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Jun 18

QuiBidder of the Week – Shereese M.

Posted by Blake Brown under Tips & Strategy

This week’s featured QuiBidder is Shareese M. from the United States.  Shareese has created rules for bidding to help her win more, and judging from some of Shareese’s previous wins on QuiBids, we’d have to say that her bidding rules are working out quite nice so far.

Shareese sets goals for herself before going into an auction.  Goals can be a great way to limit yourself from spending more than your allowance. Shareese also created her own system of measurement to judge the attainment of each goal.  She considers any auction that ends under $2.00 to be amazing, but she doesn’t consider it an epic win unless it’s under $0.50.  Check out Shareese’s entire QuiBids story below.

“Do I have any success stories? Of course! But I don’t have just one favorite. For me, any auction won under $2.00 is amazing. But winning for under $0.50 is my goal! Basically you need to know what you’re bidding on and the type of bidders that go for that item. And this applies to EVERYTHING on the site. My strategy for items that I REALLY want is to bid on (and hopefully win!) bid vouchers. I also look to see what the lowest selling prices were and at what times for the item I want so I can develop some kind of strategy (and to see when to get that pot of coffee up). This has definitely helped me win many auctions, especially the last few which were under $1.00 and cost over 50 bucks! Of course I was excited and doing my happy dance! Since April 2012, I’ve been winning or using Buy Now to get Mom/Dad’s Day, birthday, and graduation gifts on QuiBids ranging from an iPad 2 to a $50 AMC gift card. I even got some gifts for a friend’s wedding and some items to use as prizes for an event!” – QuiBidder of the Week, Shereese M.

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