry’s at their action site ( ) & these IMAX Sea Life Canister Set of 3 is no exceptions they are gorgeous blue glass with each having a different aluminum top. The tallest one measures at 13.75 in. tall. I used 114 vb’s to win when the auction ending at $3.10 it gave me a savings of $117.89!! Thanks so much QuiBids there beautiful!! One note to add: Everything & I mean everything I have got from IMAX is packed very very well so I Thank them for that & I can’t forget QuiBids #FreeShipping Thanks again Q for that.” – Janise C.

Janise won this Paula Deen 15pc cookware set for $4.91 using 1 real bid and 75 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I had won this Paula Deen 15 – Piece Porcelain Cookware Set on for only having to place 1 rb/ 75 vb with the intent it was going for another x-mas gift, but after my mini vacations & pulling out my cookware set I have in my RV, I was like nope that set is going right in here! Awesome savings I got of $137.48 on this auction when it ended at $4.91. Thanks once again I had a blast bidding. Don’t forget QuiBids offers Free Shipping too! Now that’s a big plus for me as I hate fighting the store crowds & standing in them checkout lanes so Thanks so much for offering that Q. Have a great weekend all and happy bidding!!” – Janise

Janise used 29 voucher bids to win this k-cup pack for only $0.66! #QuiBidsWin

“I now have enough coffee for a month maybe two and saved myself 99% off the retail value of $69.99 at for just placing 29 of my voucher bids & when this auction ended at $0.66 I got a savings of $69.33 Whoo hoo! Thanks so much QuiBids! In the pics below I have a cup I just brewed & left it plain black to give ya an idea of the darkness of the coffee (how strong it is) in the other pic (I use powder coffee cream only in my coffee) so in this pic I had placed my 1t. of creamer so you could see the difference and to me it gives you a good idea if the coffee is a strong one or not. This Original Donut Shop Regular Extra Bold Coffee, K-Cup Portion Pk. for Keurig Brewer 72 count is a pretty good cup of coffee to me, it has good taste (imo) Now I can bid & enjoy a good cup of coffee at I have to say QuiBids has a huge selections of K-cups so go check them out your sure to find one you’ll like too. Thanks Q” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this bamboo memory foam pillow for $0.89 using 9 real bids and 17 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Finally got my 2 Pc. Bamboo Memory Foam Pillows I’ve been wanting from by placing 9 rbs/17 vbs with a savings of $52.70 after this auction ended at $0.89. They are 100% shredded memory foam & comes with a stay cool Bamboo cover. They are a heavy pillow being 40% Bamboo, 60% Polyester. Here’s to a good night sleep. Thanks so much QuiBids for shipping these free and for the great savings I got!” – Janise

Janise used 18 voucher bids to win this carved wood mosaic turtle art for only $0.59! #QuiBidsWin

“To my IMAX Collection I am adding this IMAX Talulah Carved Wood Mosaic Turtle that I had won at This auction here has a value price of $78.99, but after using 18 of my VB’s & the auction ending at $0.59 it gave me a $78.40 savings or 99% saved!! In the pic below you can see his shell comes off and can be used to store small items. This is very pretty when the sun hits the mosaic glass & I’m loving the size. Thanks once again QuiBids!!” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this shell wall decor 3pc set for $2.95 using only 75 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Just look at these beauties I won on these are the IMAX Dufour Shell Wall Decor – Set of 3, as soon as I seen this set in the Q-Store I was like oh ya I’m bidding on those! Value price for this set is $119.99, I placed 75 vb’s & than the auction ended at $2.95 so I got a super savings of $117.04 = 98% saved, now that’s well worth a #HappyDance! IMAX is known for for it’s generous size…the Lg. 36 x 11 x 7, Med. 24 x 3 x 3, & Sm. 15 x 3 x 3. There handcrafted of Resin with exemplary detail, there is slight variations in finish, color, & texture. Note : This set is made for inside decor, but I put a clear coat sealer finish on mine so they can go outside & be protected from the weather. Thanks QuiBids for carrying IMAX items, & for the savings I got on this set & the #FreeShipping you offer!” – Janise C.

