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Dec 05

QuiBidder of the Week – Phyllis C.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of December 5, 2016 - Phyllis C.

The 12 Days of QuiBids are in full swing, but that doesn’t mean we’re too busy to select a weekly QuiBidder of the Week. Congrats to Phyllis C., a longtime contributor to the Facebook page, for being named our new QoW! Keep reading to learn more about Phyllis and her recent bidding experience on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below, and don’t forget to participate in our 12 Days of QuiBids giveaways now through Dec. 12th. 

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Phyllis used 27 voucher bids to win this 2pc wicker hamper set for only $0.62! #QuiBidsWin

“After a long day at work and just wanting to relax. I decided to log onto the QuiBids auction site as I was looking to buy a wicker magazine rack and while I didn’t find one, These wicker clothes hampers were pulled up while looking through the store on their site. I liked the natural color and decided to bid on them. I won this set fairly easy, just 27 vbs were used and boy was I excited. The next day as I logged on I saw they had sent me a updated choice message as they had ran out of them. I know sometimes we get disappointed in not getting what we chose from the options list but luckily in the new list was a set, just in white. So I sure did not mind the exchange simply because of the color. So Thank You, #QuiBids for the awesome savings as well as the smooth transactions and free shipping of all my #QuiBidsWins. As you can see for 62 cents I got not one but, two new hampers to use in my bedrooms while saving 99% off the retail cost. I am still on the lookout for a wicker magazine rack though, if you should get any on QuiBids.” – Phyllis

Phyllis saved big on gift cards she won on QuiBids. #QuiBidsWins

“This past week, must have been my luckiest week ever with #QuiBidsWins, I won four products saving over $250.00 and just before that I landed a $50.00 Wal-Mart card, a $25.00 card as well as $15.00 card(still awaiting arrival of) using just 37 voucher bids and 4 real. I however received 70 bids back from the hybrid auctions which left me only having to pay the ending fees of $1.86 and $3.49 for processing fees. Now who wouldn’t love trading $5.35 cash for $90.00 worth of “Gift” cards. Thank you QuiBids as that is exactly what these cards will be used for, Paying it forward…” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this Cinderella perfume for $0.13 using only 7 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Making a child’s day brighter sure is easier with the help of #QuiBids. I won both of these perfumes, Cinderella 1.7 oz and the Aurora 3.4 oz EDT Sprays by Disney for my great nieces. I used a total of 7 voucher bids and paid 13 cents in ending fees. I love it when I can land a hole in one as I did on the Aurora. It makes my #QuiBidswins all more sweeter cause I saved another $32.00 off my Christmas shopping. Thanks QuiBids.” – QuiBidder Phyllis

Phyllis won this stainless steel bread box for $0.08 using only 3 voucher bids! #QuiBIdsWin

“I have been wanting this Stainless Steel Frosted Bread Box for a long time and I finally won it. It was one of my #QuiBidsWins from a couple of weeks ago. I saved 99% off the retail as it ended for .08 cents after 3 voucher bids were placed. All in all I saved $41.91 along with the free shipping and as you can see from my pictures. I even landed a whole roll of bubble wrap which will come in real handy around here, Love the added savings #QuiBids” – Phyllis C.

Phyllis won a folding reacher for $0.46! #QuiBidsWin

“#QuiBidsWin” – Phyllis C.

