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Sep 14

QuiBids in Australia

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This post was created to announce the launching of QuiBids into Australia.  If you would like to learn more about QuiBids Australia, go here.


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You heard right QuiBidders!  We’ve waited quite a while and we’re now in the grand continent and country of Australia!  We’ll randomly pick current customers who Tweet any of the below comments through September 30th and give out 5 free bids.  So c’mon and join us in the excitement!  Tweet any of the tweets below for a chance to receive 5 free bids.

@QuiBids opens its doors to #Australia (@QuiBidsAU). #QuiBidsAU

Never pay more than retail on @QuiBidsAU with the site’s “Buy Now” feature.  #QuiBidsAU

Australia!  As of 9-12-11 you can finally see how @QuiBidsAU “Redefines Shopping!” #deals #QuiBidsAU

@QuiBidsAU has come to give Australians the gift of “Entertainment Shopping!” #QuiBidsAU

Items sell for up to a 99% discount on @QuiBidsAU every day! #deals  #QuiBidsAU

@QuiBidsAU redefines shopping by providing the best deals possible with a fun and exciting online experience #QuiBidsAU

Now that @QuiBids is in #Australia, Australians will be shown their own auctions – less competition. #QuiBidsAU

With @QuiBidsAU, Australians can now get GREAT deals on brand new products like iPads and 3D HDTV’s. #QuiBidsAU

#OnceUponATime, @QuiBids had a dream to expand across seas.  The dream led them to #Australia.  #QuiBidsAU

.@QuiBidsAU is finally here to share its unique shopping experience with #Australia!  #QuiBidsAU

@QuiBidsAU will revolutionize how people shop online in #Australia!  #QuiBidsAU

Knock knock, #Australia.  @QuiBidsAU is here!  #QuiBidsAU

I sure hope Australians love getting quality items for 95% off retail!  #QuiBidsAU

The opening of @QuiBidsAU into Australia comes just under two months after QuiBids opened in Canada!  #QuiBidsAU

Australia – the New @QuiBids frontier.  #QuiBidsAU


  1. Anonymous says:

    where do i view recent purchase

    1. QuiBids says:

      Hello! Go to the “My QuiBids” section of the site. On the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, you should see a link for Order History, Bidding History, Won Auctions, and much more. Let us know if you are still having issues.