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Dec 06

QuiBids Above and Beyond Managers: Mark Moderie

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It’s Above and Beyond Manager time once again! This month’s outstanding employee is Mark Moderie who came to Oklahoma City to work in our Merchandising department a few months ago from sunshiny California. Mark manages our Electronics and Gift Cards categories for U.S. customers which means his job’s gotten a lot busier ever since we debuted our new auction format that allows customers to choose from a bunch more products.

Take a few minutes to get to know Mark and how he likes working with us here at QuiBids, and tell him congratulations on being our Above and Beyond Manager for the month of November in the comments!

1. You’re fairly new at QuiBids. Where did you work previously?
Previous to QuiBids I worked at in City of Industry, California and prior to that I worked at in Missoula, Montana.

2. How are you and your family finding Oklahoma City?
We absolutely love it.  The people here are so friendly and nice, much like Montana. My kids are doing well in school and making plenty of friends.

3. Have you won anything yet at Fun Friday? 

I actually won something my second Fun Friday. I won a Dyson Air Multiplier. My kids thought it was great that they could fit through the inside of the fan. It kept them entertained.

[Blogger’s note: Since QuiBids employees (and their immediate families and/or roommates) aren’t allowed to bid on the site, we host actual IRL auctions every Friday. Check the Eligibility section of our Terms & Conditions for more information.]

4. What’s the last A) book you read B) movie you saw C) YouTube video you watched? Last book I read was one of the Gunslinger books by Stephen King. The last movie was the new Red Dawn (much different than the original), and the last YouTube video was of [warning: some strong language] “Fantastic Voyage” by Coolio that Thomas IM’d to me.

5. Hypothetical situation: You’re running late to work so you decide to shave with your electric razor in the car. It runs out of batteries, leaving only one side of your face clean shaven. Do you A) go to work with half your face shaven or B) return home and just call in sick?
Certainly would head back home, shave then return back to work.

6. Who did you want to be like when you were a kid?
Would probably have to say John Elway or Steve Atwater, I was and still am a huge Denver Broncos fan. My dad brainwashed me when I was a kid.

7. What’s your biggest online distraction from work?

Yahoo Fantasy Football. This is a bit of a tender subject right now.  In our QuiBids league I was 11-1 with the most points scored on the season and just last week in the first round of the playoffs my team laid an egg and I was knocked out. My record this year was 0-2 against Taylor (yes he beat me during the season and knocked me out of the playoffs), rest of the league 11-0. Taylor better watch out next year, I’m gunning for you!

8. If QuiBids were a sitcom, who plays Mark Moderie?
I am not really sure how to answer this one, I think I would leave casting to someone else.

9. What was the most important piece of advice you ever received from anybody?
Probably from my mother, “Treat other people how you would want to be treated”

10. What do you like best about working for QuiBids?
The environment at QuiBids is so refreshing.  It is not typical corporate America and you genuinely feel like your opinion matters and you can make a difference. I have really enjoyed my time at QuiBids thus far and the people here are great.

Photo by Erik Gause

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