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Sep 19

QuiBidder of the Week – Jeffrey M.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of September 19, 2016 - Jeffrey M.

Congrats to Jeffrey for being named our newest QuiBidder of the Week! He has been a long-time staple in our QuiBids community, and we are thankful for all of his contributions and the value he has added to other users. Please join us in congratulating him in the comments below. 

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Jeffrey used 12 voucher bids to win this portable charger for only $0.50! #QuiBidsWin

“Hey everybody look what I won on QuiBids last week. This is the Itek 12,000 Mah Power Bank by Sound Logic. With this Charger I can power up 3 different devices at the same time. It also has a built in flashlight. Sweet! For the win I used 12 voucher bids and the auction ended at $0.50. With a $49.99 price tag I caught a good deal.” – QuiBidder Jeffrey

QuiBidder Jeffrey used the gift cards he won on QuiBids to save big on a brand new iPad Pro!

“This is it. This is the 256gb Ipad Pro I bought my love for her birthday with the Walmart gift cards I won on QuiBids. Like I always say, I save money while saving money for things I want on QuiBids. I had to use a crowbar to pry it from Carol’s fingers to take this pic.” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey is hauling his wins around in a cart that he also won on QuiBids! #QuiBidsWins #Meta

“I’m using the cart I won on QuiBids to haul the wins I won on QuiBids. Just delivered!” – Jeffrey M.

Jeffrey won this Burberry Touch Parfum for only $0.73! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this Burberry Touch Parfum for $0.73. Last week was a pretty good time for a few awesome wins. The value price is $59.99. I am happy. Thanks Q.” – QuiBidder Jeffrey

Jeffrey won this rainbow LED wireless Bluetooth speaker for $1.59 using only 29 voucher bids and 15 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this Kacaso Ultra Compact Rainbow LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $1.59. I used 29 voucher bids and 15 real bids to win this nice speaker.” – Jeffrey M.

Jeffrey won this iPhone 6 battery case! #QuiBidsWin

“Look what I won on QuiBids. This is the Unu Dx Plus iPhone 6 Plus Battery Case. With this battery case I won’t run out of power any time soon. Thanks Q.” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey used 23 real bids and 5 voucher bids to win this popular cologne and saved over $50. #QuiBidsWin

“It seems that just about all of the people around me at work smell really good. I think it’s because I have given the Colognes and perfumes as gifts to just about all of them. Well I won this Marc Jacob’s Dot perfume using 23 real bids and 5 voucher bids. I saved $53.58 on the value price $68.99. Time for family members. Thanks Q. I think I did it backwards ” – QuiBidder Jeffrey

Jeffrey sitting on the bench he won on QuiBids.

“I’m sitting in style on my Southern Enterprises Colton Bench I won on QuiBids last week. My lady told me that she saw one in a store and had to have one. I used 165 real bids to win this cool bench for my foyer. I had to put it together and that was easy. Oh, I won the picture above me last year. I love Q. Thanks for reading.” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey won this Versace Eros cologne for $8.91 using 14 real bids and 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I’m the best smelling guy on the block because I won this Versace Eros on Q. I used only 14 real bids and 5 voucher bids to win this Cologne valued at $115.00. I spent $8.91.” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey used 10 real bids to win this Paula Deen cookware set for only $7.62! #QuiBidswin

“Check it out, check it out! Look what I won on QuiBids last week. The Paula Deen 11 piece Cookware set. The value price is $111.98. I won this set for $7.62. I used 10 real bids. I saved $104.37. Wow.” – QuiBidder Jeffrey

Jeffrey won this Bluetooth mini speaker on QuiBids and saved over $20! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this nice Bluetooth Mini Speaker on Q. I only spent $6.59. The value price was $26.99 and a game play was attached. Thanks Quibids. I will be taking this to work. A few tunes makes my day go smooth.” – Jeffrey M.

Jeffrey used 14 real bids and 20 voucher bids to win this Versace handbag for only $10.73! #QuiBidsWin

“My lady is gonna flip when she sees this Versace 19V69 Bucket bag I won on Q last week. My Carolyn usually takes 2 handbags to work. Her Ipad and other girly necessities.
She will be going to work in style with this beauty. I used the 14 real bids and 20 voucher bid for this awesome win. I actually paid $10.73 and saved 149.26. Thanks QuiBids, I’m so happy.” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey won this portable charger for only $0.10! #QuiBidsWin

“Hey everyone I bought this 5000 mah Power charger and router in one to brag. I don’t know how it works yet but I’m gonna find out. The retail price is $29.00 yet I won it for $0.10. Have a great 4th of July everyone. If your going to see fireworks make you have some portable power.” – QuiBidder Jeffrey

Jeffrey saved big on the gift cards he won on QuiBids! #QuiBidswins

“Just got my fresh new Walmart gift cards today. I’m feeling happy because I can fill my house and my daughter’s house with the thing we need at a discount. Between real bids and voucher bids I spent about $33.00. Thank you Q for such a wonderful site. ” – Jeffrey M.

Jeffrey won this backpack for $0.53 using only 6 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I wouldn’t call this a man purse but I’m gonna carry my my stuff to work in it. I won a wonderful Versace bag for my lady so I thought hmm? My turn. This is the Wende Swiss Army Commute Deluxe Laptop Backpack. I only used 6 voucher bids to land this deal. The auction ended at $0.53. I saved $64.46. Going to work in style. Sweet!” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey used 2 voucher bids to win this luggage set for only $0.10! #QuiBidsWin

“I’m going on vacation this month to Atlantic city. My lady and I needed luggage. Not needing anything to big I saw this set on Q. I was all set to go the distance and boom. SOLD!
I used 2 voucher bids. The auction ended at $0.10. I already have my beach towels and sunscreen in the bag. I can drag it around because the big one has wheels. AWESOME!” – QuiBidder Jeffrey

Jeffrey won this Versace perfume for $0.78 using only 3 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“Hello QuiBidders. Today I introduce you to Versace Eros Pour Femme for women. I just sprayed this elegant perfume on my hand models arm and she loves it. Thanks Q for such an outstanding item.
I won this for $0.78. I used 3 voucher bids. SOLD is my favorite word. Original Appy sent me an awesome scent for my collection from her trip to Alaska. Let just say it was some real bull stuff.” – Jeffrey

Jeffrey won this Versace Emilie Satchel for $0.40 using only 3 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I had the most unbelievable luck on Monday. QuiBids gave me 5 free bids and wham! I won this Versace 19V69 Emilie Satchel in the color Salmon. I popped in 3 free bids and SOLD! I told my Carolyn pick something and this is it. I only paid $0.40. That’s right forty pennies, 4 dimes or 8 nickels. Oh thank you Q. Carol rarely if not ever want to show off for the camera but today I did it. I got the shot.” – Jeffrey M.

Jeffrey won this space saver for $1.05 using only 14 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“My bathroom needed sprucing up so I looked to QuiBids for a bargain and this is what I won.
This is the Southern Enterprises Reflections Space Saver. The color is Pewter/ Gun Metal. I see this item in auctions all the time. My lady told that the bottom of the one we had was rusting so I jumped at the chance to save some money. The auction is a $99.99 but I won it for $9.45 using 14 real bids. That’s $8.40. It ended at $1.05.” – QuiBidder Jeffrey

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