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Feb 28

QuiBids Store is now available in Canada!

Posted by Matt Carney under News

Stop whatever it is that you’re doing because we’ve got an important announcement:

So in addition to learning that QuiBids Store is now available to customers in Canada you also got see why I stick to writing instead of appearing on-camera. Double-whammy!

And while my exclamation’s a little cheesy, the QuiBids’ team’s collective excitement is genuine. We’re pumped to open up the Store’s digital doors to our patient QuiBids Canada customers so that they can enjoy QuiBids in all its fully grown glory. For an exhaustive look at QuiBids Store, check out this blog post from back when QuiBids Store made its debut in the U.S. For some more advanced strategy on ideas for how to shop smarter with QuiBids be sure to check out the post How QuiBids Store and auctions complement each other too.

The main thing you need to know about QuiBids Store is that you can get totally free Voucher Bids just for purchasing products at the QuiBids Buy Now price! Cool, huh?

And hey QuiBids Canada — if you have any questions about how to use the Store please contact Customer Support and they’ll be happy to walk you through it!