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Feb 13

QuiBidder of the Week – Lisa D.

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests, Testimonials

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Lisa D.  Lisa learned about QuiBids from a co-worker, and has since been bidding her way to success.  Her favorite thing about QuiBids is the site’s Buy Now feature, which lets you apply your spent bids toward purchasing the product at retail when you lose an auction.  Buy Now prevents you from ever having to walk away from an auction empty-handed.  Be sure to check out Lisa’s full QuiBids’ Story below.

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QuiBids Presents:  QuiBidder of the Week - Lisa D.

I heard about QuiBids from a co-worker. I couldn’t wait to go home and check it out! I signed up immediately! QuiBids has it all and since I was adventure seeking from the comfort of my laptop, I was hooked from the minute I signed up. That very night I was fortunate enough to win quite a few auctions. I was so excited! My strategy is patience, instinct, figuring out competitors’ bid patterns, checking out their recent wins, and counting bids, especially with the bid-o-matic. What I like best about QuiBids is that even when you lose an auction you can still be a winner and your bids count towards Buy Now. QuiBids is an exciting way to win things you want and have fun at the same time.”  –Lisa D.

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