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May 07

QuiBids and Habitat for Humanity: building community through fun!

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Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit we work with at the local level because it helps limited-income families step up into decent, affordable housing in and around Oklahoma City. It’s a lofty, ongoing mission and one of the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity’s ongoing projects to achieve it lies in northeast Oklahoma City, in a neighborhood called Hope Crossing.

It’s a five-phase project on 59 acres of land that was donated to Central Oklahoma Habitat in 2005, and by 2009 all the lots were cleared out and outfitted to host utilities (like roads, water, sewer and drainage, etc.). At the moment all but 12 of the 217 planned houses are finished, and most have occupants, so there’s still a little ways to go.

And while QuiBids’ll be helping out with one of these houses later this month —all of which are energy efficient and wheelchair accessible— we’re also donating and helping to install a playground on Hope Crossing’s all-purpose playing field. Because what’s a neighborhood without a safe space for kids to play?

It’s a big project so we’ll be out there at Hope Crossing a couple of times this month installing the playground equipment and working on a couple of homes. Our first group, which included our chief financial officer Jeff Geurts (whom you may remember from our live chat a few months ago) set out this Saturday and got a lot of the initial playground work done. So check out some of these before and during photos, and we’ll show you the after shots near the end of the month!

Here’s what the field looked like before we started installing equipment.



And here’s what all the playground equipment looked like before we started unloading and installing everything. It looks much less fun this way.


From there we started unloading, unboxing, unwrapping, and assembling all the playground’s bits and pieces: the slides, supports, stairwells, and archways that make it so fun. That guy with the awesome beard is Chuck, he’s one of our web designers.



Here Jeff helps one of the Habitat volunteers unload support beams.






No playground’s complete without a big ol’ bed of mulch to lay out. And we had a ton of it delivered, and we’ll smooth it out around the newly installed equipment at a later date.



Johanna on the left is one of our accountants, but she’s pretty good at mixing cement too.


Here’s what it looked like when we finished up for the day. Definitely ready for play!



You can read more about Hope Crossing and Habitat for Humanity’s plans for it here.

All photos by Jill Merritt.

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