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What is QuiBids?

QuiBids is an entertainment retail auction site, but it’s different than traditional auction sites on the web. On QuiBids, users must purchase bid packages in advance at $0.60/bid.  Each auction starts at $0.00, and every bid placed raises the auction price by as little as $0.01 and typically adds around 10-20 second to the clock.  If no one else bids when the timer hits zero, the the last person to place their bid typically gets and insane discount (up to 99% off retail!)

What happens if I lose an auction?

If you lose an auction, you don’t have to walk away empty-handed. With QuiBids’ Buy Now feature, in any auction you lose, the bids you placed will be applied to the retail price of the product.  So the best case scenario, you win the auction and get a HUGE discount.  But with Buy Now, the worst case scenario only has to be that you purchase the product at retail.  This is why QuiBids recommends only bidding on products you intend to purchase anyway.  This prevents you from ever walking away from an auction with nothing.

Is QuiBids Really a Fake?

Some people on the internet claim that QuiBids is a sham.  Typically, the people who make these claims fail to read the massive wealth of knowledge provided in the QuiBids 101 and Help sections of QuiBids.com.  Just look at all of these happy QuiBidders who are using QuiBids the right way, and subsequently reaping the rewards.

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Feb 23, 2014 by Sejdi Llapashtica

I really like Quibids, apart from 1 downfall I think it's great, I've bid on two items and I won them for a few cents, one for 0.09 and the other for 0.18. My son was overwhelmed with joy as he opened a delivered box of Tritton Headphones and I was really happy to receive my Draper DIY Bundle Pack 1, both these items where nice and SUPER cheap! I really like Quibids and I will probably defiantly use Quibids in the future! The one downfall is using your bids and not getting them back, I understand that Quibids will not make any profit if we just by the cheapest bid pack and never buy any bid packs again, however when my country is just about coming out of a recession and it's economically tough to live it's hard to use a site I love without losing, as I recently bought 45 bids for £18.00 and I lost them on two gadgets I needed, a phone and an Ipad, that's the only downfall I can think of, however apart from that the site is great!

Kind regards,
Quibid user

Feb 21, 2014 by Michael

I have enjoyed QuiBids and have won some nice items. I would love to be able to play the games, but as of yet have not won a gameplay. I've tried, in fact I was bidding on a gas card with a gameplay attached and was placing my bid when it said the auction was over. There were still 3 seconds on the clock. I have had that happen to me at least 5 times and it is very frustrating. Fortunately, I have learned not to bid on anything that I am not willing to purchase. So, I didn't loose my money, but bought the gas card anyway. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a game play when you buy it. I wish it would. I think that would make QuiBids better. I love playing games and I am sure there are others out there that would love to try their hand at the games.

Newbie experience

Feb 05, 2014 by Lucille

Hi there...I am so excited to become a member of QuiBids! Just as I was signing up, an auction came that had no bids and the timer was less than 2 minutes...As I watched the seconds move to 15 seconds left and still no bids, I clicked to make a bid, but I did not have any bids yet! The item was not sold, so I could have won my first auction with just one bid...oh well....next time?

I have found that the information on your site is easy to understand and also very fair and realistic...I am impressed with your integrity...Thanks

Jan 29, 2014 by HP

Although I lost some bids, but it was fun to involve. Only thing is how to control bidder who spent more bids than the item's bid for.
I had seen some bidder who spent more 50 bids for the 15 bid auction.
Other than this, it's a great site to bid.

Jan 24, 2014 by bobby

wish there were more gift cards available & either no fee on them or at lest less of a fee. also the voucher bids can be a nuisance because you can be bidding against someone you"ll never beat in an auction. because they can bid as many as they want to win even if they spend a thousand voucher bids on a 10$ gift card just to beat you.that"s exaggerating but true. maybe if there was a limit on vouchers bids you could bid on an item this would be a perfect auction. other tan that i love quibids


Jan 23, 2014 by Kyle

I enjoy bidding as much as I enjoy the wins! Very nice community of people. Only place I have seen that actually helps you to win with some very good advice quibids 101. Love that you can't lose when your bids are credited to the product you were bidding on so you can still buy it!

Jan 21, 2014 by Tim Adkins

Fun, well made site. Only problem is there are alot of people that have been doing it for years, and if you compete against them in an auction, you will lose. Needs to have a more even playing field.

sight is for real

Jan 21, 2014 by william bolton

they have delivered on every win so far used gas
cards restraunt cards and walmart cards won from bidding sight

Jan 17, 2014 by Kevin Janca

I am very pleased I found this website. I heard that if you win a item for .50 for less you get the item free, I'm not sure about that as I had to pay the auction price for the items I won that were less than .50. Other than that though I love the site!

Jan 15, 2014 by Mark Moore

I heard about this site about a month ago and sorry I did not hear about it sooner. I have won over 20 items at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it retail. this is an awesome site and they are fair and honest. Always a person to talk to if needed and very friendly. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to save some money and have fun while doing it.

QuiBids , USA 4.8 5.0 307 307 I really like Quibids, apart from 1 downfall I think it's great, I've bid on two items and I won them for a few cents, one for 0.09 and the other for 0.18. My son was overwhelmed w