Janise won this Egyptian cotton towel set for $0.02 using only 1 voucher bid. #OneBidWin

“#FreeBidsWin, we all know how generous QuiBids is with sending out Promo codes for 5 free bids, well I took my free bids & used 1(vb) of them & turned it into a $39.97 savings on this La Boheme Paris Collection 6-pc. Embroidered Egyption Cotton Towel Set, how cool is that? 99% saved after this auction ended at $0.02. Thanks so much QuiBids for them free bids & the #FreeShipping you offer! PS..I lost with the other 4 bids, but boy what fun I had bidding with them!!” – Janise

Janise used 13 voucher bids to win this $50 gift card (+20 bids) for only $0.33! #QuiBidsWin

“$50.00 Walmart Gift Card + 20, gotta love them Hybrid Auctions at , not only does the gift card come in handy, but them extra bids means more fun shopping for me! 15 VB & an ending price of $0.33 sure made this a great win for me & savings of $61.67 = 99% saved. Thanks QuiBids this card will come in very handy for my next trip up-north!” – Janise

Janise used 193 voucher bids to win this tabletop gas grill for only $5.97! #QuiBidsWin

“Cuisinart Gourmet Tabletop Gas Grill, $219.99 Value price at , but after 193 vbs & this auction ending at $5.97 I saved 97% & got a fantastic savings of $214.02!! This is going to be perfect for my home away from home (my RV). 240 square inch of cooking surface, size 19 x 27 x 12, weighs about 35 pounds, has a twist start ignition system, removable drip tray, both sides have a folding slide away shelves. I’m loving this…Thanks so much QuiBids you always have just what I’m looking for & always carry the best name brand items (Cuisinart) is the best (IMO)” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this double burner griddle for $1.27 using 1 real bid and 43 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“Well I won the Cuisinart grill on to take to my rv, so than I needed a pan to make pancakes/french toast & OS bacon/sausage on for all the kids when they are there. I have heard some great reviews about Anolon so I decided to bid on this Anolon 18 x 10 – inch Advanced Nonstick Double Burner Griddle with Turner which will fit perfectly on my new grill. has these Anolon Griddles for a value price of $71.99, I only had to place 1 rb/43 vbs & than the auction came to an end at $1.27 which gave me a real nice saving of $70.12 = 97% Saved which made me very happy! Some of the great features are it has a pour spout on one corner to allow grease to drain, you can also use metal utensils on it and they say it will not scratch. This griddle also comes with a stainless steel mini turner. This griddle even has the SureGrip handles that are oven safe up to 400 degrees & all that sounded just like what I needed. This item was shipped for free too thanks to QuiBids offing #FreeShipping anywhere in the US! Thank you so much QuiBids you just keep making my life a little more easier with all the great savings I’ve been getting!!” – Janise C.

Janise won this 6pc luxury spa towel set for $0.19 using 8 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“This is my second favorite brand of towels the… Luxury Spa Collection 6pc 100% Cotton Towel Set & I’m so happy has this set to bid on. It has a $49.99 Value price to outright buy it, but for me I love the fun of shopping/bidding and trying to get a savings & what a great savings I got of $49.80 after having to place a total of 8 vbs & when the auction ended at $0.19. These towel sets also come in Jade, Ivory, Mocha & Violet. These are so nice & heavy I really am very happy with them. Shipped again for FREE thanks to QuiBids #FreeShipping! Thanks QuiBids I sure had fun winning this auction.” – Janise

Janise won this three shelf wooden bookcase for $0.51 using only 21 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I saved 99% off the retail value of ($59.99) on this Three Shelf Light Wood Finish Bookcase at by doing my shopping there & placing 21 of my vbs & the auction ending $0.51. I was looking for a stand because I wanted to display my Sea Shore Canister Set & Turtle outside with the rest of my sea/pool/ocean items that I have won, now this shelf I picked because 1. it matches my patio set & 2. the shelf’s fold up & the sides folds in making this very easy to move in/out of the house if it rains & on that note… this is not waterproof. Perfect item for what I wanted it for & I’m really excited about the $59.48 savings I got too. Size 35 H x 17 W x 8 L. Thanks again QuiBids you always have just what I need or want!!” – Janise C.

Janise won this bamboo towel set for $1.83 using only 23 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“IMO these Sandra Venditti BamBoo Towel Sets are the best of the best for softness! #1 towels for sure! I can not thank Original Appy enough for introducing me to these great towels I love love love them! I’ve been working on replacing all my bath towel to the bamboo ones, the other towels I have won will have to do till more of the RIGHT Sandra Venditti BamBoo auctions come up it’s taking some time as many auctions that carry them are a Gameplay auction & I’m not bidding on a gp I just need the towels so I’ve been waiting patiently for the right auction to come a long, so be sure to check if it’s a gp or not cause that makes a big difference imo on how bids it usually takes to win! Good example is right here on this win….23 vb’s is all I used to win this beautiful set at with a $58.16 savings after the auction ended at $1.83 & Free Shipping to go along with that makes this one AWESOME win for me! Thanks again QuiBids!” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise won this down reversible blanket for $1.73 using only 66 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“All Season Down Alternative Reversible Blanket from the one & only ! This is one beautiful blanket in the Plum color that I had decided to bid on. They have many colors & sizes of this blanket to chose from too. This auction ended at $1.73 after I placed 66 vbs on it so that gave me a savings of $48.26! It’s not to heavy & even maybe a little lighter than I had hoped, but nothing that a throw over the top if need be would make it perfect weight. 100% Cotton, Down Alternative, & one side is silky soft & the other reminds me of a sheet feeling. All in all I’m pretty happy with it QuiBids. I Thank You again for always having what I’m looking for & for the always #FreeShipping you offer!” – Janise

