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Mar 01

QuiBids opens QuiBids Store to Canada

Posted by Matt Carney under Press Releases

Oklahoma City, OK — February 28, 2013 —, the world’s leading entertainment retail auction, introduces the QuiBids Store in the Canadian market.  QuiBids Store made its debut last November in the United States and has since expanded its services.

“We’re ecstatic to offer the QuiBids Store in the Canadian market,” said Kerry Morris, QuiBids’ Vice President of Business Development and Merchandising. “We knew launching the Store would put us on a more competitive field with retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and eBay.  However, we’ve kept a unique aspect to our traditional e-commerce side that still separates us from the rest.”

QuiBids Store creates a unique proposition for customers that complements the fast-moving auction format QuiBids launched with in 2009. At the Store, customers can purchase from QuiBids’ selection of products at competitive retail pricing, but with a twist: each product includes a specific amount of Voucher Bids that can be used in QuiBids auctions. The amount of Voucher Bids varies per product, though it typically increases with the product’s value.

QuiBids continues to expand its entertainment shopping industry beyond what it planned upon launch. Since its inception, QuiBids has sought to offer customers more traditional e-commerce services in addition to its exciting auction format. “QuiBids Store is a big, decisive step toward that,” said Morris. “And the Store’s success in the U.S. has enabled us to expand it internationally.”

QuiBids has come a long way since rebranding as an entertainment retail auction back in 2011 and offering competitive bidding on popular products.  It has grown to be the largest online bidding site of its kind, employing more than 140 people in its Oklahoma City office.

“The positive feedback we received from the U.S. market made it an easy decision to offer it in an additional market,” said Morris. “We expect the QuiBids Store to perform well in Canada and welcome as much feedback from our customers as possible.”

About QuiBids:
QuiBids launched in October of 2009 and has expanded with its improved internet auction model. QuiBids live auctions are more exciting, reliable and safer than other online auction websites. It’s the most fun way to get what you want online. QuiBids is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

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