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Mar 28

QuiBidder of the Week – Teresa B.

Posted by Blake Brown under Testimonials

QuiBids' QuiBidder of the Week for the Week of March 28, 2016 - Teresa B.

A big congrats to our new QuiBidder of the Week, Teresa B.! Teresa has been sharing some truly great wins on our Facebook page the last few months. Keep reading to see what she’s been winning. Be sure to congratulate her in the comments below! 
Do you want your Facebook posts featured on our blog as the next QuiBidder of the Week? Simply post photos/videos of you with your wins on our Facebook page. Keep posting more wins as you get them for better chances. If your posts are chosen to be featured here on the blog, you’ll be named QoW and will receive 90 free bids!

Teresa won this 12-inch skillet for $0.23 using only 9 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Holy cow! Teresa won this Cuisinart 12-Inch Chef’s Classic Hard-Anodized Non-Stick Skillet with Glass Cover using only 9 VB’s and .23 cents, saving $49.76! Wow! You cant beat Cuisinart’s quality products, and you can’t have more fun than winning with QuiBids!” – Teresa

Teresa used 4 voucher bids to win this thermal underwear for only $0.23! #QuiBidsWin

“Merry Christmas! Teresa won this groovy WuHou Thermal Underwear Two Piece Set in Hot Pink for a mere 4 voucher bids and .23 cents (retail value of $26.00, saving $25.77!) to keep warm on those cold Alabama nights! Brrrrrr…..” – Teresa

Teresa won this cabinet light fixture for $0.27 using only 8 real bids and saved over $12! #QuiBidsWin

“Happy New Year! Teresa very recently won this kewl battery operated Under Cabinet Light Fixture with 3 Light heads-Auction price of .27 cents & 8 RB’s, retail price $17.99, a savings of $12.02!” – Teresa

Teresa used 6 voucher bids to win this pot for only $0.22! #QuiBidsWin

“A TRULY Awesum win! Teresa recently won this amazing DeLonghi OS-03 Cook And Serve Covered Pan with vented glass lid, 5.5 Quart size, and it is one of my best wins ever! It is very high quality, smooth and heavy, solid stainless, and really cooks great! Get one for yourself, I highly recommend it! Won with only .22 cents and 6 VB’s, retails for $44.99, saving me a whopping $44.77…..TERESA AND QUIBIDS ROCKS!” – Teresa

Teresa saved big perfume by winning QuiBids auctions!

“A DOUBLE WHAMMY WIN! Teresa recently won both of these yummy, delicious fragrance EDT sprays, the WATT (Pink) by Cofinluxe for Women – 3.4 oz, for only .17 cents and 6VB’s, retails for $16.99, a savings of $16.82! AND…..the Jovan Black Musk Cologne Concentrate Spray 3.25 Oz, for only .27 cents and 9 VB’s, retails for $21.99, a savings of $21.72. WOW! Boy do I smell good now! Thanks a mil QuiBids!” – Teresa

Teresa used ONE voucher bid to win this blouse for only $0.03! #OneBidWin

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Teresa recently won herself this Bday blouse, a Lily 3/4 Sleeve Floral Print Ruffle Accent Tunic – Black/White for only 1 VB and .03 cents! Retails for $49.99, saving me a whopping $49.96! Happy Birthday indeed! Thanks QuiBids!”

Teresa won these slim fit jeans for $0.20 using only 9 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“A couple of days ago I looked down and it dawned on me that I was wearing all Quibids wins from the waist down! I won the As Seen on TV Slim & Lift Jeans that I won last year for 9 VB’s and .20 cents, retailing at $27.99, saving me $27.79; and the Nicole Miller Ribbed Boot Socks 3 pk. that I recently won for 2VB’s and .07 cents, retailing at $9.99, saving me $9.92; AND the Dawgs FleeceDawg Clogs in black I won last year, for 7VB’s and .24 cents, retailing at $29.99, saving me $29.75! …SO, I guess what I’m saying is, IT PAYS TO BE DRESSING AND STYLING WITH QUIBIDS!” – Teresa