Janice won this hanging patio umbrella for $5.65 using 176 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“WooHoo #HappyDance time for me & a big Thank You shout out to Anita McFarland for showing me hers that she had won also. I have a very dear friend here in the Q-community that had won one of these Offset Aluminum Hanging Patio Umbrellas–10ft. in size & if not for her I wouldn’t even of seen them on QuiBids,com. lol as I always have my face in the food auctions hahaha, but anyways this is huge…( 10 ft). covers a huge spot for shade I’m loving it! Note that was passed on to me & I’m going to pass on to you all…..These are TOP HEAVY & will tip over very easy unless you do as the directions say-use sand bags, blocks, or screw the leg into your deck as i did just to make it more stable with the crazy winds we get here. I just took 4 simple screws & screwed it to the deck floor & thats working great! Now 176 vb is what I used to win this auction after it said SOLD at $5.65 & getting a savings of $127.34 = 96% Saved!I am Soooo happy to have won this from your auctions #QuiBidscom. & please do remember shipping is FREE anywhere ini the US! Thank you Thank you QuiBids!!” – Janise C.

Janise won this Omaha Steaks kabobs combo for $0.51 using only 23 voucher bids! #QuibidsWin

“Look what I had for dinner Sunday night thanks to ..Omaha Steaks Kabobs & I only placed 23 VB’s to win when it ended at $0.51 & getting a savings of $99.48!! I do like the fact that these kabobs are individually wrapped so I can get out just what I need. You get 6- 8oz. Tenderloin kabobs & 4 Chicken w/veg kabobs. I this time marinated the tenderloin for a few hrs before fixing & added fresh zucchini from my garden they were dang good. Love getting my dinners delivered right to my door with QuiBids #FreeShippig Thanks again QuiBids.” – Janise C.

Janise used 29 voucher bids to win this aromatherapy diffuser for $0.63! #QuiBidsWin

“Pursonic 4-in-1 Air Purifier w/ HEPA Filter, Ionizer, Nightlight & Aromatherapy, with winter coming soon means all windows being closed means no more fresh air in the house so I thought it would be a good idea to pick this Air Purifier up at I only had to place 29 vb’s than SOLD popped up & I couldn’t believe the savings I had just got of $80.36 when the auction ended at $0.63!! Love this purifier, it’s a smooth rubbery feeling coating on the outside, it has a beautiful soft night light, you open the top with a simple turn to put some smell good stuff inside & this is so quite when its running you will not hear a thing. I’m very happy with it QuiBids Thanks again.” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise used 5 voucher bids to win these sunglasses for only $0.19! #QuiBidsWin

“QuiBids you have made my grandson one happy little boy, he searched the Q-Store for about 15 mins till he found the perfect pair of sunglasses he really wanted they had to be square he says square is in lol, even though this pr. of Dasein Blue Polarized Square Mirrored Sunglasses are categorized as women’s he says “grandma you can’t tell these are girls can you”? mind you he is 9, I tell him no you really can’t tell. After going right to the available auctions I picked the auction I thought would be the best to win & 5 vb later with a ending price of $0.19 they were his! Me (grandma) was very happy cause I got a savings of $34.80 = 99% saved & labeled the best grandma around! Thanks so much we had so much fun shopping together & than winning these glasses, it was just a perfect night together for us. Note: you get a zip closed case & a cleaning cloth that’s included. Thanks again QuiBids.” – Janise

Janise won this IMAX aluminum anchor decoration for $2.41 using 41 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Another very cool piece from IMAX that offers & you all know me by now… I had to have it! IMAX Downey Aluminum Anchor measuring at 31 H x 25.5 W x 2.5. This anchor has some great detail & the rope on it is real not painted. 41 vb with an ending price of $2.41 & a savings of $127.58 = 98% saved. This is going to make a great addition to my IMAX collection! Thanks so much QuiBids.” – Janise C.

Janise bought these tweezers from the QuiBids store and got a free bid for her purchase!

