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Jan 10

QuiBids New Blog

Posted by jfarrand under News, Site Features

As previously mentioned, we have multiple things in store for 2012.  For us, one way to create a sense of renewal for the new year is through our blog.  We decided to implement a nicer, cleaner layout. But not only do we have this new layout, it’s full of social media plugins for your enjoyment to tweet, +1 or share with your friends.  We’ve essentially expanded our social network!

The old layout was rather limited and didn’t provide much of a search function to sort through all our previous posts.  Now, you can do a search or select blogs from a particular category.  We’ll also begin to post much more frequently to keep you well informed of all the happenings here at QuiBids.  After all, one of our goals is to be as transparent as possible, so we’ll be sure to pump out as much information as we can.

Now, just what all will be happening here at QuiBids?!  We’re glad you asked.  We’ll have a variety of events, product features, company and personnel features, the addition of new features, event sponsorships and involvement, industry news, more tips and strategies, many more contests and fun promotions for you to participate in and well… a lot to say the least!  Since we released our latest QuiBids Games, it’s been so successful that we’re already in the works of putting together new games.

What do you think of the new, cleaner layout?  Tell us what you think by leaving your comment below.  We’d love to know!