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Jan 13

QuiBids Games Explained

Posted by Blake Brown under Site Features

QuiBids Games

Have you noticed QuiBids’ newest feature, QuiBids Games? The idea of playing a game to win free bids seems enticing. But before you begin bidding on your first auction that includes a Gameplay be sure to read this article, in addition the the Game FAQs.

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What are Gameplays?
Much like our now-defunct Hybrid Auctions that included both a product and a specific amount of Voucher Bids, some auctions will include a Gameplay attached with the product. Gameplays give the bidder the ability to choose from a selection of incredible Games to try to win a ton of free Voucher Bids.  You can easily tell which auctions include a Gameplay, because product image will include one of the green icons shown below:

Every Gameplay will also include a 1X, 2X, 3X, or 5X, or 10X.  These are known as Game Multipliers.

What are Game Multipliers?
Game Multipliers allow you to win more bids from a single game. For example, let’s say you win 50 bids playing Ground Hog Hunting with a 1X Game Multiplier. Here is how the same payout would have been with a higher Game Multiplier:

  • 2X Game Multiplier:  100 Bids
  • 3X Game Multiplier:  150 Bids
  • 5X Game Multiplier:  250 Bids
  • 10X Game Multiplier:  500 Bids
  • 15X Game Multiplier:  750 Bids

As you can see, the Game Multiplier is multiplied by the number of bids won. So the higher the Game Multiplier, the greater number of free bids that you can win.

How do I redeem a Gameplay?
After you’ve won an auction with a Gameplay attached, you’re ready to play QuiBids Games! To redeem the Gameplay, click on the “My QuiBids” link at the top of the screen, then click on “My Games.”

From there, you will be taken to a screen that shows your game activity. The right side of the screen will display your Gameplay history. On the left side of the screen, under the “Game Spotlight” section, will show your available Gameplays. If you have Gameplays available, the Game Multiplier icon will be green. If you do not have any Gameplays the icons will be gray as shown below:

Remember to utilize the strategy outlined in QuiBids 101 when attempting to attain a Gameplay. Auctions with Gameplays attached usually have a slight increase in competition, so expect the ending price to be higher than if the auction didn’t have the Gameplay attached. Remember that our Customer Support staff will be available and happy to assist you if you are having issues, or if you would just like some more information.

Happy bidding, and game on!


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