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May 11

How to win 50 FREE bids on QuiBids!

Posted by Blake Brown under Contests

QuiBids Daily Sweepstakes Contest for 50 free bids

UPDATE (2016-10-01): This contest has ended.

UPDATE (3-5-2014): This contest has been updated. Read the changes here.

Have you heard the news? Every day QuiBids gives away 50 FREE bids from the Daily Sweepstakes contest on Facebook! Now you can even enter to win our daily contest for 50 free bids just by using your mobile device. So, in the time it takes you to walk to your car in the morning, you could already have an entry submitted for the day. Would you like to know more? Read on.

Four winners every Monday-Friday

QuiBids will  select four winners at random from the entire pool of entries.

Better odds of winning

Formerly, the pool of entries in our Daily Sweepstakes was cleaned out after every drawing. This meant you had to enter the Daily Sweepstakes only on that particular day to have your entry included in that day’s drawing.

With our newly improved Daily Sweepstakes, the pool of entries will not be cleared until the first day of the following month. So even though you’ll still be limited to one entry per day, you’ll improve your odds by adding one additional entry to the sweepstakes every day. Let’s look at two examples:

  • Example 1:  Say you enter the Daily Sweepstakes on June 1. For the remainder of the month of June, you forget to go back to QuiBids’ Facebook page to submit additional entries. Your one entry will be included in every drawing for the month of June, so it could be possible to win the sweepstakes any day that month.
  • Example 2: You really want to win free bids, so you submit an entry every day in the month of June. On the last day of the month (June 30), you’ll have submitted 30 entries for the Daily Sweepstakes. 

A user who has entered the Daily Sweepstakes every day that month (like Example 2) would be about 3000% more likely to win the daily Sweepstakes on the last day of the month than someone with just one entry (Example 1) at the same time.

How to enter with your mobile device

Enter to win 50 free bids from your smart phone.

You can now enter the Daily Sweepstakes from your mobile device.

We’re thrilled to provide more people with chances to enter the Daily Sweepstakes on their mobile device! The above image previews how how the contest entry form looks on a phone. To enter from your phone, see the Vine below:


Simpler, cleaner layout

The layout of our Daily Sweepstakes Facebook application is much simpler and easier to use than before.

Where are winners announced?

Each winner will receive an email notification to claim the free bids.  Every Monday – Friday, we will post a photo with the avatars of the 4 Daily Sweepstakes winners.  You can also follow our Contest Winners Pinterest Board to keep up with the winners too.

Daily entries

Although you can only enter once per day, be sure to enter every day to improve your chances of winning.

Daily winners

Based on your feedback, you’d rather QuiBids continue to select four winners every Monday – Friday.

Auto-Complete form with Facebook information

The entry form will also have an “auto-complete with Facebook” button, which allows you to quickly fill out the form with your Facebook details.

In case you were snoozing, (or you scrolled down too fast) here’s a brief recap:

  • Four winners will be chosen at random every day to win 50 free bids each.
  • Winners will receive an email notification within 24 hours of each day’s drawing. If you do not receive an email, it means you did not win.
  • You can only enter once per day.
  • You increase your chances of winning by entering every day.
  • All entries are saved throughout each month, and reset at the beginning of each new month. So if you enter once throughout the entire month, that single entry stays in the contest until that month is over. If you enter every day that month, on the last day of the month you’ll have around 30 entries submitted.
  • There’s no limit to the number of times you can win the Daily Sweepstakes.
  • Keep in mind that bids won via the Daily Sweepstakes will expire seven (7) days after they are credited.




  1. ConnieBurgess says:

    this sounds realy great and as hard as times are winning something you realy need on a penny action is realy great

  2. its not really that hard this web site i have won things for 1 bid and nice thing just try it you well love it!!!!!!!!

  3. its not really that hard this web site i have won things for 1 bid and nice thing just try it you well love it!!!!!!!!