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Dec 21

QuiBidder of the Week – Kevin S.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of December 21, 2015 - Kevin S.

Congratulations to our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Kevin! Keep reading to learn more about his experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate him in the comments below.

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Kevin won this knife and sheath on QuiBids for $0.19 using 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Been a while since I have posted wins… so figured I would start telling of some wins again. Had quite a few to do with fishing and will start with this one.
Gone Fishing Fillet Knive with Sheath 12.25″ + 20 bids
Value Price: $28.99
Bids/Credit: 0 real/5 voucher
Auction Price: $0.19
Savings: 99%
I won this knife for only 19 cents and used 5 voucher bids for a total cost of 19 cents, with the free shipping.
It is a handy fillet blade for the fisherman. One solid tang w/ wood handles that are rivited. Has a nice flex to it and seems like it is going to fillet the fish very easily. Only fault is the end of the sheath. It should have a metal tip to protect the sheath, as the point of the knife pierced the leather sheath. Still love it and really enjoyed the 20 bids that came with it. Thanks Q !!” – Kevin S.

Kevin won this fishing reel for $0.04 using only 1 voucher bid! #OneBidWin

“Another fishing item I won on QuiBids !! This was a one bid win for me !!
South Bend Pisces Spinning Reel.
Value Price: $38.99
Bids Credit: 0 real/1 voucher
Auction Price: $0.04
Winner Savings: $38.95
Saved: 99%
Can’t wait to try this out next spring. Looks to be a quality reel. Can’t beat the 4 cent ending price with only having to use 1 bid. Making it a total cost to me of $.04, with the free shipping !! Thanks Q !!” – Kevin S.

Kevin won this fishing rod and and sinker weights on QuiBids at a savings of 98%! #QuiBidsWin

“2 more fishing items I won on Quibids !!
Gone Fishing Telescoping Fishing Rod-8.5 ft.
Value Price: $15.95
Bids/Credits: 0 Real/14 Vouchers
Auction Price: $0.29
Saved: 98%
Gone Fishing 50 Gram Sinkers with Dispenser
Value Price: $12.95
Bids/Credits: O Real/13 Vouchers
Auction Price: $0.29
Savings: 98%
Love the compactness of the telescoping rod. Saves space by being only 2 ft. long, yet expands all the way to 8.5 ft. It goes wonderful with the Pisces fishing reel I posted a couple days ago. I also like the variety of sizes in the Gone Fishing Sinkers, the split shot is a must for every fisherman. Both items combined had a value of $28.90 sold for a combined 58 cents. I used a total of 27 voucher bids and with the free shipping I ended up with a total cost of 58 cents. Great Deal !! Thank You QuiBids !!” – Kevin S.

Kevin won these fishing filet knives for $0.03 using only 2 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Here is another fishing win on QuiBids !!
Gone Fishing Fillet Knife & Floating Multipurpose Knife.
Value Price: $22.95
Bids/Credit: 0 Real/2 Voucher
Auction Price: $0.03
Saved: 99%
I won this knife combo for just 3 cents using 2 voucher bids. So with free shipping it came to a total cost of jut 3 cents. The fillet knife is the exact one I won before which includes a leather sheath. This also came with a multipurpose knife that floats. It has a plastic sheath and handle that allows it to float, which is great with being out on the water fishing. It also comes with a compass on the bottom of the handle. It is great for cutting line and scaling your catch. You can also fillet with it but I prefer the longer, more flexible blade of the fillet knife for that. Both seem well made and will go great in my tackle box.
I have to give a big shout out to QuiBids Customer Service. When originally delivered it came with only the multipurpose knife. It was minus the fillet knife. I called CS and they happily said they would take care of it for me. Well 5 days later I received the package and to my suprise both knives were in the new package. I called CS again and told them I now have 1 fillet and 2 multipurpose knives. They told me to go ahead and keep the extra knife for my trouble. So ended up with 3 knives intead of the 2 that I won. Thank you QuiBids and the wonderful employees in your CS Dept !!! I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.” – Kevin S.

Kevin won both of these rod and reel combos on QuiBids at a savings of 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“Another fishing win on QuiBids !! Promise this is the last fishing win post for a while. I won these 2 rod and reel combos with the intent of taking young nephews fishing in the spring. But with this crazy warm weather we have been having in Michigan I had to dip my poles in Dad’s pond for some goldfish. lol Not really, that would have upset Dad.
South Bend Worm Gear Fishing Rod & Spinning Reel Combo.
Value Price: $39.99
Bids Credits: 0 Real/2 Voucher
Auction Price: $0.05
Savings: 99%
South Bend Worm Gear Fishing Rod & Spincast Reel Combo.
Value Price: $39.99
Bids Credits: 0 Reel/9 Voucher
Auction Price: $0.22
Savings: 99%
I haven’t had these in the water but did some practice casting out in the yard. They seem well made and the action is very smooth. The ceramic guides is what keeps the casting smooth. The poles are both 65″ long that comes in 2 pieces. I think these will be great for my very young nephews. And if they end up wrecking them eventually the price was right. Anyone want to come untangle their lines when they mess them uo? lol. These combos have a total retail value of $79.98… I used 11 voucher bids and the total ending auction price was only 27 cents. So with my free shipping the total out of pocket cost for these 2 rods and reels wa only $0.27 !! You can’t beat that. Thanks Q for offering these items. I can’t hardly wait till spring to try all these new fishing items out that I won on QuiBids !!” – Kevin S.


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