Phyllis won this countertop oven for $0.43 using 18 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“According to the QuiBids auction description, The Cuisinart Counter top Cook/Bake Oven lets you roast meats, saute vegetables, griddle pancakes and toast bagels. Other functions allow you to steam, stir-fry, bake cupcakes or a favorite pasta dish even cook kebabs on the 4 stainless steel skewers. With faster heat-up, and temperatures from Warm to 450 degrees, It states this all-in-one oven is a mini powerhouse! Now would you like my honest opinion of it? It is a compact counter top appliance no doubt a bit small. However perfect for a small family of 2 to 4 people. I have made several of the items QuiBids spoke of, My first was the steak and potato kebabs and was very impressed. So I ventured into making a stir fry meal the next night. Both times it did great. I however had to make two batches to have enough for my 6 family members. I then decided to try it out baking cup cakes using the cup cake pan that came with the unit, that worked out great. They were very moist to my surprise. I must say my favorite so far has to be the squash and onion casserole I made in it a couple of nights ago. As you can see in the picture posted in the comment section. It browned it perfectly before I was done with it and I might add without burning the bottom. My overall opinion is this counter top oven has to be one of my new favorite kitchen gadgets. I absolutely LOVE IT! I won this oven with 18 vouchers and a ending fee of just 43 cents. If saving 99% off the retail of $96.99 and the free shipping wasn’t enough to excite me when I won it, the performance of the unit once used, certainly has. I love this #QuiBidsWins and highly recommend it to others. Thank you #QuiBids for another awesome #Cuisinart product…” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this pulse oxymeter for $0.05 using only 2 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Though I have won 3 pulse ox meters in the past on QuiBids I have gifted them all out between my clients and a family member who was in need of one. Thanks to the CatHug16 promo bids I now have my own to use at work as well as at home. While I won this Bluestone fingertip pulse oximeter for just 5 cents using two of the free weekly bids we were given. I wanted to share my honest opinion of it. This may be a cheaper pulse ox meter than the Veridian’s I have won in the past. However, I believe the Bluestone is a much better made pulse ox meter. They both produce accurate readings however the bluestone seems to be made to have much better quality casing in my opinion. The Veridian I gave to my niece melted under the heat of her car in the one day she left it in it. I have had this one in my pathfinder for about three weeks now and it has not been effected by the heat at all. One of my favorite things about this one is the 4 directional display and alarm. Truthfully you do not have to be a sick person to use it cause with sports and exercising it pays to have one around especially, if you want to track your pulse rate or oxygen saturation while working out. I am very grateful for this #QuiBidsWin I saved 99% off of it and just wanted to say Thank you #QuiBids I really hope the site will continue to offer different medical and therapy supplies.” – QuiBidder Phyllis

Phyllis won this Wolfgang Puck 14pc mixing bowl set for $0.99 using just 41 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I love this Wolfgang Puck Bistro Elite 14-Pc mixing bowl set I won after placing just 41 voucher bids and paying .99 cents to close the auction. I was excited to tell my daughter I got the bowls to make the potato salad. She replied did you get a masher too… Then she preceded to tell me she threw out my old potato masher cause, She didn’t like it. So I defiantly needed another before Kiara’s birthday dinner. I returned to QuiBids to look for one in their on line store and found this Meglio fold-able potato masher, I liked the folding concept so much that I didn’t hesitate to buy it at retail for $13.99. I received both items in time to prep for Kiara’s dinner party and those 3 little bowls came in handy, as some of the kids wanted this or that left out of their salad. I must say I love my #QuiBidsWin and the #Petercoff potato masher is a really good one. The bowls are made from a heavy duty stainless steel and have tight fitting lids that really seal tight for storage. The masher like I said is fold-able for easy drawer placement without getting hung up in other utensils. If you are after a mixing bowl set or a potato masher, I certainly would recommend these brands to you. Thanks #QuiBids…” – QuiBidder Phyllis

Phyllis won this wine rack for $2.24 using only 42 voucher bids! #QuiBidswin

“Thank you #QuiBids, After coming home, I was surprised to find my future son in law had came by and put together my new kitchen wine rack trolley, even though it was intended to be their new flavored coffee bar area, Just they didn’t know it. The wine rack worked perfectly for their bottled syrups, as you can see. I love the fact that I won it using 42 voucher bids from the daily 4 contest… Sure is hard to beat it for the ending cost of $2.24 while saving $107.75. I should call this our QuiBids coffee corner though as almost every item shown in the picture was won on your site, right down to the curtains. Now all I have to do is fulfill their wish of the Ninja coffee bar system. Which I am still in hopes you will bring to your site…Once again Thank You for all the #QuiBidWins” – Phyllis C.

Phyllis loves shopping and saving money on QuiBids!

