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Jun 04

QuiBidder of the Week – Lena G.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Lena G. from the United States. Like many other Quibidders before her, Lena experienced some skepticism when she first heard about the deals that people were getting with QuiBids. So she approached with caution, to determine for herself if QuiBids was in fact legitimate.

It didn’t take Lena long to realize that QuiBids was just what we say: an exciting, fun way to shop and save on tons of hot products! After winning a sweet Nike Thermal Jacket for herself and a Hoover vacuum for her mother, Lena quickly became a fan of entertainment shopping, and can now proudly say that she is the QuiBidder of the Week! Check out her QuiBids story below:

“When first signing up with QuiBids, I was a bit skeptical. I remember reading online that the website was just a big fake.  However, I thought about it and decided the only way to find out if it is a sham is to actually try the website out.  After winning a beginner auction I started to realize that QuiBids might actually be totally legitimate. After my first win, I decided to bid on a new jacket, and guess what? I won a Nike Thermal Jacket for only $o.01 on QuiBids!!! A PENNY!!! I was so excited! I even convinced my mom to use QuiBids! She wanted a vacuum, and what happens? I won a Hoover Vacuum for my mother!! This website is AWESOME and totally not a fake whatsoever!!! I LOVE QUIBIDS!!!!!” – Lena G., QuiBidder of the Week

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Would you like to tell your QuiBids story and potentially be the next QuiBidder of the Week? Then submit your story along with a photo of yourself via the QuiBidder of the Week application on QuiBids’ Facebook Page. Here are some of the past winners:

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