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Dec 14

QuiBidder of the Week – Ron

Posted by Blake Brown under Charity, Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week - Ron - Donated wins to Charity

This week’s QuiBidder of the Week will be a little different. A couple of weeks ago we learned about a customer who did something truly amazing with his QuiBids wins. We were so moved after hearing his story that we decided to feature him as a non-traditional QoW. Read on to learn more.

This humble customer does not want any extra attention for their generosity, which we will respect. So we will just call him Ron. Normally we require a photo of you with your wins in order to qualify for QoW, but we made an exception this week for Ron.

Ron’s primary goal started earlier in the year when he attempted to start collecting wins to donate to kids who may not get anything for Christmas. Later, he learned that a good friend and landlord had passed away and left a wife and kids behind. He wanted to do something to honor his friend as well. Since he was already working on building up an inventory of wins to donate to charity, once he built up a huge collection of toys and other items, he donated them to a Salvation Army giving tree in honor of of his friend, and he did it anonymously because getting credit for his generosity is not important to him. His local newspaper even took a photo of his friend’s family with the toys he was donating with a sign that said “In memory of…”. Here’s a pic of all of his wins:

Toys won on QuiBids donated to the Salvation Army

In total he donated 234 gifts, including:

  • 60 Remote Control vehicles
  • 40 other children’s gifts and toys
  • 70 necklaces for their mothers

We sent an email to Ron asking if he’d like to share a little bit of his experience winning these items over the past year. Here is what he had to say.

“This all began because I was winning gift card auctions for 50 cents on the dollar and wondered what to do with the savings. I took the savings, went back to QuiBids auctions and began competing for toys and gifts for kids. This was in February. I remember my father’s voice saying “Christmas is for kids.” As you can imagine, I ran up against the 12 wins in 28 days rule. Between winning gift cards and trying to win toys with the remainder, better planning was required for me to succeed.This went on all year. By Thanksgiving, I had accumulated 60 remote control vehicles, 40 other children’s gifts and some gifts I assumed were for young girls. I won a total of 234 gifts for the “Salvation Army Giving Tree”. A problem arose in that I couldn’t drive due to bad health and my wife couldn’t drive due to effects of chemotherapy. Our landlord passed away at a young age leaving a wife and three children to struggle with his absence. I spoke with them and suggested that we do a memorial for their father.

I knew that the local newspaper had a toy drive every year and when some one gave a toy, they got their picture in the paper with the toy. They took all the gifts down to the newspaper and they posed for family photograph with a sign that read “In memory of…” The newspaper did a wonderful job. From there the Salvation Army picked up all 234 gifts for their “Giving Tree” project. Besides toys, I also contributed about 70 necklaces for the mothers of the project. What a great feeling giving like this produces. I have already started on next year’s contributions.

Toys won on QuiBids donated to the Salvation Army

Wow. Can we just say that we are floored by the generosity of Ron?! We hope this post encourages you to do something special for someone in need this holiday season. Be sure to congratulate Ron in the comments. He definitely deserves a lot of love for this selfless act!

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