“It never seems to fail that when I am really in need of something or I set a goal to help someone else that is part of the answer to my prayers. I have no doubt that God drives me to do for others. Otherwise he would not put me in their path. This is one of those times when I owe many thanks to #QuiBids for making it possible to help someone else though a #QuiBidswin project as well as the nearly 175.00 in savings…” – QuiBidder Phyllis

Phyllis on her granddaughter a toy piano for $0.11 using only 5 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I am so thrilled to share with #QuiBids, this photo I received today of my little granddaughter Jessalynn who is finally able with the help of her new therapy chair to sit at her little M & D piano for the first time. I got her this piano on the site this past winter using 5 promo bids they gave me and a mere 11 cents. Thank you QuiBids…The joy it has brought her today is priceless…”

Phyllis won this 12pc cookware set $5.81 using 169 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I posted just before leaving home about the Ostend cookware set by Berghoff that I won on QuiBids. Then as I walked out the door the UPS truck was pulling up and guess what they delivered. Yep, I was so happy to be able to take this set in to work with me and to try them out myself. The description on QuiBids page does explain alot about the set sizes and style. The price range from what I have seen is certainly in range of other offers on the internet. The one thing it did not talk about is, The sheer beauty of this 12 piece stainless steel set. The thickness to the bottom of the pots is exactly what helps in preventing food from burning. Which is a automatic plus to most who like cooking. It is even induction ready. I also like the polypropylene handles because they stayed cool during the cooking process. Dishwasher safe too. Folks I am here to tell you, You cannot go wrong with this set. I was so happy to be able to present this to a deserving man. When this gentleman came home to relieve me. He made a comment as he looked into the pot and said, You even brought your own pot to cook in… I simply said no sir, I brought you, your own pots to cook in… QuiBids You should have seen the smile on his face (I wish I could share it with you but Heppa laws won’t allow me to). Some would say, yea 169 bids to win it. Not much of a savings. But when you save your free bids up and you only paid $5.81 saving nearly $175.00 off a list price then just know, I would give up all my bids to do it again for someone in need. This day could not get any better…” – Phyllis

Phyllis loves winning gift cards on QuiBids!

“Last year, I had success in obtaining $245.00 in gift cards for my son during the pregnancy process of his daughter for not quite $13.00 in ending fees. Given to them in the form of a gift idea toward any of their newborn’s needs. It didn’t take them long to say the front tires on their car needed replacement. With the cards all being Wal-Mart cards they were able to get them from Sam’s without costing them anything. I decided with my holiday shopping on QuiBids now being done at this point. And a new grandbaby on the way to began working on another project. This time for my daughter. So far I have only managed to land her these two $25.00 gift cards for the ending fees of $3.04. With no goal set toward a limit, like I did for him, I hope it will be another successful journey. You can never be over prepared when it comes to the birth of a new child. These cards just as with my son will enable them to assure they can afford any last minute needs for their newborn child. In the meantime it will also ease my mind to know I have something in place to help them. It is driving me crazy awaiting the forthcoming of my new grandbaby. So much excitement, I don’t know what is worse the waiting of the sex reveal in January or being in Q jail. Either way the gift cards for me are the perfect project cause I don’t land up there quite so often. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season this year. Wishing you all the best of luck during you preparations with bidding. As always QuiBids, I appreciate all the holiday savings I have received through many of my #QuiBidswins in the past 4 years. Already looking forward to my next year of shopping…Wonder if it will be for a boy or girl…LOL” – QuiBidder Phyllis

Phyllis shares her recent haul of #QuiBidsWins.

“I finally updated a few of my old baking products with some new products, In which I will share reviews on after I receive and try them during the holidays. I got my roasting pan set in and is already in use with marinating a turkey. Thought I would share the win details and remind folks that QuiBids is a great place to shop and a perfect place to start when replacing your old beat up products with some higher quality products before the holidays arrive…” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this RC toy truck (+ 1X Gameplay) for  $0.02 using only one voucher bid! #OneBidWin

“I’m here doing some very early delivery package opening since Christmas gifts are arriving faster than I expected. I thought when I saw this Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Truck come up on auction, that It would be a good gift for a child I care for though work. Unfortunately, it was friction controlled and not suitable for him. No losses though as Cierra (my daughter) decided she would like to have it for her godchild Hunter. It is a very nice all terrain truck for ages 3+ that is 1:14 scaled. It’s going to fit his little hands just fine. Either way I am happy, I was excited to win it using just 1 vb with a gameplay attached for 2 cents. Thank you QuiBids and the other bidder for another great #QuiBidsWin You never know what Christmas savings you can receive til you try with 37 days left til Christmas and their fast shipping, You still have plenty of time to get your savings on ..” – QuiBidder Phyllis

QuiBidder Phyllis decorative pool float for $0.22 using 10 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I have a bad habit of bidding on one thing and if I win, Checking through the option list to chose something else. While I was looking through the option list of this auction I saw what might be considered just a pool float to some, but a perfect yard decoration for me. I won it using 10 vb. With a .22 cent ending fee which saved me a overall web list price of $49.77. I love it, It is one of my favorite #QuiBidsWin, When company comes over I always get a complement or questioned as to where did I find it. It just opens up a whole new conversation of explaining a Louisiana lifestyle while telling of my favorite auction bidding site which I love to do anyway…” – Phyllis C.

