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Apr 17

QuiBidder of the Week – Wendi M.

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This week’s featured QuiBidder is Wendi M.  Wendi joined QuiBids in November of last year, and has since been doing a lot of her shopping with QuiBids.  Wendi’s QuiBids Strategy has involved spending a majority of her time watching auctions instead of bidding.  Once she felt she has a comfortable grasp on how a specific auction typically ends on QuiBids, she jumped right in.  In a short time, Wendi had accumulated lots of great products (and had fun doing it)!  You can read Wendi’s QuiBids story below:

“I began on QuiBids out of curiosity after seeing a commercial back in November of 2011. I immediately won two pairs of Turtle Beach headphones for my boys and a Dr. Dre Beats set of headphones and thought….”hey, this is fun!” Over the next month or two, I spent most of my time “watching” the auctions instead of bidding. I analyzed and analyzed bidding strategies, especially the optimum times to use the Bid-O-Matic! I’m not on QuiBids every day, but when I go on, I’ve learned to win up to my bid limit! The one place I was not successful was winning a TV, so I tried a different strategy! I started to win Wal-Mart gift cards…and saved up over $600 in just a short time. So, in the case of a TV auction, I went out and BOUGHT my Vizio HD/3D tv instead with the Walmart gift cards I had won on QuiBids! Many of these cards I won for pennies-and it truly was exciting to see how much money I saved on the TV! Not only did I save BIG, but I had a lot of fun bidding! I have won 86 auctions now (iPod touch, tablet, camera, gift cards, headphones, kitchen items, a vacuum) and I know I will be a QuiBidder for a long time-but just know, there is definitely more than one way to win those big ticket items! Now, I’m focused on those Home Depot cards and have been winning them. My husband needs a new snow blower for next year!” – Wendi M., QuiBidder of the Week for April 16, 2012.

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QuiBidder of the Week Guidelines:

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Be sure to tell Wendi “Congrats” in the comment section below!  Have a great week, QuiBidders!


  1. Mae Demdam says:

    What a clever little strategy! Bid on the gift cards, save them and buy the TV with the gift cards. It is probably a lot easier to wait and bid on smaller items than on the high demand ones. Congratulations Wendi!