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Jan 18

QuiBidder of the Week – Steve S.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of January 18, 2016 - Steve S.

Please join us in congratulating our newest QuiBidder of the Week, Steve! Keep reading to learn more about his recent experiences on QuiBids. Be sure to congratulate him in the comments below! 

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Steve won this $50 gift card for $0.18 using only 1 voucher bid! #QuiBidsWin #OneBidWin

“I won this $50 Walmart gift card using just a single bid smile emoticon The auction ended at $0.18 Thank you QuiBids for the #FreeBids during your twelve days of giveaways, much appreciated! Happy Holiday’s to all heart emoticon” – Steve S.

Steve used 2 real bids and 26 voucher bids to win this HD car camcorder for $2.28! #QuiBidsWin

“Look what arrived this xmas eve – I used just 2 real/26 voucher bids to win this hd car camcorder. Retail value of this auction was $52.99 but I invested just $2.28! I couldn’t believe my luck, I mean where else can one get 99℅ off retail, I’ll tell you if you don’t already know, #QuiBids that’s where smile emoticon Best online shopping site ever! This will make the perfect gift for my nephew who just got his drivers license “god be with those who cross his path” Lol… Wishing all of you the Happiest of the Holidays and Thank you QuiBids for having the best line up of products and saving me thousands of dollars over my membership and Happy Holiday and to all a good night.” – Steve S.

Steve used 2 voucher bids to win these Bluetooth earbuds for only $1.83 and he saved 94%! #QuiBidsWin

“Hello all, its been awhile. A few weeks ago I finally did it, upgraded my old dumb phone to one of those fancy smartphones and now I’m back in the #QuiBids saddle wink emoticon I was in the market for a few accessories to go with this fancy new phone and I knew just the place to go! In just a few day’s I was able to score everything I wanted and here are my #QuiBidsWins I used just 2 bids to win these Bluetooth earbuds when the auction ended at just $1.83 for a nice savings of $28.16, 94% off! Next was this triangle Bluetooth speaker that I used 4 bids to win, ending at just $0.22 – saving of $19.77 99% off! Next was something I didn’t even know I wanted until I seen it up for auction, the Bluetooth smart watch that I used just 7 bids to win ending at just $0.28 for a nice savings of $32.71 another 99% off! I just can’t say it enough – I am in love with this site xoxo heart emoticon Til next time I wish you all the best New Years ever and may your next bid placed be followed up by SOLD! SINCERELY YOURS Steve S.”

Steve used 7 voucher bids to win this pain relief system for only $0.14! #QuiBidsWin

“A #QuiBidsWin has never felt so good as this Omron pain relief system. I won this using 7 voucher bids, ending price of just $0.14! This electrotherapy system is great for soothing soar muscles like those we all get from a hard day of bidding wink emoticon I am using it now and let me tell you, “It feels GOOD, recommend you all get one of these.” Even the batteries are included like emoticon The retail value is $69.99 minus the 14 cents I paid for a super nice savings of $69.85 gasp emoticon 99% off AWESOME! Here are some upcoming auctions” – Steve S.

Steve won this 6 in 1 stylus multi-tool for $0.11 using only 6 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“6 in 1 Stylus including – Phillips, Flathead, Level, 4″ Ruler, and Pen. Retails for $13.99 used 6 voucher bids, ending at just 11 cents for a nice savings of $13.89!” – Steve S.

Steve used 12 voucher bids to win this cat playground stand for $1.05! #QuiBidsWin

“I paid $1.05 for this cat iq stand. This is my rescue cat Scoot that I had gotten about 6 months ago from my local shelter. Hard to believe out of the hundreds of auction I won over the past year that this is the first item I have ever picked out for him! I used just 12 bids for this sturdy stand that retails for $50 for a HUGE SAVINGS of $48.95 smile emoticon He absolutely loves it and it has quickly became his favorite #QuiBidsWin now he wants more lol. Love the selection of items in each and every auction, there really is something for everyone and everything! Steve #QoW
Value Price: $50.00
Bids Credit: – $0.00
0 Real / 12 Voucher
Auction Price: – $1.05
Winner Savings: $48.95
Saved 98%” – Steve S.


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