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Nov 02

QuiBidder of the Week – Monteen B.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of November 2, 2015 - Monteen B.

Please join us in congratulating our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Monteen! Keep reading to learn more about her recent experiences on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

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Monteen won this Omaha STeaks package for $0.91 using 25 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I finally won an auction for over $60.00. Omaha Steaks Master Grill Package – Mignons, Sirloins, Burgers & Franks Price 84.99. 25 VB 91 cents. IncludesTwo 5-Ounce Filet Mignons
Two 5-Ounce Top Sirloins, Four 4-Ounce Gourmet Burgers and
Four 3-Ounce Gourmet Franks. Thank you Q for providing free shipping in the U.S.” – Monteen B.

Monteen won this Omaha Steaks package for $0.15 using 6 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Omaha steaks game combo grill pkg.
Valued at $64.99. Cost 6 VB and 15 cents
Total savings of 64.84 for a total savings of 99.75%” – Monteen B.

Monteen won this rocking caterpillar for $0.05 using only 1 voucher bid! #QuiBidsWin

“Rocking Cam the Caterpillar Valued at $65.99
Spent 1 VB .05 for a total savings of 99.99%. Thanks Q. My granddaughter is going to love this.” – Monteen B.

Monteen won this Olay REgenerist night time moisturizer for $0.01 using only 1 voucher bid! #QuiBidsWin #OneBidWin

“I was so glad when Q started carrying Olay products. Olay Regenerist night time moisturizer.
VALUE $15.99, 1 VB. 1 cent. Woo hoo. Love getting my beauty products at a good price.” – Monteen B.

Monteen won this Cuisinart Non-stick Skillet for $0.56 using 22 real bids and 2 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Cuisinart 12-Inch Chef’s Classic Hard-Anodized Non-Stick Skillet with Glass Cover
This Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 2-3/4-Quart skillet features triple-layer hard anodized construction to heat food quickly and evenly. The Quantanium nonstick interior and smooth exterior allow easy cleanup. Cuisinarts cookware is also offered with a lifetime warranty ( as long a you don’t beat your spous over the head with it or run over it with your car). I did not know this until after my first Cuisinart win. Cuisinart sends paperwork to you and you use it to register your product. Valued at $49.99. Spent 22RB and 2VB, with the auction ending at .56 for a total cost of $13.76 for a savings of 72%.” – Monteen B.

Monteen won this color-changing pan for $0.09 using only 4 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Cera 9.5″ Temperature Color Changing Pan
This Cera Temp 9.5Pan has a color changing ceramic coating for safer cooking. It changes colors when it is hot and when it cools letting you know when it is safe to handle. It has a non-stick surface that makes for easy cooking and cleaning. Features a non-stick surface, color changing sensitivity,
Foods slide off the non-stick surface, no need to use unhealthy oils, stainless steel induction base. My hubby was cooking eggs in one of our older pans (the ones I was throwing out). I asked why he didnt use one of the pans I won. He insisted he couldnt use my pans. So….off I went to win one for him. Value $25.99, used 4VB spent 9 cents for a total savings of 99%. ” – Monteen B.

Monteen used 3 real bids to win this food container set for $0.05! #QuiBidsWin

“12 Pc. Food Container Set With Locking Seal – Floral Valued at $18.99
3 RB Auction ended at 5 cents for a total savings of 90% these containers are great because the lock on. Have you ever picked up a container only to have its contents spill out. That will not happen with this set as each side locks into place. We use these alot at our house.” – Monteen B.

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