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Oct 17

QuiBids’ 5th Birthday Giveaway

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests

QuiBids 5th Birthday Giveaway

(10-23-2014 UPDATE: This promotion has ended. Thank you to all who participated! Keep checking back for our next big giveaway!)

Happy birthday to US!

We wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for all of you. So we want to make sure that you get the opportunity to take part in our 5th birthday festivities. We’ll be giving away tons of free bids, gameplays, and other awesome prizes! This blog post will be updated daily with the details of each new giveaway, so keep coming back for more ways to win! Keep reading to learn how you can celebrate with us. 

Five Days of Promo Codes

Since we’re coming up on our fifth birthday, the number five has somewhat of a special meaning to us. So for the five days leading up to our big day (Oct. 22), we’ll be giving away a new promo code each day for five free bids.  You will have a little over one day to claim each new code, and your bids will expire 24 hours after they are claimed, so don’t wait too long to redeem and use them! The coupons will be posted here, on Twitter, and Facebook, so be sure to follow us and keep checking back every day starting Saturday (10-18) through Wednesday (10- 22).

Five Days of Giveaways

Everyone will have the opportunity to use the promo codes mentioned above, but a few lucky QuiBidders will be chosen to win some really awesome products just in time for the holidays! Keep checking back on Facebook, Twitter, and this blog post each day for updates on how to enter.

Free Gameplays

Finally, we will be giving out free Gameplays randomly to users who entered to win the above giveaways. So if you don’t win a product giveaway, there’s still a chance you could win a Gameplay.

Congrats to the winners!

Here are the giveaway winners (so far):

Day one winner - Natasha B

Day two winner - Travis M.


Day 3 winner - Dan T.


QuiBids 5th Birthday - Day 5 Winner


QuiBids' 5th Birthday Giveaway Day 5 Winner - Rick M.


Gameplay Winners:

  • Christina M.
  • Gretchen P.
  • Ken H.

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Prizes are reflective for US customers only. If a non-US resident wins, they may be awarded an item of equivalent value. Winners will be posted here on the blog. On the final day, we’ll show you something new we’ve been working on.