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Jul 17

QuiBids Australia: What you need to know!

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features


Good morning, QuiBidders!

[Assuming you’re in the western hemisphere and reading this post when it was published, at 4:33 p.m. Central Standard Time.]

While the bulk of our customer base is spread out across the U.S. (where QuiBids is headquartered) and Canada, and probably reading this post as they’re getting ready to head home for the day, a whole other market is drinking their morning coffee, perhaps checking to see if they can score a great deal on out site. They’re down under in the beautiful, broad continent of Australia, probably feeling awesome about the fact that super-adorable koalas are native to there.

Because QuiBids operates in multiple countries and the fairly recent introduction of the short-lived Global Auctions, we often field questions specific to our various markets. As a result we thought it might be helpful to spell out some of the facts about QuiBids Australia and how new customers there can get started bidding and winning!s.

First: Shipping doesn’t cost more because you’re outside the U.S.

Our relationships with vendors (the people who ship our products) extend across the globe, which means we don’t have to ship all our items from Oklahoma City, where our office is headquartered. Instead, we can tell our vendors (who are in Brisbane, Sydney, Montreal, or Denver, or wherever!) where to ship items for us, which cuts down on our shipping costs, which directly saves you money, too!

Second: Aussie Aussie Aussies! Here’s how you get started with QuiBids!

We launched in Australia way back in September 2011 (September 14, 2011, to be exact) but we’ve been picking up new customers especially frequently lately. For those of you who are still trying to figure out exactly how it works, here are a handful of online resources you may want to bookmark as you begin to learn how QuiBids works!

QuiBids 101
We specifically built QuiBids 101 with starters in mind, so head here to check out exactly how our auction model works, how to avoid the most common beginner’s mistakes, and even how to use particularly important site features, like the Bid-O-Matic and the QBar!

QuiBids Help
In addition to hosting its own separate search feature, the QuiBids Help section’s got a ton of FAQs that explain everything from the Buy Now to how to customize your email preferences. It’s for newbies and old hands alike!

QuiBids Customer Support
We employ a large team of customer support representatives and managers to help you understand and use QuiBids in a way that’s convenient and fun for you! Hit them up via phone, email, or even live chat!

QuiBids Social
Lastly, there are a ton of ways to enrich your QuiBids experience with social media. This blog post explains it pretty well, but put short you can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for daily free bid giveaways, promotions, discussions of strategy and site feature information, too!

Happy bidding, Aussies!