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Apr 25

QuiBidder of the Week – Phyllis C.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week  - Phyllis C.

Congrats to our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Phyllis! She has been able to score some great wins over the past few months, and has had some interesting experiences along the way! Keep reading to learn more about her bidding experiences. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

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Phyllis used 76 voucher bids and 2 real bids to win this bedroom set at $185 savings! #QuiBidsWin

“I won this 25 PC California King Size bedroom set using 76 v and 2 r bids for a friend as we were in the process of remodeling his bedroom and I wanted to give him a nice Christmas gift. I saved a good $185.00 on my gift, Sadly though my friend past away on September 13th. I sent the set home with my niece recently while she was visiting for our birthday celebration and later saw she posted a couple of pictures of the comforter in use. She and her husbands comments tickle me and I thought I would share their pictures and comments on QuiBids. So if you will look in the comment section you will see the set and how it found a home after all.” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this blanket for $0.31 using only 7 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“As luck would have it, I changed my bed and nothing fits right. The covers just won’t stay in place. I decided to bid on a cal king comforter for my own bed and lucked up in several ways. First off it fits like I wanted it . Mind you I have a gueen size bed and the cal king hangs over giving it that extra length I was looking for. It was supposed to be a over-filled extra warm comforter in description. I was guessing it would be bulky. However in realistic veiws to thicknest it was a thinner comforter than the one I gave my niece. I love it, It is a warm comforter, I used it through a cold night and was so pleased with how warm it kept me. Getting it for 7 vb and .31 cents was awesome. I do wish it came in brighter colors. I chosed the navy blue as the options for this was mainly dark colors. In all fairness it does not matter as I love being warm and finally found something that suit’s me. My niece would have a hard time getting this one from me for sure. Thanks Quibids, I’m glad I didn’t have a hard time winning it, Cause them auctions are wild during the holidays…” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this ring for $16.71 and saved over $52! #QuiBidsWin

“Wow Q, I do believe after winning this beautiful ring with a $16.71 investment I would be willing to try for another one. This ring is .925 Sterling silver by the Seta Corporation other wise known as Palm Beach Jewelry who have been in business for over 50 years. The ring was offered in several sizes and is accompanied by a additional set of 12 interchangeable stones as pictured in the comment section of my post. It came in a beautiful purple pouch and package perfect for gift giving, Only this one is mine… Thanks #Quibids as I won the daily four drawing and though I used some befor I decided to buy it, still saved nearly $53.00 and can’t wait for the chance to bid on another. This ring is beautiful…” – Phyllis

Phyllis shows off her gift card haul on QuiBids. #QuiBidshaul

“Lord knows winning gift cards does not come easy especially during the holidays. I received these today and though 2 were bins (with no bids), 1 a almost bin (only saved on voucher bids and a $23.00 savings off the 4th one which also came with bids. While many would get discourage from bidding for them with so few savings on the cards. I do not. As I see it in the long way of saving for emergencies or my trips. You cannot go wrong with stock piling for gifts, food, gas, even medical supplies. I may not always get a savings on Q for the cards but when you combine sales with coupons, That is where you will see true savings. It’s a matter of knowing you have money set aside as backup for those emergencies that make you feel good. A lucky win will come along as it did me this morning. I landed a auction using less bids than one of the cards provided and a few cents it will cost me to close it. Saving me $115.00… Thanks #QuiBids for offering such a various card selection.” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this #LSU toolbox for her son for $0.52 using only 23 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“While I know so many of us rely upon QuiBids to help us with Christmas shopping year round, I just had to show off one of my many favorites. An LSU theme toolbox. Absolutely beautiful detail. Since it was a gift for my nephew, I put it away without looking at it. There were no damage dents from the handling during shipment to my surprise as there was no additional packing in the box. My nephew just loves it and the guys in my family all want one of their own. I won this one with a gameplay attached for .52 cents. I used 23 voucher bids and got them back during the game. I hope you will continue to carry these till I make them all happy. I will show some other wins but this one by far is my favorite. Thank you QuiBids for making all of my shopping both fun and easier year round. I wish all of you a Happy New Year!!!” – Phyllis

Phyllis used 18 voucher bids to win this camping table for only $0.42! #QuiBidsWin

