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Jan 16

QuiBids at CES 2014

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QuiBids at CES

For the past 40+ years, Las Vegas has been a home to one of the biggest trade shows in the world – CES (or Consumer Electronics Show). Journalists, retailers, early adopters, and pretty much anyone interested in technology flock to this event each year to get a glimpse at the latest and greatest in consumer electronics.

QuiBids sent four employees to CES in Las Vegas last week with two goals particularly in mind. First, we want to learn everything we can about all the cool new products and technologies, but most importantly we wanted to make sure we’re able to get these products on our site.

What we’re our takeaways from CES this year?

Jeremy Ussery (pictured below), is a Buyer who works in the Merchandising department here at QuiBids and he was one of the four employees that attended the trade show last week.  I asked Jeremy to share some of his experiences from the event. Here’s what he had to say.

QuiBids Employee Jeremy Ussery

What products did you see at CES that you’d most like to bring to QuiBids?

We really want to bring smartwatches to the QuiBids assortment. At CES, there were several companies making their unique version of Android (and iPhone) compatible watches. These watches can do anything from checking text messages and Facebook posts to screening and answering phone calls.


What was one general industry trend you took away from CES this year?

This year, there was a lot of attention focused on health. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA, or the organization behind CES), has reported a 40% growth in digital health exhibitors over last year with over 300 exhibitors in the medtech space.  At CES, we witnessed a vast array of products that focused on health. There were a lot of fitness wristbands and trackers that provide you with real time information to help you get in shape. There were also wearable monitors that can not only track your health, but inform your doctor of your current health status.

fitness wristbands and trackers

Any new products or brands that QuiBids customers can look forward to in 2014?

Some items that should be coming to QuiBids in the near future are: 4k televisions, smart watches, fitness watches/trackers, and phablets (combination of a phone and tablet).


Phablet (phone/tablet)

CES has a history of bizarre promotional stunts. Did you see anything creative that stood out?

Unlike previous years where you would see people dressed in costumes riding unicycles around, this year was pretty tame. Companies did, however, try to bring excitement to their floor space by having celebrities such as Shaq, John Legend, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Nick Cannon – just to name a few. Also, Michael Bay’s presentation for Samsung went from being promotional to somewhat bizarre when there was a malfunction with the teleprompter. I have to admit, it was entertaining. Here’s the video:

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