“I always talk about how I look through the Q-Store for items I need before I just start bidding, this time it was my granddaughter looking through the Q-Store & came across this pair of Measurable Difference Slanted Tip Stainless Steel Tweezers-Black Glitter/White Dot that she wanted me to bid on for her, but instead of filling one of my slots with this $4.95 item I decided to buy it right from the Q-store so….I got the item I wanted + 1 Free Bid for buying it from the Q-Store + Free Shipping, what more could I ask for in a store? Thanks for the #FreeShipping & the #FreeBid QuiBids. As you can see her mom was busy at work with them tweezing away!” – Janise

Janise won this MKF crossbody for her granddaughter for $1.88 using 61 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“#QuiBidsWin for my granddaughter (Sierra) as she will be driving in just 5 more months & had asked for this MFK Collection Courier Cross Body Bag in Black that she had found while browsing through ‘s store. This bag comes in 10 different colors, but she wanted to stay with the Black one. The actually purse measures 10.5 x 11.4 so a nice size one, Faux leather construction with a adjustable & detachable shoulder strap that measure up to 44 in. L. It has the light gold tone hardware, front & back zippered pockets with multiple interior pockets & 3 separate compartments. The outside is very very soft feeling. Value price $39.99, I had placed 61 voucher bids to win with the ending price being just $1.88 so my savings was $38.11 = 95% Saved! We both Thank You QuiBids as she was totally happy with it & that makes me happy!” – QuiBidder Janise

Janise used 16 voucher bids to win her daughter this bamboo towel set for only $0.61! #QuiBidsWin

“I got 3 fantastic deals on these Sandra Venditti Bamboo Towel Sets while shopping on for my daughter (Carrie) as she wanted 3 sets in red for her new dorm room this yr. She got a little spoiled this summer using the ones I have at home & won from QuiBids too. Here’s a run down of the auctions: #1. 16vb’s, ending at $0.37 & a savings of $59.62 = 99% Saved. #2. 30vb’s, end price being $2.53 & savings of $57.46 = 96% Saved. #3. 25vb’s, ended at $0.61 with another nice savings of $59.38 = 99% & remember QuiBids offers #FreeShipping so another saving right there too. Carrie & I would like to say Thanks QuiBids.” – Janise C.

Janise won this laptop cooling pad for $0.62 using 12 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Argom 3-Fan Notebook Cooling Pad, I was told when I got my new computer I didn’t need a cooling pad, but I just feel when I’m on my laptop for hrs on end it’s gotta be getting hot so I checked at & checked out all they offered on cooling pads & if memory serves me right they have like 6-8 different ones but, for a value price of $19.99 this Argon pad seemed ok to me, I had placed 12 vb & the auction ended at $0.62 for a savings of $13.97. This pad has a transparent surface with very cool blue lights on each fan when its running. Love when I can go to Q & get what I need at a great savings. Thanks QuiBids!” – Janise

Janise used 4 real bids and 4 voucher bids to win this wooden fish decoration for $0.21! #QuiBidsWin

“Hi QuiBids, It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, but I have this #QuiBidsWins that fit right in with the rest of my IMAX items that I wanted to share with you & I do apologize for it being a win that is a little over a month ago. A friend of mine told me about a place that sold cane poles a 12ft. cane pole & said it would look cool on my pool fence & than it hit me I remembered seeing this set of Wooden Bundle O’Fish on your site & thought this would look great together, so with placing 4rb/4vb this set is now hanging on my pool fence with my new cane pole. This set measures 13″ H x 4″ W x 2″ & is crafted of pinewood. This auction ended at $0.21 & that gave me a savings of $49.38. As you can see in the pic the Octopus, the Fish Bundle, & the Anchor makes a great setting and each piece I won at Thank you so much for helping me decorate my pool fence this summer and with such great savings.” – Janise

Janise won her mom this curtain set for $1.34 using 49 real bids and 12 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“I’ve been helping my mom with some much needed items for her apartment…Her curtains were about 10 yrs. old & looking pretty bad so I checked at Q & found these great Home Decor 2Pack Textured Black Out Curtain for her, I had to get 2 sets (4 panels) because she needed them for her patio window & let me tell ya they really brightened up her living room with this color here which is the Teal set, they do have the rubber backing which is great to keep the cold & sun out when need be. So for the first set I placed 49rbs/12vbs, ending price being $1.34, savings of $2.25 & set #2 was a much better savings of $29.93 after placing 3rbs/13vbs and the auction ending at $1.26. No matter what I was going to get for a saving or none, I was getting these for her as she really needed them! Thanks again QuiBids.” – Janise C.

Janise won her mom this rack for $0.08 using only 1 voucher bid and saved 96%! #QuiBidswin

“Continuing with another item that was much needed for my mom is this Above Edge Adjustable Garment Rack, as she gets up there in yrs. her arms don’t raise up high enough to hang her clothes in the closet anymore, but with this adjustable rack adjusting to 38″ – 62″ we can adjust it to just her size so she can once again hang her clothes up. I placed 1 vb first to show I was interested in this item & was willing to go all the way to the RT price & than switched to my rbs & only placed 3 of them & next thing I knew it was sold at $0.08 & I was the winner with a savings of $48.11 or 96% saved. She is so happy to have this QuiBids & I’m happy she likes it, but even more so because of the great savings I got & you offering Free Shipping anywhere in the US. Thanks again & again QuiBids!” – Janise

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