“Sometimes you give a gift that serves it purpose better than you imagined when bidding on a different item. That’s what happened with a win of a camping table shortly before Christmas. While I should have imagine myself how easy it would benefit them, To be able to seat little ones during get togethers like the holidays. I was just remembering that my niece wanted me to get her a table for there camping trips. When I saw this one in the options list. Saving $115.53 on it, I thought it would make a nice gift to my niece and her husband. So I called to see if she still wanted one. As it turned out, It arrived just in time and has already been put to use during Christmas dinner. She said, though she is concerned with attempting to apply 250 pounds to the seats, it was the perfect way to seat her smaller children during get to-gethers. I am sure this gift will be one that keeps giving year round, As I see she is using it for simple meal times as well. It certainly was worth the 18vbs and .42 I gave for it, Just to know they won’t have to seat them on the floor or ground in the future and, I’m willing to bet it dose not make it out to the camping trailer before summer. As usual Quibids, Thanks for offering us a chance of a savings. As 99% would certainly be hard to beat…” – Phyllis

Phyllis' loves giving away the gift cards she won as gifts!

“Just Because Christmas is over, No reason not to have some fun. At least Connie thinks so. She sent this photo to show it arrived safe & sound. Thanks Quibids, I love sending her little surprise’s.” – Phyllis

Phyllis used gift cards she won to help pay for a tribute blanket for her father.

“Due to a death in our household in Sept. I wasn’t able to bid at all in October. In Nov when I logged into the site I saw I won the daily 4 drawing in Oct. I knew I needed new gift cards to help cover the cost of a special blanket I wanted to have made for my youngest daughter who also lost her father in May of 2015. The image was made by me before my pc crashed and luckily I had it posted on FB, so I was able to retrieve it from there. I wanted to share it, now that she has received it. I owe this one to QuiBids as the gift cards I won, 2 $25.00 , a 15.00 and a $10.00 card won for a total of $3.97 in Nov. is, what paid to have it made. She absolutely loved it. In memory of her father, she cried but in the end it was all worth it. For three years the site has helped me provide them with some awesome gifts at Christmas. Gifts I might not otherwise be able to give. Though I, Thank God for providing for my needs, I also Thank QuiBids for my wants. Without them, I know it would not be so easy for me to go the extra mile with gift giving…” – Phyllis

Phyllis used 36 bids to win these running shoes for only $0.82! #QuiBidsWin

“If your wondering, How awesome the shipping is on Check this out. I just won these Asics Cross Trainer Shoes on the 8th and I am already wearing them. I got a awesome return on a rewarded gameplay and use 36 bids to win myself a new pair of work shoes. How can you beat .82 cents. With a super 99% savings of $57.17… Thank you QuiBids, These are comfy and true to size. I love the colors as well as the brand. With spring coming along, these will fit right in with a variety of my uniform colors.” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this car mouse for $4.29 using only 20 bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I won these $19.99 SoundLogic XT Wireless Optical Car Mouses with the USB Receiver on Quibids using a total of 20 bids. As you can see of the three colors offered I chose the red and blue. Not bad for a total of $4.29. Already I am enjoying the use of the red car mouse. Download was nice and easy, In fact the pc as usual did all the work. The head and tail lights work with the use of two triple A batteries. It has both right and left clickers and center scroll wheel to get you where ever you want to go. Even in the dark. To see the lighted car just click my link below. ” – Phyllis

Phyllis shows off the two Melissa and Doug toy pianos she won on QuiBids. #QuiBidsWin

“Though it is only Easter time, I have long began my Christmas shopping for my family. It is in my opinion you can never start to early. I won these two pianos, The Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano and the Melissa and Doug Upright Piano for just 15 vb’s and a combined ending fee of .33 cents. I am so stoked to share my wins of these pianos with everyone. We have been buying Melissa and Doug products for about three years now from Quibids for my great nieces and nephews and even my step grand daughter. Why we have been so pleased with everything we have gotten. I would not hesitate to shop and buy Melissa & Doug for my newly born grandbaby. With their products being made in the USA and the paint being non toxic, You do not have to worry if the child put it in their mouth. I myself really like their wooden products, especially from the toddler line. Being offered on Quibids makes it that much more possible for a great savings to occur.
These brightly colored piano’s feature a 25 key board with two full octaves, for a wide range of notes to play. They even came with illustrated songbooks that have a teaching key chart to help them identify the color coded notes on the scale, Why 9 songs learned before school age is a good start on their path to enjoy music class in school. I can’t speak for everyone but with my own children they always love making music, rather good or bad we provided as parents, Every instrument we could to encourage them to play before school age in hopes they would do well in school.
The pianos are recommended for ages 3 and up. However my grandbaby will have hers before she is 2, Thanks to the awesome 99/100% savings I got shopping through Quibids. Due to the style these pianos varied in price one was 63.99 and the other was 69.99. I feel like I got them for FREE as one was won with promo bids. I cannot await the reaction of the two little girls who will receive them at Christmas. Thank you QuiBids.

