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Aug 26

QuiBidder of the Week – Pauline B.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBidder of the Week showing off winnings from Quibids

The next time your QuiBids Win comes in the mail, pose with it for a picture and tell us a little bit about it by completing the form here.  If your story is chosen, you could be featured on an upcoming QuiBidder of the Week blog post in addition to earning a $50 gift card of your choice!

This Week’s QuiBidder of the Week is Pauline B. from the United States.  You might recognize Pauline from being a valued contributor on our Facebook page.  Be sure to tell her Hello in the comments below. Continue reading to learn a little about Pauline’s experiences on QuiBids.

When did you first sign up with QuiBids?

“I joined QuiBids in Early January 2012. I still remember my first Auction and have been playing at least every month since.”

What was the most fun you’ve ever had while bidding??

“I was watching Auctions for a Android Tablet for my grandson. That night the house was so quite you could hear a pin drop. I saw my item come up for Auction and I went in – like a lion after its prey lol. And I won the Android Tablet for my grandson for only $1.57 and its value is 186.02! I woke up the entire house yelling “I won! I did it! I won the Android Tablet!” Luckily my screaming didn’t wake up the grand kids. My son and daughter-in-law were just in stitches laughing at me. When they looked at the computer screen and saw the win they were so thrilled because they were feeling down that they couldn’t afford one for him. We all did a “happy dance.” And to make things even more exciting, I won 3 Digital eReaders each for under a dollar and valued at $58.38. We had a holiday like you wouldn’t believe. I had won so many great things but my personal favorite will always be my Callisto Outdoor Fireplace I won for a dollar (valued at $159.89) I was in Lion mode that night. It’s still amazing to this day!”

Have you ever given your QuiBids win as a gift to someone else?

“Yes! I’ve sent a vacuum that I won on QuiBids to a lovely elderly lady in my town. I also donate something each month to 2 local charities in my community. It’s a great feeling to give and be apart of such great organizations. I also really love all of the charity work QuiBids has done in there home state of Oklahoma.”

What’s the most bids you’ve ever won from a single QuiBids Game?

“WOW! I won 75 bids on Deal Wheel and it was great. I usually play Treasure Cove but won my best on Deal Wheel.”

Have you ever bought anything from the QuiBids Store?

“Not yet but already have prepared my Christmas List of items that I plan to buy from the QuiBids Store, especially gift cards. The QuiBids Store is really a great idea and is also very fairly priced.”

Besides bidding in auctions, what’s your favorite thing about QuiBids?

“I could go on and on about how awesome QuiBids is. My favorite thing about QuiBids probably is all of the items I’ve won for myself and others that I never could have afforded otherwise. The items I’ve won and the savings are truly amazing! I also enjoy QuiBids Facebook page. I’m a huge fan of the site. Many of us QuiBidders are talking everyday. We have a blast laughing and encouraging each other. We also share wins and just have an all-around great time. I enjoy entering the contests on Facebook too. QuiBids isn’t just a auction site, its a experience. Once you get involved with other players and contests, you’ll see – it a great time.”

What advice would you like to give to a new QuiBidder just starting out?

“My best advice for new QuiBidders is to not dive into a auction head first. Take your time, and pay attention to the other bidders. Don’t get into a bidding war. Every so often go back and read QuiBids 101. Even a seasoned bidder makes mistakes. I personally watch a lot of auctions to learn more about the item, like best times and days to bid. With a little extra homework you can do a lot to sharpen your bidding skills.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“QuiBids has the best customer service department. They have what I call “old fashioned customer service” – the kind you can’t find with most businesses today. They strive to help their customers and are extremely friendly. Whether it’s calling Customer Service, an on-line chat, or email, they make every effort to help you with your issue. You just don’t get good customer care like that now a days. But QuiBids really is like a family experience and Customer Support is always there to help in any way they possibly can. I’m constantly thanking them for helping me as a bidder.”

Thanks Pauline for sharing your story!  Remember, you can be QuiBidder of the Week too.  Just submit your story and winnings photo here. Be sure to follow our Testimonials Pinterest Board below!