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Feb 08

QuiBidder of the Week – Roxana S.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of February 8, 2016 - Roxana S.

Congratulations to our new QuiBidder of the Week, Roxana! Keep reading to learn more about her experiences bidding on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below!

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Roxana won this Paco Rabanne spray for $0.45 using 4 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“I feel like a million dollars with one of my wins Paco Rabanne 3.4-Ounce 1 Million Edt Spray. Got this present off my list with only 4VB from promo code Decorate15 final price $0.45 a 99% savings. Thanks for the early arrival Quibids. Mail was delivered today on Sunday. This is quite amazing.” – Roxana S.

Roxana used 10 voucher bids to win this ski mask pack for $0.20 and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

Just wanted to share this, because they truly work in harsh conditions. I bought this mask a while ago for my ski trip and finally tested it. It kept me protected and warm. It wicks moisture away and you can breath well thru the little wholes in it. This was definitely worth winning.
Black Ski Mask – 2 Pack – Black
Only $.20 10VB a 99% saving” – Roxana S.

Roxana won this cologne as a birthday gift for her brother for $0.77 and saved 99%! #QuiBidsWin

“Today I finally was able to bring my brother his birthday present Paco Rabanne Edt Spray 6.7 Oz
His birthday was New Year’s Day.
When he opened it he was so happy to see it. He mentioned that this brought memories of his youth. When he was a teenager my mother gave him this cologne for Christmas.
The 10christmas promo bids plus the 5 donation bid I had gotten were all I needed for this win
99% savings value price $94.99 final price$0.77″ – Roxana S.

Roxana won these dress shoes for her brother for $1.03 using 42 real bids and saved 60%! #QuiBidsWin

“My brother had mentioned how hard it is to find a pair of dress shoes for him. He wears 16 wide. In the past he has had to have them made by an orthopedist. He has only been able to order running shoes.
So I researched Quibids and found out they have some shoes in his size. I was lucky to win him a pair. He tried them on and he says they fit perfectly and feel real comfortable.
Deer Stags Men’s Brooklyn Twin Gore Slip-on Shoes – Size 16 – Wide – Black
Thanks Quibids!!
Value price$65.00
$1.03 auction price
42RB paid
60% savings” – Roxana S.

Roxana won this 2-piece luggage set for $0.35 using only 10 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Only 10vb got me this
U.S. Traveler Rio 2-Piece Set + 1 GP
Recently I went on a trip and found out how useful carry on luggage can be. I had to pay extra for checked in luggage. In my next trip I will try harder to take carry on and thanks to Quibids I have this fun colorful 2-piece luggage.
Value price $76.99
Final auction price $.35
A 99% savings” – Roxana S.

Roxana used 13 real bids to win this flour sifter (+1X GP) at 56% off! #QuiBidsWin

“Won Meglio 5 cup Flour Sifter +1GP
Last year I started making cheesecakes and have done so without a flour sifter. In the recipee it calls for flour to be sifted. I have been wanting to do that and when I saw Quibids had one for sale I thought well it is time to get one. Now I can make my cheesecase even flufier and smoother than before, and also will try doing some other desserts with this new toy.
Value price $19.99
saved 56%” – Roxana S.

Roxana won this steam mop for $3.15 using only 45 real bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Most of my life I have mopped my floors and have wanted to do it without the mess a water mop makes. I have seen the infomercials on how well steam works. I was glad to win the Shark S3901 Lift Away Steam Pocket Mop with 47RB. This will make my floors easier to clean. Thanks Quibids smile emoticon
Value price $149.99
Final auction price $3.15
A 79% savings” – Roxana S.

Roxana won this Michal Kors Darci watch for $16.19 using 172 real bids and saved 43%! #QuiBidsWin

“Michael Kors Darci. It is quite stunning.
My old watch quit on me and I have wanted to replace it since Christmas.
This auction lasted for an hour. Was a tough one. Was able to win it at
43% savings
172RB Value price $209.99
auction price $16.19
Store retail $250.00
This is a real deal, thanks QuiBids.” – Roxana s.

Roxana won this awesome dog umbrella for $0.22 using only 10 real bids and saved 82%! #QuiBidsWin

“I finally got my son and my dog to pose with the marvelous dog umbrella. This is the most creative way to get my dog to go out when raining and also to get my son to take her out. I won this
PetLife Pour-Protection Umbrella with Reflective Lining and Leash Holder for only
final auction price $0.22
an 82% savings” – Roxana S.


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