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Jan 11

QuiBids at CES 2012

Posted by jfarrand under Events, News, Products, QuiBids Employees

And… we’re back!  You may recall our “road trip” to CES from 2011.  Well, we’re once again out at this Las Vegas Convention to see what some of the newest and hottest products are that are soon to hit stores and your home!

There’s been some discussion in the industry about this convention losing some credibility due to some of the hottest products that are out now, were not debuted at the convention (Apple iPad, iPhone, the Amazon Kindle and some others).  These products are among the few that were actually launched by the companies’ own scheduled events.  Regardless if the “next big thing” isn’t revealed at CES, it’s still known as the largest consumer tech convention with typically more than 140,000 attendees with around 2,700+ exhibitors.  But for us, as a retailer in the entertainment shopping industry, CES is still very important.

Last year we knew of the emergence of 4G products, multitudes of tablets, the increase of 3D and convergence of connectivity in the home.  So what are we to look out for in 2012?  So far, there has been talk about tablets (again, more tablets), connectedness with appliances and even workout equipment through apps and touch screen interfaces (same as last year, but enhanced) and ultrabooks or super slim notebooks just to name a few.  This list is actually similar to what we saw last year.

We’ll give a full recap of our experience on the event from one of our attendees once they’re back.  What products are you interested to know more about for 2012?  Send us your feedback below.