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Jan 31

QuiBidder of the Week – Robert H.

Posted by jfarrand under Testimonials

Congratulations to our very first QuiBidder of the Week – Robert H. from the U.S.!  Be sure to read his experience with QuiBids!

QuiBidder of the Week

“I will never shop at a department store again! This is the most fun I have ever had. I have won several items at a fraction of the cost and I have only been signed on since December 2011. I have won a TV, IPOD, Camera, XBOX, Tracking system, security camera and MORE. I added up what I paid for my winnings and I have saved over $3,513.00. Unbelievable. Best of all I get to have FUN while I shop. The WIN is like a RUSH, you feel just like the guy on the screen with his hands raised in Victory. A+ all the way QuiBids. The picture above shows the TV, IPODS and Camera I won just a few days ago. Shipping is really fast and very affordable.”

Thank you for your submission into our QuiBidder of the Week Robert.  Congrats once again!  We’re thrilled to hear about your winnings and savings!

Who will be our next QuiBidder of the Week, will it be you?  Be sure to enter for your chance at being the next QuiBidder of the Week on our Facebook.