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Feb 21

QuiBids Helps to Fight Hunger and Feed Hope

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The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma’s mission is “Fight Hunger, Feed Hope.”  Last week, we took part in an awesome community project to help sort food that will in turn be distributed to people in need around our city and state.

The programs we helped sort food for included the Senior Feeding and ”Food 4 Kids” programs.  The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is committed to identifying and assisting our surrounding senior citizens who are at the highest risk of going hungry.  Individual sorted bags contained juice boxes, milk, cereal, granola bars and other snacks.  These are then distributed to seniors in need about three times a month.  The ‘Food 4 Kids’ is much needed program in which chronically hungry elementary school children receive a backpack with food over weekends and holidays when they don’t have access to school lunches.  Individual bags contained similar goods such as juice boxes, milk, cereal and other snacks.  The Food Bank asserts that over one-third, or 15,000, of its emergency food recipients on a weekly basis are children.  This is an unfortunate statistic that we hope to help alleviate.

Although we did a lot of work, we had an absolute blast too!  There were assembly lines set up where 6-8 of us would each bag two items and then send the bag onto the next person.  We did this for about half the time we spent at the Food Bank and then were given a small break.  After the break, we continued onto boxing non-perishables that had to be sorted, weighed and filed onto a pallet for each category of goods. We were finishing so many boxes so quickly, we were told we were giving the Food Bank staff a good workout that day!

We had about 30 of our employees volunteer for this great event.  In two days we sorted and packed an of equivalent 12,092 meals!  That’s a lot of mouths to feed and we were ecstatic to hear that number and know the impact we made on our community.

The entire Regional Food Bank staff and volunteers were great to work for and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  We appreciate organizations like this – thank you for what you do Regional Food Bank, and thank you for having us out!