Teresa used 8 voucher bids to win this beach towel for only $0.16! #QuiBidsWin

“I know you really can’t tell by the pic, but THIS TOWEL IS HUGE! (30″ X 60″) Thick and great quality too! Won this Seaside Beach Towel – Reef for only .16 cents & 8 VB’s, retails for $21.99, saving me a big $21.83, a 99% savings! That is what Quibids is all about! I will enjoy this striped beauty for years-beach or no beach!!! THX, Q!” – Teresa

Teresa won this bra for $0.03 using only 1 voucher bid! #OneBidWin

“Another 1-bid win! Won this awesum Hanes Natural Lift Foam Underwire Bra – Nude, for only .03 cents and only 1 VB!!! Retailing for $29.99, saving me a huge $29.96, a 99% savings! (Be thankful I am not modeling it for ya!) QuiBids rocks again!” – Teresa

Teresa loves the tee she got on QuiBids!

“I LOVE POCKETS!!!! It is a rare thing to see me wearing a shirt without pockets, so I was THRILLED when I found this beautiful 2 pocket Dinamit Pocket V-neck Tee – Coral color, spent 25 bids, had to Buy it Now, retailed for $19.99, which I was happy to pay, for a shirt this amazing! Has 1 pocket for my phone, and another pocket for my coupons, keys, change or whatever…..I love it! Thanks Q for finding such a great shirt!” – Teresa

Teresa won this sauce pan for $0.23 using only 8 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Another win for Teresa! Won this awesome Cuisinart 2-Quart Chef’s Sauce Pan, stainless steel, for ONLY .23 cents & 8 VB’s, retailing for $44.99, saving me $44.76, a 99% savings! YES! As you all know, Cuisinart products are some of the best quality cookware products in the world! I am getting close to completely replacing my older, worn out cookware, sooooo THANX AGAIN QUIBIDS!” – Teresa

Teresa used 2 voucher bids to win this lambs wool pillow set for only $0.22! #QuiBidsWin

“Naptime! Teresa also won this 2 pillow set of Cozy Nights Lambs Wool Fluff Pile Cover Pillows – Queen size, and boy are they comfy and sweetly soft! Got em for only .22 cents & 2 VB’s, retails for $17.99, a savings of $17.77, a 99% savings! YAY!!!!!! Sleep tight Quibidsland! (zzzzzzzzzz)” – Teresa

Teresa won this flying alarm clock for $0.21 using only 10 voucher bids! #QuiBidsWin

“Hi folks! I recently won this Northwest Flying Alarm Clock for my oldest son, so hopefully he won’t lollygag about getting up so much! Got it for only .21 cents & 10 VB’s, valued at $18.99, saving me $18.78, a 99% savings! Yes! That’s what it’s all about Q!” – Teresa

Teresa used 1 bid to win these bell bottoms for only $0.01! #OneBidWin

“ANOTHER ONE BID WIN!!!! I got the awesum Dinamit Bell Bottoms – Navy/Orange/Turquoise Print for ONLY .01 cent and 1 RB! Retails at $19.99, saving me $19.38, a 97% savings! I know the blouse doesn’t go with them, but I just had to model ’em for yous guys! THANKS QUIBIDS!!!!!” – Teresa

Teresa used 3 voucher bids to win these palazzo pants for only $0.22! #QuiBidsWin

“I also recently won these groovy Popana Palazzo Pants – Blue – Aztec Print for only .22 cents and 3 VB’s! Retailed at $29.99, saving me $29.77, a 99% savings! YES SIR!” – Teresa

Teresa loves the mini arcade game machine she got on QuiBids!

“I also BIN’d this cute little SoundLogic XT Multicade 230 Miniature Retro Arcade Video Game Machine – Black, has lotsa built-in games on it, for my son’s birthday, retailed for $32.99, worth every penny if he enjoys it!!!!!” – Teresa


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