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Dec 15

QuiBids’ Games in Every Country!

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Last week, we launched Games in Canada.  This week, we’ve launched them in Australia and the United Kingdom.  Every QuiBids’ customer has the opportunity to gain additional free bids through this latest feature!  Exciting, huh?!

If you didn’t already know, QuiBids first launched games in October of this year in the U.S. It was such a success that we continued to work on them for our additional markets.  Games were initially developed to add another element to entertainment shopping and in specific, to our entertaining auctions!  We are bringing a true hybrid between traditional auctions and games.  By bringing these two industries together, it really makes the overall online shopping experience one like you’ve never had before!

The initial game we’re offering to everyone is Ground Hog Hunting.  It is a skill-based game where participants can win bids by whacking groundhogs before the timer runs out.  No purchase necessary.  See rules for details.  It’s a race against the clock in this game but beware, you don’t want to hit a groundhog that may take away bids!  However, you might just want to hit the one holding the triple Z icon. Zzz… Zzz… Zzz…

If you’re liking the concept of the inclusion of these games, well this is just the beginning!  There are more QuiBids’ Games in development and we’ll roll them out once they’re ready.  You will definitely want to keep checking back for when the next one is launched.  Each game will have a different level of skill to it. We hope you like them and that they add more enjoyment and entertainment to your QuiBids experience!


Have you played a game yet?  Tell us what your experience was and what you think!

Full Disclosure: No groundhogs were harmed during the development of this game.

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