Phyllis won this straightener for $3.20 using 157 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Have you ever battled people in a auction and just when you think you might win it someone with a user name like Runituphigher comes in to do just that! That is excatly what happened in this auction. I stayed determined but it took 157 of my vb’s to win it. It finally closed at $3.20. Knowing a second one was still needed, I hung around for the next auction to start. I put in 17 vb’s but decided to just buy it. So, I switched over to my real bids and landed it with a $9.73 investment. How can anyone clasifiy these as a win, you ask? While it may not be worth sharing as a win to some my girls will be happy to recieve what they wanted for Christmas. I figure if some one wants run it up higher to make me lose bids, I am happy to show I am just as determined to win. I look at it this away, My reviews are what makes it worth sharing, Because I look to others for their honest opinions when shopping… As for my review of these irons, I had a little help from a sweetheart to test them out after arriving. Within seconds this heating device had heated to 450°. I used it on dry hair and much to my surprise, it took out the frizz. Every aspect of the iron�s decription on was correct. I do like the automatic shutoff feature but found it took a long time to cool off. I would certainly suggest a heat resistant shelf to lay them on. As I will be doing in my own bathroom for fire prevention. I would suggest them based upon my usage as a good flat iron.I broke out even with the suggested retail price of them so not all was a lost…” – QuiBidder Phyllis

Phyllis won these cake boss utensils for $2.20 using only 17 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWins

“Not sure about being “Born To Bake” but I do like to cook and bake for my family. I binned a set of the cake boss deluxe baking pans from their series and after receiving and using them, decided I really liked their line of products. Here are two more items, the Balloon Whisk and the Mechanical Cookie Scoop. I used 17 vb on both auctions and a real bid. So my investment after using the gameplay was $2.20 for both. I’m glad I bidded on these after a thanksgiving eve kitchen fire, There are a few items I must replace. The whisk and cookie scoop are very durable, well made items. Thanks for the #QuiBidsWins.” – Phyllis

Phyllis won this Cake Boss 5pc Bakewares set for $1.92 total investment! #QuiBidsWin

“I binned on a 5 piece bakeware set with silicone grips by cake boss after, I used the round pans to make this Oreo Cake I realized just how good their products are. The cake layers were very even. Baked to a golden brown using the cake recipe specified time. The description for the pans said they were made of carbon steel to resist warping and there rubberized grips made in the shape of a rolling pin. I believe they were just added for looks because they are just as hot as the pan. You do have to wear gloves or use pot holders. The nonstick coating along with a little pam released the cake layers quite nicely. Cleanup was easy. So I have no doubt if took care of properly these pans would last for years to come and is the reason I am continuing to add more to my collection. The cup cake pan was one of my recent wins. I thought when I bidded on it, It was the basic cup cake size. It turned out to be the jumbo cup cake pan. I landed it for just $1.92 investment including my bids. With the holidays upon us it was a good time to renew my bakeware. Thank you #QuiBids as I do enjoy my wins but equally satisfied with my purchase of the Cake Boss Collection…” – Phyllis C.

Phyllis won this 13pc muffin pan and cupcake holder kit for $0.10 using just a few voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Be sure to join in on the 12 Days Of Christmas Fun on They not only give out some pretty awesome gifts for 12 days but the promo bids can win you something as well. I won this 13-Piece Mini Muffin Pan & Silicone Cupcake Holder Kit for the ending price of just 10 cents using a set of promo bids. So can you… Good Luck Everyone…” – QuiBidder Phyllis

Phyllis won two one-bid auctions in one day !

“Though my first two days of promo bidding from the giveaways were a bust. My third night at the auctions was a triumph. I won two one bid auctions and saved $200.00. Thank you #Quibids for both of my #Quibidswins This win is going to my baby girl…May she continue to enjoy eating for two…” – QuiBidder Phyllis

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