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Oct 03

QuiBidder of the Week – Lisa B.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of October 3, 2016 - Lisa B.

Congrats to our brand new QuiBidder of the Week, Lisa! Lisa has been sharing some truly great QuiBids wins over the past few months. Keep reading to check out some of her wins. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below! 

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Lisa won 4 $10 gift cards all for less than $5! #QuiBidsWins

“I won 4 $10.00 Bass Pro Gift card and a $10 and $15 Walmart card all for less than $5.00!!!!!! THANK YOU QUIBIDS!!!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa showing off her recent #QuiBidsWins

“I won this satchel for .01 with one voucher bid saving $38.99!!! I also won this 9in Kocaso Tablet for 48 voucher and 1 real bid so I paid $1.12 and saved $105.27 yahooooo!!!! thank you QuiBids!!!!” – Lisa B.

Lisa used 13 real bids to win this sweater (+ 20 bids) for only $0.25 and saved 78%! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this with just 13 RB and paid .25 for it saving 78% Thank You Quibids!!!!! Also got 20 Vb with it!!!!” – QuiBidder Lisa

Lisa won this air purifier for $0.15 using only 6 real bids and saved 95%! #QuiBidsWin

“Won this air purifier with 6 real bids,auction price 0.15 and saved 95% Thank You QuiBids my mom just loves it!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa used one voucher bid to win this desk lamp for only $0.01! #QuiBidsWin #OneBidWin

“I won this cool lamp and mini fan for only 1vb and only paid .01 a savings of 24.98!!!!!! My grandson loves it!!!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa won this toy piano for $0.17 using only 9 voucher bids and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this for just 9vb auction price.17 that is a 99% savings.No to decide which grand child to give it to!!!!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa won this air purifier on!


Lisa's mountain of #QuiBidsWins is growing pretty big!

“Just some of the stuff I have won!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa used 2 real bids to win this luggage set for only $1.20! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this 2 piece Rockland Luggage set for just 2rb!!! I paid 1.20 that’s a savings of 98%” – Lisa B.

Lisa won this hobo handbag for $0.27 and saved 89%! #QuiBidsWin

“Oversized Hobo I used 8rb and paid .27 that’s a savings of 89% thanks QuiBids!” – QuiBidder Lisa

Lisa won this slot machine for $0.27 using only 9 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Won this Jumbo Slot Machine reg 69.99 for .27 using just 9vb saving 99%!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa used 30 voucher bids to win all these gift cards! #QuiBidsWins

“I won all these for like 30vb and used them to buy my son a card for his cell phone!!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa used 1 voucher bid to win these shirts at 99% savings! #QuiBidsWin

“Won this with just 1vb saved 99%!These shirts are so nice and cool thanks QuiBids!” – Lisa B.

Lisa won this Android tablet for $0.05 using two real bids and one voucher bid! #QuiBidsWin

“Won this tablet for 2rb and 1vb!!! Auction price.05 that’s a 98% savings…….Thank You QuiBids!” – Lisa

Lisa won all of these gift cards on QuiBids!

“Won all of these and now I am off to buy my son another card for his cell for the month yay!!!!” – QuiBidder Lisa

Lisa won this tablet for $1.59 using 60 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Won this 8 in tablet!!!! retail is 103.99 final auction price was $1.59 used 60rb LOVE IT!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa won this $10 gift card (+20 bids) for $0.66 using 26 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Won this $10 Walmart card and 20vb for just 26 vb and auction price of .66 that’s a savings of 97%!!! THANK YOU QUIBIDS!!!!!” – Lisa

Lisa wont his $10 gift card (+20 voucher bids) for $0.03 using 1 real bid! #OneBidWin

“I won this $10 Wamart card plus 20vb and paid only 0.03 retails for $22.I used 1rb and that’s a 97%savings!!!!!!! Thank You QuiBids!” – QuiBidder Lisa

Lisa won this Bluetooth smart watch for $0.27 using only 12 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this Bluetooth Smart Watch retail 50.99 and paid 0.27 using just 12vb that’s a 99% savings!!!! Everyone wants it!!!! Thanks QuiBids!” – Lisa

Lisa won this dual grip toning fitness ring for $0.01 using only 1 voucher bid! #OneBidWin

“I WON this Wakeman fitness Pilates Dual grip Toning Ring for just 1vb!!!! retail 21.99 and I paid .01 that’s a 99% savings wooohooo!!!” – QuiBidder Lisa


Lisa won this laundry hamper for $0.01 using only 1 voucher bid! #OneBidWin

“Another 1 vb win!!!!!! Retail price is $26.99,I paid .01 that’s a savings of 99%!!!!! WOOHOOOO THANK YOU QUIBIDS!!!!!!” – Lisa B.

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