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Oct 22

QuiBids Improves Auction Format, Offers More Products

Posted by Matt Carney under Press Releases

Oklahoma City, OK — October 22, 2012 —, the world’s leading entertainment retail auction, announces the biggest update to its auction model since the site was established in 2009. All QuiBids auctions for tangible products now offer customers their choice from a variety of comparably priced items, should they win an auction or purchase the product through Buy Now. The new auction model was introduced steadily over the course of several weeks to allow customers the chance to acclimate to it.

[Check out this blog post for more information specific to how QuiBids’ new auction format functions.]

“Since the introduction of the new model, we’re now hosting more auctions to keep up with customer demand,” said Jill Farrand, QuiBids’ director of public relations. “A huge majority of our customers responded with increased participation on the site, which is allowing us to offer more auctions and a wider range of products than ever before.”

As opposed to the original single-item auction format, multiple-product auctions allow customers to bid on a specified price point and choose from a list of products near that price that are available, should they win or Buy Now. The number of available products is different for every auction, and could be anywhere from a few dozen to over one hundred.

“The most regularly recurring feedback we received from customers concerned our narrow product selection,” said Farrand. “The new format creates a lot of freedom that our customers didn’t have before, and it definitely amplifies the customer value of our Buy Now proposition as well.”

About QuiBids:
QuiBids launched in October of 2009 and has expanded with their improved internet auction model. QuiBids live auctions are more exciting, reliable and safer than other online auction websites. QuiBids is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

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