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Jul 24

QuiBids shipping: What you need to know!

Posted by Matt Carney under Site Features


When you shop online, how much does a company’s shipping policies and prices factor into your decision making?

UPDATE: As of January 14 2012, QuiBids now offers free shipping on all  products for U.S. customers, whether won at auction or purchased via Buy Now or at the QuiBids Store! We do still reserve the right to add a shipping charge to any product at any time however, though we will make that explicit on the item’s auction and product pages.

At QuiBids we aren’t without shipping costs, though we’ve worked hard since our site’s fall 2009 launch to push them down as low as possible. Contrary to what it may seem, our shipping costs are carefully calculated by averaging our cost to ship a certain product over the last week. We then round that amount off to an even dollar, so as to be less confusing for our customers, and that’s why you may see that shipping costs vary from time to time.

One way to ensure that you always know the cost of shipping on an item you’re interested in is to check the bottom of its auction page, because that’s where we always list how much it’ll cost to get the item to you.

At QuiBids, we drop ship our items — there isn’t some QuiBids warehouse in the Midwest sending deliveries to people out in blue and orange trucks. Because we drop ship, delivery can take a little longer than usual, so we recommend that you count on allowing seven-14 business days to receive what you won, though we hear about people receiving stuff —particularly gift cards, which are smaller and easier to send out— in just two or three days sometimes.

Here are a couple quick facts about QuiBids shipping and delivery. For more information, we recommend you check out our Help section about Shipping & Returns!

1. Most items purchased on QuiBids may be returned anytime within 30 days for a refund of the transaction price of the merchandise returned, but not the bids used in the auction. To be sure, we recommend you check the bottom of the item’s auction page for the precise return policy.

2. We say most, because we won’t issue returns on the following items:
-Gift cards
-Apple iPads
-Consumables, including but not limited to recordable media, film, digital memory, tapes, batteries, paper, and ink
-Intangible goods such as bid vouchers, Limit Busters, etc.
-BBQ grills
-Wall-mounting brackets (after the manufacturer’s box has been opened)
-Any additional item as reflected in the auction page

3. You can view the shipping status of the item you purchased on QuiBids. Just go to My QuiBids and click on Order History to check on anything you’ve bought.

4. If you find a QuiBids item to be defective in some way, then notify us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll allow you to exchange it or return it for a refund.

As always, please contact Customer Support if you have any questions

And last but not least, reply to the tweet embedded below to tell us the fastest you’ve ever received a product you won on QuiBids, and we’ll pick one winner to give 15 Voucher Bids! Be sure to include the following three things:
-What you won.
-How quickly you received it.
-The hashtag #quibidsshipping.

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Happy bidding!