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Mar 11

QuiBidder of the Week – Karen C.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

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Happy Monday, QuiBidders! We’d like to share a brand new QuiBidder of the Week with you. Her name is Karen and she has been bidding on QuiBids for about a month.

How long have you been bidding on QuiBids?

“One night I was watching television and I saw the commercial. I thought to myself, I’m going to check that out tomorrow, so I did. I was a bit skeptical when they asked for a bid pack right away, but I jumped in feet first (I’m always the adventurous kind). That was about 3 weeks ago, now you can’t tear me away.”

Tell us about a recent QuiBids win.

“The most recent win I’ve had has a Buy Now price of $60. It was the Cabrelli and Co. leopard handbag! Wow! I can’t wait to get it! I used four bids for it and saved $54.61″

Have you ever given your QuiBids win as a gift to someone else?

“I plan to use some of my bids for fundraising purposes. I rescue and foster dogs for our local dog shelter. Funds are always needed for medical care and this is a great opportunity to find items for raffles and giveaways, especially if they can be snagged for FREE.”

Do you use Buy Now?

“Absolutely! If I can’t win an auction, why let my bids go to waste? That’s a win-win!”

What’s the most bids you’ve ever won from a QuiBids Gameplay?

“I’m thinking around 54 or 55. I tend to always steer towards the Treasure Cove game. Gotta love those Pirates matey!”

What advice would you like to give to a new QuiBidder just starting out?

“Read the Tutorial! This isn’t eBay! Sit back and watch some auctions and watch other people’s strategies. You’ll learn a lot that way. Visit the Facebook page daily and get tips and tricks for other QuiBidders on what’s going on. Have patience! Bid during off-times if you can find any! I like to bid early morning during the week or afternoons, but I have won auctions during busy times too! I look at how many bidders are on at any given time before I decide to start bidding.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“The customer service is fantastic. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and its a great company to do do business.”

Have a question for Karen, or just want to say “Congrats?” Tell her in the comments below. Also be sure to tell us your QuiBids story and you could become the next QuiBidder of the Week and win a $50 gift card of your choice!  Have a wonderful Monday!