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Jul 09

QuiBidder of the Week – Linda W.

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Join us in congratulating the new QuiBidder of the Week, Linda W.!  Linda’s had some clear success on QuiBids, and she’s not holding back about sharing what she does to score great QuiBids wins. Here are two things in particular that we found worth mentioning:

Stock up on gift cards

Linda built up a collection of Amazon gift cards and used them to purchase a Toshiba Thrive tablet. We love hearing stories about creative QuiBidders like Linda, who use use gift cards won on QuiBids to attain items that were previously unreachable. We’ve even heard about QuiBidders using gift cards to pay for their honeymoon!

Read QuiBids 101

We never can seem to stress this enough.  If you want to have success on QuiBids, you must read and understand QuiBids 101, our blog, and the FAQs, in addition to keeping up with all of our newsletter and social media updates.

“This is me with my Dyson fan valued at over $400 that I won with .22 cents, my Toshiba Thrive valued over $300 I bought with all my Amazon gift cards I won, my Wal-mart gift cards and some of my rings I’ve won. I have learned from QuiBids 101 to watch out for the notorious over bidders, keep reasonable limits, and I have used the Buy Now for many of my gift cards. It seems like every day I’m receiving something I have won on QuiBids. I’ve started calling packages from QuiBids my “Happy Mail.” Thanks to the Limit Busters I have been able to win by watching for the right times of the day to bid. I am disabled and am on a limited budget so I have to utilize every opportunity there is to win. Between working at studying the auction trends and the great values offered, I am able to enjoy things I would NEVER be able to enjoy otherwise!!! Thank you, QUIBIDS!!!” – Linda W., QuiBidder of the Week

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