While I posted this photo before of my two awesome wins of these M & D pianos. One which is to go to my own grand daughter, and the other was going to a co-worker’s baby girl who was born about 6 weeks earlier than Jessalynn. Well Sarah (my co-worker) told me last night at work that they could not hold out for christmas to come, to give her it. She showed me the clip she recorded then shared this video so I could reshare it. I am so pleased her baby girl liked it. While I hope my son has more will power,than they did. I cannot wait to see my own granddaughter Jessalynn receive hers, I am hoping she will like it just as much. Cause the smile on this little babies face was more than worth it…This is a very short but sweet clip- Just wanted to share…” – Phyllis

Phyllis won these mobile backseat folding trays for only $0.73! #QuiBidsWin

“I decked out my new Pathfinder suv with these two mobile backseat folding dinner trays from Quibids, Not bad for .73 cents. There not new to the market as I have had them in the past when I owned my van. However, I always thought they were great to have when eating out with kids in the van as well as when we were traveling back and forth home. When I bought my suv, We stopped before leaving town to pick up something to eat on the way home and I thought about these trays, and rather or not they were still around. I figured I would find them on ebay if any place and decided to do a google search for them after I got home. Instead of ebay, they were brought up on QuiBids links. I didn’t think twice about logging in and going after them. With a few vouchers left in my account I managed to put them to good use. I won both of them with just 16 bids and did not have to use the real I had purchased to get them. I was happy and after receiving them, I noticed compared to the ones I’ve owned in the past. They have nice thick rubber straps that lock as you loop them thru the hook, then the hook of coarse, hooks onto the headrest post. A big difference compared to the once velcro strap that wraped around both the post and had to be thrown out when the strap wore out. I also like the fact that the hooks did not prevent me from lowering the headrest back down. It only took up maybe about a inch of the post, and so easy to remove. I like the way these new ones were also the perfect color for my suv. Now I have decided I need two more for the third row seating. Hopefully they still have some left on Quibids. So wish me luck, as I go after 2 more on a Monday night…LOL” – Phyllis

Phyllis won these color changing light bulbs for $0.18 using 7 voucher bids and saved almost $60! #QuiBidsWin

“Well just as I thought I was finished with my venture of bidding on these Multi-Color Led Light Bulbs. I found out different. As you can see the bulbs came in and did just as I wanted them to do. In fact they did so well that everyone in my household as well as my brother who’s visiting wants them now. Looks like they entertained us so well we kinda forgot they are for my daughters room. So to show them off my brother and I will be doing a short video in action. I’ll tell you a little bit of info about these 3 watt bulbs which are controlled by remotes. The reason I say remotes is each bulb came with a remote, However you can control all the bulbs with just one. Including turning the lights on and off. You have 4 main colors red, green, blue and white. Then you have twelve other colors to choose from with different motions of Slow/fast Flash, Strobe, Fade, Hopping, Gradient to down right smooth. Why you can even blend your different colors to perform a different beat at the same time. They are certainly great for entertaining not to mention special holidays like Christmas and just looks perfect in the ceiling fan. I still can’t believe the awesome deal I received on these special 2 bulb pks by shopping on QuiBids. As with a value of 19.99, I bid on 3 auctions winning them for 7 vb and ending fees of .18. I actually saved $59.79. Why I can’t even buy a regular bulb for that price… Thanks QuiBids for another great #QuiBidsWins venture… Be sure to check out the video, Take caution though as, It may just make you want some…LOL” – Phyllis

Phyllis used 42 bids to win this doll house for $2.15 and saved 98%! #QuiBidsWin

“This is the amazing Melissa & Doug wooden dollhouse I chose from Quibids for the girls. My brother put it together to verify all the pieces were present after arriving on a late night delivery. While I never had a doll house growing up, It’s easy to see why little girls would want one. Melissa & Doug produces awesome products and this house will certainly live up to our expectations. To tell you a little about the house it is a 1:12 scale house, with six rooms and is painted both inside and out. He said them using the same size screws did make the assembly a lot easier and It took him approx 2 hours to put it together. I wish I could have shown it with furniture and the dolls already set up in it, but that will have to come through another venture. The house is quiet sturdy weighing in at nearly 43 pounds in the box, I’m sure glad their was no shipping charges. I won this auction using just 42 bids and it ended for $2.15. I am excited that I had a 98% savings and saved $127.24 off retail. Thank you Quibids for another great #QuiBidswin , This house is worth what your asking for it and I am so happy to have only invested out of pocket cost of $2.75,,,” – Phyllis

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